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  1. Being studied by the master, able to see his capabilities.  Zach Acid has been approved for Assassin Training, will he survive the gauntlet ahead, to achieve his true potential as a master of the shadows?


    Goal #1: COMPLETE a 3:00 FROGSTAND

    Attribute Points (+3 STR; +1 DEX)


    Attribute Points (+2 STA; +3 CON)


    Attribute Points (+1 STR; +1 STA; +1 DEX)


    Attribute Points (+1 STR; +1 STA; +1 DEX)



           Measurement of Success

    • Quit First Week      = A
    • Quit Second Week = B
    • Third Week            = C
    • Fourth Week          = D
    • Weeks 5-6              = F


    Attribute Points (+4 CON; +1 WIS)



    Measurements 4/8/2013
    Weight: N/A (No Scale)
    Height: 73"
    Chest: 40.5"
    Waist: 36.5"
    Forearms: 12.5"
    Biceps: 13.75"
    Quads: 26.5"
    Calfs: 17.5"

  2. Hey Phoenix, just remember when the weight comes off, and the foods not their, you are going to be you.  The hardest adjustment I found losing weight was realizing that I look good, seriously if you look at your self with positive self image, others will look/think about you the same way.  And obsessing over the weight loss is something I'm sure we've all done a few times.

  3. /cry so I was working on a truck and got my pinky bit between a loaded shock and A-arm, so like 1.5 - 3 weeks (no insurance) no frog stands. And I was getting good at them .............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Goal #1: Sign up and Complete a month of Parkour Training at San Diego United Sports:


    Grade:  Grade Explanation: Obtained information on class schedules, and saved money to sign up, however not enough for transportation to cover me an entire month.


    (+1 Wisdom)


    Goal # 2: Run 4.2 miles (I explained 2.1 x 2 around the block) continuously.


    Grade: C Grade Explanation: Most ran was 2.1 miles without stopping with a .25 mile hillsprint.


    (+2 Stamina)


    Goal # 3:  Increase max Push-ups to 55 and increase max Pull-ups to 10


    Grade: Grade Explanation: Max Push-ups: 41; Max Pull-ups: 7


    (+2 Strength)


    Goal #4:  Perform 10 Consecutive Sprints


    Grade: C Grade Explanation: Max Consecutive Sprints: 6 (Weak 7th)


    (+2 Dexterity)


    Life Goal: Write 5,000 words in Sci-Fi Novel


    Grade: D- Grade Explanation: 1,153 / 5,000 Words Written

  5. I really felt like had I started at the beginning performing the six week mini challenges, I would have stayed a bit more motivated (plus I've run into a bunch of problems so I'm not able to take the time to train.  What I liked about the mini challenges is they provide an activity even on the go! without being restricted by the workout program.


    I think, more challenges could be included, like pistol squats, frog stands, etc.  Sorry I can't go into more detail, pressed for time! Really look forward to posting my results and starting the next six week challenge/mini-challenges!!!!!!

  6. For me there is a clear knowing when someone is older than their golden years and coaching you, because typically you go search these people out.  But if I know your capability (age/size/fitness level) and you aren't willing to just drop down and go do it, or at least something of relative difficulty, then I don't think you have any business telling me what to do. Like my homie the other day was like, "I want to see you do 10 Schools." which means run the local High School 10 times while, running 10 laps around the track up and down the bleachers.  I'm sorry but I'm not near the level of fitness of a High School Wrestler, so there's no way I'm going to be doing that, you feel me? 

  7. Thank you so much for posting that, it was all very inspiring stuff, after watching some of the videos I've seen about it. Ido Portal's training should absolutely be included into a Parkour regimen. I'm still trying to cut off fat, while training the basic qualities of a traceur, once I get down to a certain body size, or achieve a specific level of fitness, then I'm going to "beef it up" with some of this much more complex training!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I'm with I-Jo and everyone else on this thread.  Personally I was a 260+ lb guy when I really learned how to do a pull-up, and I learned it through P90X.  No joke! And like I-Jo said, really the best way to do pull-ups (in my humble opinion) is to complete the entire motion, so your body learns the correct motion from the beginning.  P90X had me put out a chair directly underneath the bar, using my leg to push-up any of the weight I couldn't pull, as the assisted pull-ups became easier I switched to advanced assisted pull-ups, you put the chair just at leg's length away, where you can comfortably put your heel and complete the pull-up motion.  And before I realized it I was doing pull-ups, I've just made sure to keep at it, in some way or another, cause if you don't use it, you lose it!

  9. I have two policies about listening to what people have to say about fitness/nutrition:


    "If you can't do it, then I don't want to hear you telling me I should." This comes from many, many years of being coached (swimming/football/water polo).  And having the converse applied (my coaches could at anytime perform the workouts they had us do, AND THEN SOME!)


    (And the lines I hate the most in the world) "Running is the only way to lose weight, and lifting is the only way to build muscle." Let me tell you as a swimmer/water polo player that has not been my experience, in fact I would venture to say Water Polo is probably (on a competitive level) as physically strenuous as an hour long session of Parkour.  Other people had defined this as absolutes previously, I just think that if you aren't educating yourself on new/different ways to get/stay in shape then you're only limiting your gains. 

  10. I did really good today, trying to push myself harder, and harder.  I really need to get a stopwatch for these sprints though.




    2 x 6 50 Yard Sprints (:30 Break)

    1 x 1 50 Yard Ladder Sprint (2:00 Break)

    5-3-3-2-1-Failure Pull-up Pyramid

    25 - 20 - 11(Failure: Should've been able to hit 15) Push-up Pyramid

    2 x 5 Burpees

    2 x 10 Mountain Climbers

    10(Failure: Should've been able to hit 20) Dips

    .25 mi light run/cooldown

    3:00 Static Stretching

  11. -50 Exp For 1/2 Bean and Cheese Burrito For Breakfast

    -75 Exp For 3 Beers

    -125 Exp For 5 Cigarettes

    +100 Exp For Paleo Dinner (Turkey Burger Salad Yum!)

    +50 Exp For Increase in Workout Threshold

    +50 Exp For 6 Consecutive 50 Yard Sprints

    +50 Exp For 6 Consecutive 50 Yard Sprints

    +50 Exp For 1 50 Yard Ladder Sprint

    +25 Exp For 5 Pull-ups

    +15 Exp For 3 Pull-ups

    +15 Exp For 3 Pull-ups

    +10 Exp For 2 Pull-ups

    +5 Exp For 1 Pull-up

    +25 Exp For 25 Push-ups

    +20 Exp For 20 Push-ups

    +11 Exp For 11 Push-ups

    +25 Exp For 5 Burpees

    +25 Exp For 5 Burpees

    +25 Exp For 10 Mountain Climbers

    +25 Exp For 10 Mountain Climbers

    +10 Exp For 10 Dips (Upperbody failure)


    Overall Battle Log Exp: 1,456/2,000 Battle Log Level: 2

  12. So you ever heard the saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  Well this doesn't apply to your kids!!!  As a formerly obese child/teenager with serious self confidence and depression issues, let me tell you, you can change this!  These are tips to keep your children healthy, and self-confident:


    Restrict Gameplay: Yup, sucks to think that's the case, but it needs to be done.


    Encourage Physical Activities: Don't "But he/she's gonna get hurt." your kid, that's part of being young, recuperating faster physically is what they do.


    Encourage Self Expression: Have your kid dress how they feel comfortable, even if it's a bit shocking to you.  Sometimes these small moments of self esteem can be beneficial for a lifetime. 


    Workout with your kid; and MAKE IT FUN!!!!!:  I can't think of how many overweight parents I've seen never participate physically in a sport with their children.  The encouraging notion that your parent is there doing it with you, struggling too, or even help nurture the idea they want to be like you, is invaluable.


    Parents of the world, take responsibility, your kid only knows what you've taught them.  The sooner you start correcting their behavior, the sooner your children will live happier, healthier lives.


    (This is not meant to be a blast at any parents, nor meant to offend, I'm merely trying to prevent the lifestyle that I was given for any other kid.)

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