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  1. Feeling really good. Hit the gym a bit yesterday against doctor's orders but I feel amazing today. Did 1/2bw assisted pullups and kneeling pushups in 12,10,8,6,4,2 rep sets, and ran a km in a little over 6min. Ran 2km Tuesday in 13m20s. I'm awesome. Everything's awesome. Physio again tonight. I expect a lecture. Back on the bike from the weekend though I expect! Yesssss!
  2. Lot of work done on my shoulder last night at physio, so that feels much better, but can't say the same for my rib which is currently LIVID. Stretching and rolling and nsaids etc for the next couple of days, then Monday hopefully she can fix that too.
  3. Yeah, I met a kamikaze pedestrian once, shortly thereafter my tailbone met tarmac. 0/10 would not recommend. A lot of drivers are generally considerate; you get the odd prick, but my main issue tends to be with the ones who drive around at rush hour with their eyes shut. Every single accident I've had involved people just not looking. Annoying, but now I have 6 lights on my white bike and two cameras so *crosses fingers*
  4. Went private. Physio appointment booked. "For when?" I hear you cry! Tonight. Boom.
  5. I give up. Ringing the BUPA people today. If I can't start exercising again then I'm going to go on a killing spree.
  6. It started from being run over, slipping on the stairs just made it worse when I was in the middle of recovering. There's no real rhyme or reason to it, just now sometimes it flares up for no reason. Back to eating naproxen and paracetamol like candy and praying for death. Rage.
  7. Newsflash: My ribs feel like shit and I'm really angry. More at 11.
  8. The Gordon Ramsay recipe-fest continues (with a pizza break) although there was an incident on Weds involving some mini flapjack bites, however I think I was justified in that decision. Went to the gym to do "a quick 5 min on the treadmill, then stretch and foamroll this shoulder" quote unquote. Started my quick 5 min on the treadmill. 25 minutes later I got back off the treadmill having run 3.16km. Oops. On the plus side, after that and all the stretching etc my shoulder and ribs still feel pretty good, although a little tight, so fingers crossed I can start easing back into stuff again.
  9. The great not-sulk eating agenda is going well so far, but I am only two days in. So far I've eaten nothing but recipes out of my Gordon Ramsay cookbook, which is quite impressive. My shoulder and ribs are starting to feel better (still driving) but now just feel hella tight instead of sore, so I'm tempted to have a crack at the foam roller today. Will see how it goes Fingers crossed.
  10. Lied about shoulder. Was so bad on Friday I abandoned the bike at work and rode the bus(es) home. Been driving to work so far this week, much to my dismay, but my shoulder is slowly starting to feel better, so we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll make March the month where I stop sulk-eating again.
  11. Turns out when I did that little slip on the stairs and grabbed out for the banister I aggravated the sprain in my intercostal muscles sooo I've been doped off my nipples for, like, 5 straight days. Fortunately I found some stretches for it at the weekend and it feels a little less shit today, so I'm no longer classified as "probably dying" Still out w/r/t bouldering. Week 2 that I'm not making ladies night, but it's better to rest it than make it worse. Running's out as well due to the a/ motion of upper body and b/ the fact that inhaling actually really hurts. Sundae: Grats on the 2000 p
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