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  1. I have no idea how to meme, but I'll learn! I'd much rather laugh my way to weight loss than cry. Hi everyone!
  2. I'm doing ok so far. I played volleyball for 50 minutes on Tuesday night and went to boot camp this morning before work. I've been thinking about Goal #4 because I want to be less lazy and live. It's a small thing, but doing the dishes as soon as I use them, or at least before I go to bed each day has an impact on my eating habits. Who wants to be in a dirty kitchen? If you have to clean before you cook, then there's less motivation to cook. So keeping the sink empty before bed EVERY day is going to be goal #4 for me.
  3. This is my first challenge and I'm excited/nervous. I'm not really a librarian but I love to read. It's time to stop reading and start doing. Here are my goals: 1. Exercise 6 days each week. For me this is a combination of boot camp, volleyball, and a yet undetermined exercise. 2. Loose weight! 10 lbs to be precise. Starting weight is 257 lbs. 3. Food. 6 days of low Carb food, 1 anything day. 4. I want to have a life goal bit I'm having trouble coming up with a SMART goal. Trying new things, being less lazy, these are not quantifiable. Any suggestions?
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