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  1. Why does quitting smoking have to be so fucking difficult, I'm going a whole day without cigarettes and I find myself stuffing my face with gross ass food, and now I'm smoking a cigarette someone help.

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    2. goodbyeharrison


      if cold turkey doesnt work, start to cut back and taper off. but regardless, once you quit your appetite is going to be a nuisance. cigarettes are an appetite suppressant, so youre going to want to eat everything in sight. keep healthy delicious foods around. avoid buying any crap you have no self control with.

    3. pantinaprovina


      my grandmother said when she quit smoking she used to carry around carrot sticks to have something to hold in her hand and put in her mouth. Hope this helps and good luck!

    4. EchoingLaughter


      Essentially, your body is still craving that intense reward you get from taking a puff on a cigarette. If you can identify your habit loop, you should be able to replace that craving for a cigarette with something else, as outlined in this awesome blog post: http://charlesduhigg.com/how-habits-work/

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