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  1. I WISH! They are a blast. I ride all the time on my husbands with him. My husband bought me a dirtbike and a motorcycle while I was still pregnant with our third lol. Honestly I don't feel like I am strong enough plus I breastfeed constantly and can't practice just yet. Here is what I am hoping for...while my son is in his breast feeding stages I can build up muscle. By the time he is breast feeding less I will be strong enough to actually hold up a bike
  2. My boobs and hips. starting to love my butt again. shoulders, clavicle, jawline
  3. Going to complete white water rafting in about 2 weeks yay!!
  4. just bumping this so I do not lose it again
  5. **sqeeeal** So back in highschool I gotta say I had a pretty nice bum. like reeeeally nice. Then had a kid and my ass went flat. 3 kids and 8 years later I'm gettin my a** back!

    1. BlamedCat


      <hi5> That's gotta be an awesome feeling! I've never had a decent arse, but I want one (even if I'm a guy). I'm sure these deadlifts and squats are gonna do the trick someday. Seriously, great job at making progress!

    2. AnnleaArtsy
  6. Thanks! And I can bet the pull up itself is the best but I wanted replacement workouts on days where my four month old just isn't having it. lol like today for example! I figure with those workouts then there isn't any excuse to not get it done and feeling crappy about it later.
  7. Our 5 year old daughter is off in another state with her nana for a vacation and her nana sends me pictures and updates all day. She is boasting on how well our daughter behaves and how people say we must be great parents. I just got off the phone with our daughter and she was singing to me and telling me she loved us and misses us. I couldn't stop smiling..my cheeks kinda hurt right now!
  8. I am looking for a workout move to replace pull ups or lat pulldowns. I want to work those muscles that the pulls ups work with but I don't have a decent place to do them. Any ideas??
  9. lol avoiding the delicate flower look and pink dumbells is what I have been trying to do so I don't believe I will go for that. Thanks for the tips and website.
  10. If there are some fit and healthy moms in here who nurse I would love your advice. So my two main goals are to eat right while gaining muscle and toning up. Which correct me if i'm wrong but toning up and gaining muscle are separate things right? Anyway as you know our bodies need more just because of nursing and i would think we would need even more by adding in workouts. So what do you eat now that you nurse and workout?
  11. Those who have been into parkour for awhile how would a typical workout week look for you when you first started training? How many times a week would you do training specifically for parkour?
  12. I need to stop these disappearing acts...I much more accountable when I am active on here. Life update..had a baby. Now on summer vaca from homeschool woot. Health update..I have definition in my used to be chicken legs yaaay!

    1. jasonkoller


      That's awesome! Homeschooling is not easy. my mother did it with my and my 4 sibs. kudos to you.

    2. AnnleaArtsy
  13. I just get up first thing in the morning and go! I'm not a big jewelry fan...I wish I was because there are so many pieces out there I want but I don't wear it enough. I'm into yoga and stuff so injuries aren't a worry
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