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  1. Teros

    Teros 63: Healing

    I FINISHED THE STUDYGUIDE. IN THE COURSE OF TWO WEEKS, I PLOWED THROUGH OVER 350 PAGES I'm so proud of myself! At the end of the study guide is a practice exam of 170 questions to simulate the LCSW exam. I took it and finished in roughly 2.5 hours and you get 4 hours for the real exam. I'm in the process of going through the answers since there is a little blurb for each question that tells you WHY the answer is right/wrong. This means that before this week is over.....I'm signing up for the real exam. Seeing as how I was moreso plowing through the actual pages of the book than really studying/reading, I did really good on the practice exam. As in, I haven't once yet read through the notes I've been taking all this time. Once I have an exam date set, I will consolidate my notes into a mini-guide and then read through the whole thing every other day. I'm trying to condense it into about 50 pages while I fix up the million typos. In other news, I see my surgeon on Friday to see about going back to work. I also got the forms for TDI so I can hopefully collect since I haven't worked in almost a month.
  2. Teros

    Teros 63: Healing

    So friday I had to meet with my surgeon for the checkup. Two days before, the stitches pulled apart so I had a gaping hole back there. Was able to stick my own thumb in it for reference. Definitely NSFW if I posted the pic on here. Anyways, my surgeon said that it was ok that this happened: the wound will heal from the inside out. I can't use anything to clean it out: I just stuff a bunch of gauze in the hole and put a piece of tape on it. Then everytime I shower, I pull out the gauze, shower, and stuff new gauze in. For a few days before I went to the surgeon, INSIDE my wound was itchy and there's no chance in hell I was going to scratch it so I was in itch-agony. You know when you have an itch inside your palm and scratching it does nothing and drives you insane? Imagine that near the curve of your neck. As soon as the surgeon stuffed a wad of gauze in there though: relief. Like when you kick your shoe off and finally get to scratch your ankle. I asked the surgeon if I was able to get time off while it heals. He seems....off. Like he's not social at all and talking to him about this fell on deaf ears. I mentioned a week extra and he made no notion either way. I'm supposed to see him in two weeks again. When I went to the receptionist, I told her that I needed another week and that I see him in 2 weeks. She went, "Well it doesnt make sense to go back to work BEFORE your check in so let's just add more". And so...now I have 2 more weeks off. The amount of studying I've gotten done has been unreal. I keep Twitch open and I study/read a few pages and then switch to Twitch. I get bored and I switch back and do a few more pages. I'm on the computer for 12+ hours a day and my eyes are killing me but I've gotten THREE HUNDRED PAGES DONE. I have less than 100 pages left and I have about 9 more days to do it. I *absolutely* will get my study guide done and I'll apply for the LCSW exam. Then, when I've finished reading, I'm going to go through the notes I've been typing up this whole time. Since there are scheduled exams, it might be another month or longer before I can take the exam but I don't care: what matters is this PAINFUL SHITTY BOOK is almost finished. My goal is to bang out 20-25 pages a day the next couple days and be done by the weekend. The past couple of days, I've also been eating better. I had enough energy to batch cook a couple days ago which is all whole30. So far, I had a huge breakfast of: cube steak, sausage gravy, bag of broccoli, 3 sunny side up eggs, a plum, unsweetened chocolate almond milkshake (frozen banana blended in) It's 6pm right now and I'm heating up some shepard's pie. I'll probably have an apple with it. I've also been drinking way more water and using it as a guide for my studying. When I finish my water, I get a refill, bathroom break, and then bang out a couple more pages of studying. It's been working out great. I'm still restless because I can't do the heavy dumbbells but I'm thinking I'm going to switch to cardio and walk one of the pugs in the morning. Goals to have done by Saturday: -All whole30 food eaten and starting a new batch cooking -Establish a daily light workout -Finish my LCSW study guide -Finish my Ghost Hunting book (that has like 100 pages left as well) Once I get that stuff done, I'll feel a hell of a lot better overall. Amazingly, having no idea this challenge has helped me get more done....if that makes sense. Only last thing to address: JJ. She quit her job when I got surgery done a little over 2 weeks ago. While I've been healing and getting the above stuff done, she's...looked for jobs a bit and dug at her kitchen floor (why she decided to start something else instead of taking care of the myriad issues she has is beyond me). I was really hoping that this big change for her leaving her shit job would spur her to be motivated and get shit done that she's said she wants to get done. But I don't see that. I'm growing tired of this dynamic again. I spoke to my therapist today and explained. He said I have needs in a relationship that aren't being met and it needs to be brought up. I don't know if I should give JJ an 'ultimatum' per say; but I'm not happy with someone who isn't taking care of themself. I'm struggling enough as it is to take care of myself.
  3. I had surgery the other day and I'm still out of it. I had a cyst the size of a golf ball removed. Since it was surface-level, they stabbed me 8 times with localized anesthesia. I've been....exhausted since. Not sure what I should be doing for a challenge. I thought I should at least post something. Even trying to do dishes knocks the wind out of me. I'm out of work for two weeks so hopefully I'll have enough energy to study while I'm out of work pretty soon. Zzzz....
  4. *waves* Hi. I'm Teros and I started this RPG-based accountability group over a year ago. We've fought 7 demon-kings and a sewer monster and plan on continuing the journey. The show much go on. The story so far: Welcome to the world of NerdFitness. In February of 2014, the realm of NF seemed like a darkening place, although no one could put their finger on what was the cause of the decay. A raving satyr named Teros spouted off about knowing the reason for the oncoming dread. A group of ragtag adventurers met up with the satyr. His proof was a small goblin that he caught, that squealed about a master plan by a monster named: Sodamus. Although the group did not know each other, they banded together and formed a bond. Along the way, they rescued others in the dank sewers that were held captive. One of these was a goat-monster named Sulak. Sulak's specialty was in alchemy and crafting crystals that held magical properties. He joins the group and makes gems for the party which will use the wearer's energy to track other gems- thus making sure no one in the party is ever lost. The group manages to find and kill Sodamus. However, foreboding words were spoken that the party did not quite understand. After this demon-king was slain, two ravens named Huginn and Muninn (twin ravens and guides for the group) appear to explain the sitaution. Sodamus being slain started a chain of events that have embroiled the entire group. Other demon-kings are throughout the realm, and this party have shown their potential to enact justice for the land. The next demon-king was the FrostKing; in the frozen wasteland above the Warrior's fortress. Before getting to the FrostKing, one of the ravens told the satyr Teros about a prophecy that he would have to keep secret from the rest of the group. They reached the summit as winter's sting was starting to soften. The FrostKing dispatched, the next demon-king on the horizon was Distractia and his casino. Before being disposed of, Distractia spoke of trying to win his lover back and of The Red One. The ravens spoke of The Red One being the strongest evil in the land, and a foe that would need to be dealt with in due time. This gave way to spring. The group headed south to the shifting sands as summer approached, to fight off the embodiment of depression- Acerbus. The group started to realize the potential everyone had inside themselves. They had continued to best their enemies. As summer turned to fall, the succubus twins, Mal and Maru, were the next wretches to be disposed of. One was able to be killed, but the other managed to barely escape. The final boss was at hand: The Red One. The group managed to get to the Forbidden Crags and hunt down the supreme evil in the dead of winter. When this happened, a shift occurred in the realm. The crags were ripped asunder and crumbled into the ocean. Tidal waves swelled up as entire chunks of island crashed into the sea. Luckily, the party were able to ride smaller pieces of landmass across the waves, as they crashed into the coast of the Adventure's town. There was devastation done to the Adventure's humble community. Entire houses were crushed underneath the waves and lives were lost. Over the course of an entire year of Adventuring, the party known as the RPG Fanatics were no longer a ragtag group- they had become heroes. Some of those heroes had fallen. Sulak paid the ultimate sacrifice and used those gems that were made as a sort of energy to kill The Red One. The gems that he had made were not just linked to each other; they were also feeding off emotions as an energy source for the entire party ever since Sodamus. The ravens were both badly injured and used their magics to fuse into one being to prevent being on the brink of death. Other heroes had simply faded into the distance, never to be heard from again. Still others required aid or medicine and were unable to continue for certain legs of the journey. The tale picks up again, exactly one year after the events of Sodamus were started. For weeks, the group has been recuperating and helping rebuild the Adventurer's town. There's a problem though... ...People have been being abducted and no one know who. After yet another sleepless night, the satyr, Teros, hears dragging and odd noises outside his room at the inn. The Adventurer's Town is being rebuilt after the tsunami from the Forbidden Crags crashed into the sea. Finding out a woman was abducted and finding some clues to trace the steps; the group is reformed and head back down to the sewers where Sodamus' lair was. They find a beast that was never felled from over a year ago; feasting on the corpses of the goblin horde and Sodamus himself. The massive and powerful sewer monster was bested: After doing so though, a mysterious figure made of smoke pointed northwest- towards Distractia's old casino. Surely there was nothing there that the brave group did not defeat....wasn't there?