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  1. * keeps teri in her thoughts* and: move your little butt back to nanowrimo!
  2. thats why i keep stalking you!!!!
  3. yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! i am at home in the german section, but i will hang with the brits and americans also... my username is furchtloser nach ( that was a typing error.. its meant to be Bach ( which is fearless creek in german) so i started with a little f!ckup... lets DO THIS!!!!! more via pm...
  4. off topic: im doing NaNoWriMo for the first time in november, wanna join me??? about camp: yay! sounds so good. can't wait for more! hugs
  5. I WANT ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT CAMP!!!!!! epic achievement here: 1 week without the booze. plus a fridge full of low carb self-made foods. yay lets hear, lets hear......
  6. doctors visit this morning. she says i may never run again ( this is a second opinion) also she sent me to pt and recommended lots of stretching. I decided to not do the challenge as planned but go back to yoga class once a week and do stretching every day. the walking goals will have to wait as does the flab fighting.. i want to concentrate on healing and listening to my body. ( thanks terinatum!) as for this challenge: i will not do it. i will just patiently work with whats possible and come back when im better enough to go for goals again. friendly wave to all my fellow scouts! bear with me... im not giving up.. this is just a break... stay fearless you guys!
  7. im really tired.. lots of adulting done today. tax paperwork ( ugh), washing, shopping, coloring my almost white hair... then i tried to sync my fitbit and it just wouldn't do it. in the end i rang up customer support and they said, they send me a new one if i send them a copy of the receipt from the store i bought it at.. yes: couldn't find the bloody thing. sh*t!!!! food was ok, ate leftovers and some toast. weight is 110.9kg should practice the cello because i joined a gay/lesbian orchestra and can't play the program yet. my first rehearsal with them is on wednesday.... aaaaahhhhh! walked for about 1,5 hours today and made a point in not taking the tram everywhere. see ya tomorrow...
  8. hi there spider monkey looks good over here... i also get the socializing goal. im not even shy, but it is a big deal for me to make new friends... lets do this!
  9. i pint huh? i guess the f-word applies. you have not lost the battle though... you will get up and do the things that need to be done. (((((hug)))) you might want to look into your signature... on my laptop it looks messed up... have a great sunday night!
  10. didn't know verboten was an english word. you stealing bastard!
  11. yay..good day! I walked for 3 hours with my dog. we took a road along a river and markis went swimming. came home and cooked a clean primal meal: spinach-sweet potato-salmon casserole. it tastes great and there are leftovers for tomorrow. my fitbit is loading and will be ready for the start of the challenge. i even found an old "fitbit one" i had already replaced because i thought it was lost. now to my glass of wine and some 90s music on spotify. mood is great!
  12. click* found ya! you did a good job creating this challenge and im looking forward to reading here!
  13. oh no! i didn't mean the whole 30! good lord, noo! just saying im back at the scouts...yay!
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