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  1. So with the Sydney tough mudder over and Perths next week anything we should prepare ourselves for that is really tough? Any other Perthites go in going to tough mudder I'm in the 10:40am Sunday group
  2. Nah im not a big sport fan either only time i watch AFL is when the Swans are playing. I was at PAX a couple weeks ago enforcing at the classic console area was a blast over there.
  3. I train Taekwondo and we address our instructor's as Master (last name) for our 3 instructors.
  4. Soda's usually 1 600ml coke each day.
  5. Hi everyone, Can't wait to get started on my first self-appointed fitness challenge should be fun and exciting but also a little scary. I currently do Boxing/Weights for strength training in the morning and Taekwondo for cardio at night. Stats - Height 5'11" Weight 90kg I'm aussie so i'm unsure of pound so everything will be in kilos. Goals: 1 - Stop drinking Soft Drink / Limit to 1 day a week My worst habit due to having it sitting at work as a temptation all day for free has made this a real tough challenge for me. I will be trying my hardest to put this to make a comple
  6. The Yeah and stuff name change kinda gave it away but was worried at first being April the 2nd in australia i forget its still april fools for you guys.
  7. I used to be a heavy beer drinker doing it 3/4 nights a week excessively because i could. The best thing that has worked for me is because drinking is so expensive i found other things i want more then to be getting drunk constantly like travelling and have told myself that everytime i drink i knock back my holiday abit further and it helped me realise that i needed to stop drinking so i could take my holidays. Luckily for me i have a few non-drinking friends so going out and not drinking i don't get criticised for.
  8. Perth here! and will be going to PAX melbourne hopefully as an enforcer.
  9. Wow, i have never before seen an introduction forum where everyone has been so in depth with introducting themselves guess i got some work cut out to do here. Just found this forum through a random link on facebook a couple days ago and this site is amazing at explaining things being a gaming nerd myself i understand so much better what is being explained here then on most fitness sites. Abit about myself...I have been doing Tae kwon do for 6 months now and just today i found an old photo from a yr ago i took while on holiday and me and my family were just in shock at how much i used to we
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