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  1. 5k was yesterday!!! Finished in 42min (running time not chip time). My goal was to run the whole thing and I felt great for the first 2 / 2.5 miles and then got tired. I walked for maybe two minutes before I started running again but overall I am really happy with my progress.
  2. Just ran 25 minutes in my neighborhood because I didn't want a mental hurdle at my 5k Thursday! Went slow but felt pretty good. I didn't do 3 miles ( hard to find a good semi flat 3 miles in my neighborhood), but did 2 including a big hill. Our running group is only scheduled to do an easy walk tomorrow and then race on Thursday and I was kind of terrified by the idea of tapering! I think if it were two weeks to the race I would be completely confident but either way upland to haves blast.
  3. @robinhoodie, that is a great idea!! I need to get that set up in my inbox if possible.
  4. Finals always take some time and socializing is important:) you still did a decent amount of walking and some yoga. Great Job!
  5. I definitely need to unsubscribe but what it i need a pair of shorts one day? How will I know they are on sale lol. Ugh. I ran my last 'magic mile' before the 5k on the fourth and I ran it in 12:12! This is an improvement in time of about 40 seconds in a few weeks and I'm almost under 12. So progress!!!! Yay Bad news is I had a piece of pie on Father's Day. And it wasn't even good.
  6. I've been seriously neglecting this thread! But not my goals. 5k training continues. Did 4 miles run/walk yesterday which was hard. Did 20 min running/10 min walking this morning and Tuesday ( and the trainer at the gym who has only ever seen me on the bike gave me compliments. ). This training program has also helped me make some new friends which is awesome. Not eating sweets is going really well. Went to a birthday party yesterday and ignored the cake with no problems. I haven't given up wheat yet but I have limited it. I am having pancakes today though because I've been craving them f
  7. Muryanp, sometimes life happens. Hope whatever happens with your relationship it ends up being for the best. Take Care!
  8. Thanks Bastet! I'm going to check that out today or tomorrow! My other thought was just to do beginner strength from the site. So weekly report: 1. Running. This is going well. I just did 8 minute of running with two min walk breaks twice and it felt easy at the end of the second one. I'm sure the pleasant mid sixties weather helped! I also did run walking for 2.5 miles on Thursday. Beginning to believe I might have this together by the 4th! 2. No sweets. Temptation at every turn but I have resisted all but one bite of my mothers bday cupcake. 3. Strength. Did body weight stuff on T
  9. Nice. It's so true that electronics/etc kill your productivity! I keep my cell in a drawer at work. I was cracking up at breakfast the other day there were four of us there and three had their cell phones on the table just in case the whole time. I like all this stuff but I think it's very helpful to limit it.
  10. Those sound like great goals! Especially the sleep one. Wish you luck and will be following along. I'm also working on strength this challenge. It's so important but it's easier to fall back on cardio...
  11. Thanks guys! The sweets are hard. Somebody decided to bring in a bowl of candy and set it in the kitchen right by the coffee on Monday, just as I was starting this challenge! Gah. That's the first time we've ever had candy in the kitchen, too. For my Always Dominate Monday goal, I went to a local mountain and did a little hiking. I was going to climb to the top and for some reason decided to stop near the top which feels like quitting, but I hiked for about an hour regardless so I guess that's the important thing. I love the way when you hike it always feels like you've used completely dif
  12. Ok, time for challenge two! Goal 1: Run 5k without stopping. I debated on this vs. timed goal but I think this is the ultimate goal so I'm going with that. I have a 5k scheduled on July 4th so this one is pass/fail. Goal 2: Cut all sweets. By sweets, I'm meaning donuts/cake, etc.. Mostly baked goods (I already don't drinks cokes so that shouldn't be a big deal). Exceptions for the occasional small chocolate square. I am also trying to have one green leafy vegetable a day and bonus points for cutting wheat. Goal 3: Strength. I meant to have this more figured out before the challenge, but
  13. My first challenge is done! Overall, I've treated this as a learning experience and I think in that it was definately a success. Next time, I need more concrete tracking so I can do the before and after picts/stats etc.. I didn't lose any weight but I think I have more definition and definately more stamina. Thanks to Muryanp and telemon especially and everybody else that was supportive! As for grades, i gave myself a B+, A- and 2 C's. Not honor roll just yet Quoting my results below: Here is my thread: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/27150-shannas-first-challenge/
  14. Awesome pictures! I think you did great on this challenge and you can definately see the difference it made
  15. The challenge is over. Let's go through goals: 1. Workout 5 days a week. I think I hit at least 4 every week and 5 some weeks, so I'm giving myself a B+ for this. During the challenge, I joined a 5k training group and the first night we did our timed mile and I did it in 14:30, running and walking. Last night I did it in 12:53, running the entire mile. So progress!! I've got about a month till the 5k, so I still have time to build endurance but I was very encouraged by being able to run a whole mile for the first time since I think 2010. And this was a couple minute faster than that one!
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