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  1. This is it! This is outline and shading, color will come in July.
  2. My first challenge is complete!! It was amazing, and I believe I did quite well! Goal 1: Get Stronger. Specifically I will: Squat 200Ibs x5, Bench 170Ibs x5, OHP 100Ibs x5, Pendlay Row 120Ibs x5, Deadlift 175Ibs x5, Chin up 3x12 I started at: Squat 115Ibs x5, Bench 125Ibs x5, OHP 65Ibs x5, Pendlay Row 85Ibs x5, Deadlift 95Ibs x5, Chin up 3x6 Well, I ended up: Squat 220 5x5, Bench 155 5x5, OHP 100 5x5, Pendlay Row 135 5x5, Deadlift 300 1x5, and Chin up 3x10. In most categories I exceeded my goals, especially deadlift, which I tripled from my start. So for this, I'm giving myself an
  3. And sorry to disappoint, but they were closed in honor of memorial day today. I'll have to go see em tomorrow
  4. That, is a good point sir haha. Well, i realize that now, and I'll be learning how to control it, but in the moment i was in a less than rational mindset. What is a black iron gym?
  5. DISCLAIMER: this includes "offensive" language, idgaf. Little background info here, I'm living in Colorado for the summer, working, and trying to save as much $ as possible. That being said, I workout at the "fitness center" of my apartment complex. Little tiny weight room, waay too many treadmill warriors and not enough lifting. So what happen wuz... I go in, headphones in, ready to go, gonna set some new PR's, psyched up for my lifting session. I warm up, and begin my PR work set. I do 5 sets of 5 reps every workout, and I'm on set 3 when I stall halfway up on a squat. In that moment, I tho
  6. Hahaha that is AWESOME! You keep on lifting, cuz girls who lift are badass. Which, ironically, is the opposite of what you get when u lift, a great ass lol
  7. I'm curious! Who do you look up to and why? It can be body, fitness, life, business, career, accomplishments, whatever, I just want to know Who inspires you?? And it can be alive, dead, real person, character in movie/book/etc. anything! And here we go!
  8. I hate the time between workouts :(

  9. Originally I am from a small town in Texas, but I got tired of it, I love Colorado, and I need a summer job, so I figured I'd move for the summer, and figure out the rest once I was there! Since one of my challenge goals was to get a summer job, and I know some people up in Colorado, I figured I'd get a job up here. So now I am in Superior, CO, and it's kind of just hitting me that I'm really here haha. And I'm working on gettin a job! I'm close, too. But this is my first legitimate job other than working at a summer camp, and my first time to be staying out of state for a significant amount o
  10. Well done!! Gotta love Stronglifts Deadlifts are my favorite, what's yours?
  11. Hell yeah! I know that feeling, and I just enjoy knowing that the guys going crazy on the machines might look good pushing 200+ pounds, but I'll best them every time when it comes to true strength. I'm also on Stronglifts btw, it's fantastic!!!
  12. That's awesome! I'm comin up, but I'm at 90 right now, might have to deload :/
  13. I'm in week 5 of Stronglifts 5x5, and it is working brilliantly for me. It also comes with tracking progress, charts, a guide, everything you need, and it's free!
  14. Congrats! Eat right, sleep plenty = effective recovery = progress!
  15. It really depends on how above mentioned bro said it. If he was correcting out of arrogance, then this reply is blunt, but justified. If he was genuinely concerned, then ya pointing out that guy's shortcomings was a dick move.
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