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  1. Out of work, did stretching, and had some of this turkey stirfry and man.... Really disappointed with it but I have a little left to finish up. I don't throw out food if it's grody - I just suck it up and eat it. Something that *did* turn out pretty damn good though: a tiny meatloaf that I rolled in Everything Bagel seasoning. This week I made some red thai curry chicken, that gross stir fry, the bagel meatloaf, some tilapia filets, and a big batch of aloo gobi. I didn't try the aloo gobi yet but it smells good. Tomorrow is going to be my weightlifting for the first tim
  2. How I look at least twice a week. (minus ninja roommate) I have a similar situation. I think, "I've gotten asparagus the past 3 weeks so I don't want to be asparagus'd out so I'll grab uh...uh.... a bag of carrots? " (Said carrots aren't used)
  3. I've felt this shitty way before as well. It's the idea of getting into a rut and then not being able to make a change stick. I wish it was as easy as, "do a little bit at a time and it'll work out" but I've found I'm more of a man of extremes and need to completely reevaluate wtf I'm doing and jump in 100% and tell myself that I'm 'doing this no matter what'. Mileage obviously may vary.
  4. All I know about the brain-eating comes from LA Beast. As for the ice-cream, I've used mashed frozen bananas before as a base and it served me well.
  5. Same. I rarely feel anything when I read poetry. I think that I want it to always be more sing-songy. Sorry to hear about what happened. That young is always horrible.
  6. It sucks when you want to do more but can't, but the maintenance stuff you're already setting out to do is great.
  7. Glad to hear the hours will calm the hell down soon.
  8. That's what I'm trying to feel normal with nowadays with the exam being passed. So does that mean the bench-press is back on?
  9. There is so much excitement and anxiety churning inside of me that it’s hard to think clearly. I have arrived at this sleepy town in order to see if I can find reserves of rhodium, arsenic metalloid, and other precious metals for my research. Guided by the work of Paracelsus, I find myself in this dingy town, looking for how to acquire by legal or other means, a way to procure some of the riches that this place has suddenly found itself in. My colleagues from the guild caught news of this sudden influx of rare materials through a traveling scholar hailing from England. If this
  10. New thread up: First thing I need is some decent business-type of clothes, then a laptop that isn't broken at the hinge. After that may be some gym stuff and then saving for a bit. Ya today is the first day I feel ok. It's 2pm and I'm NOT falling asleep in my chair which is nice. Technically, yeah. You need 2,000 hours of working with clients to then qualify to take the LCSW. Even if I end up working part time, that's 20 hours/week, that means 100 weeks which is just 2 years which is why I'm fine if a job isn't an ideal fit. I mean,
  11. So a few great things have happened recently. My doctor's appointment last challenge went amazing: no more hyperthyroidism, no more pre-diabetic, no more early onset cirrhosis of the liver, my good cholesterol is on point, kidneys and filtration are great. No need for any meds or throat surgery with radioactive iodine injected and damaging my thyroid, etc. My bad cholesterol was a little high but it was because I have a lot of fatty meats (which I'm changing). So great bill of health. The other great thing: after WAAAAAAAY too many years of dealing with school and a lot of hur
  12. thanks! I got moderna since thats what available in the time slot. I've know ppl who have gotten all of them.
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