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  1. So my legs are telling me to go to hell today, which means I have to be doing something right. But yes the hills have been murder, plus side I'm finding all sorts of secret paths behind my house, apparently someone really likes four wheeling. Yesterday's workout was walk/run intervals which I ended up doing at the high school track to keep track of how far I ran, ended up being three and a quarter mile. Time's the goal but it's still nice to have another measurement too. Meditation happened for about five minutes before I conked out but considering it was 4am I kinda expected that. And he
  2. Thank you everyone for the welcome backs, glad to be back. Alright so things are getting off to a good start. Meditation has been pretty easy, especially as I can do it right before bed and use it to help me sleep. Haven't been doing it for massive amounts of time but a little is better then nothing. Eating has been a little bit of a challenge as all the snack have been tempting me, still keeping the faith if only barely. The morning workout has been kicking my but, seriously those hills are crazy, almost vertical in some places so my legs are getting crazy work out. I ended up cutting sho
  3. So I still need to read the rest of the thread but looking good! Also damn you for reading Skin Game before me, but I love the Dresden themed challenge.
  4. So I have a good recipe I learned in the army that I actually make at home now. Corn O'Brian You need... Bacon Corn Green Peppers Onions Pimentos Salt and Pepper Crumble up the bacon and cook it, setting it to the side but keeping the grease in the pan. Saute the onions and green peppers in the grease, then add the corn to cook it. Afterwards add the pimentos and keep cooking till they've warmed up, put the bacon back in, and season to taste. Pretty simple but really good.
  5. Very nice challenge, glad to see you got so many jobs while I was gone. Subbed and definitely looking forward to seeing you do awesome.
  6. Okay, here we go. First off what I have been doing for the past few several months. I ended up leaving Nerdfitness for a little bit to get ready for BCT (Basic Combat Training) and AIT (Advanced Individual Training). I am happy to say that as of this past Wednesday I successfully completed both of them, even graduating in the top 10% of my class for AIT. So I am now an in shape National Guard Cook and very pleased with myself. Still I can't let myself slip so with that idea in mind I bring you... My Main Quest: Score at least a 270 on my next APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) So yeah I'm
  7. So this is a place holder for the time being. I got my ENTIRE challenge written up, then remembered we use a different system now. So I should have something up tomorrow. See you all then and it's good to be back, I'll fill in what I've been doing in tomorrow's post.
  8. A few people might recognize this name (hopefully at least) and put together that this is in fact a reintroduction thread! So in essence I kinda fell off the edge of nerdfitness mainly because I was preparing for something called BASIC TRAINING, the Army's way of turning me into a soldier. Well it worked and what do you know I'm home in time to start a new challenge! So yeah for four months I did what some people would call f***in' crazy. For two months I exercised six days a week, climbed walls, trained outdoors in frigid temperatures, learned how to shoot a rifle, and all sorts of other
  9. Drills aren't too horrible. There was a pretty large amount of exercise (and we got smoked a lot) but most of it was spent in a class room learning about what to expect from BCT. Hap Ki Do looks pretty interesting but unfortunately the only dojos nearby are forty minutes away minimum, so probably not a viable option. And please feel free to copy my side quest, you would not believe the amount of interesting things I've learned about as a result. That might actually. So far I have been reading the paper when I can at work to sort of see in injustices going on around me. I'll have to try
  10. This line had me chuckling at my desk. Great job with the progress so far. I can relate a bit with the posture problems, I have a habit of not keeping my shoulders straight and it's a poin in the but to fix, especially where I have to work on a counter all day.
  11. Glad to see another person with learning as a Goal this challenge. So yes good luck on the challenge (yes it is a little late but I'm a crazy busy guy) and hope you do well with the new start.
  12. Popping in to say hi and that I like your challenge. Also that is hilarious.
  13. Alright so an update on the last few days, a weekly review, and then a bit about Justice. So for those of you who don't know me I'm a member of the Maine Army National Guard shipping out for Basic in January, till then I have the RSP drills to keep me busy. So this Friday I headed out for drill and as a result my challenge did suffer a bit of a set back. Awesomely I did keep up with meditation though I had to do it at night when I had free time rather then in the morning, and I learned all sorts of things all through drill so great there too. As for Sincerity I was utterly honest with myself
  14. Alright so update on the last two days I've managed to hit my meditation goal for both days. Sincerity is getting a little bit harder as there have been a few times I've really wanted to complain or gossip a bit but held myself in check. Yesterday I fulfilled my learning goal by finishing up the last little bit of "Quiet" so I need to get something done online tonight, probably some math. Plus side this means I get to start reading "The Werewolf's Guide to Life" by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers which looks really good. Tonight I went to a local Muay Thai class and it looks pretty good. T
  15. Yeah it's something I always have a bit of trouble fitting into my schedule as I actually like people and want to chill out with them. Another goal for another challenge. Thank you! I kinda need that little bit of punishment to keep me in line and it seems to work out perfectly this way.
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