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  1. Alright, I think I have everything updated on the original post up top. I set the stage so whenever your characters wanna walk into The Tavern of the Rising Sun and start some chit-chat. (Shit is going to hit the fan in about an hour from when I get there hint hint.)
  2. Look at the little peanut pic! I'm feeling better - info below. Fairly Dapper pants Very smooshable Saw and just added you back. I think it's possible to view other people's steam library but multiplayer games co-op off the top of my head are Age of Empires 2 (definitive edition), Age of Mythology, Battleblock theature, Borderlands 2, Castle Crashers, Left4Dead 2, Orcs must Die 1+2, Torchlight 2, and Vermintide. There's probably a couple others mixed in that I'm not thinking of. Doggo name? ---- Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Emotionally I'm doing ok now. Ocee passing really sucks but honestly, we knew her time was coming and I said she would die and I was right. October is 'death month' for my family. The overwhelming amount of deaths in the family occurs in October. Multiple uncles, grandparents, and pets all meet their end in October. Back in early September, I told my sister that Ocee would die in October. Well....I was 100% right which is pretty freaky tbh. Love your pets. And also: She'll be missed. My sister took Ocee's body to the vet and they are cremating her and she'll have a little urn like all the other cats. There needs to be some new life in this family. It's depressing. I don't want to call it, but I wouldn't be surprised if my uncle passes *next* October at this rate. Off the topic of death. Onto a funfact: Did you know that gout can happen when you eat garbage food and it can ALSO happen if you eat a shit-ton of cauliflower? Guess who didn't know about option 2? Last night My big toe started hurting and got progressively worse. Woke up 3 times. Finally at 2am I did some googling and I thought about what I ate in the past 24 hours: 1)Homemade general tso's with a fuckton of cauliflower rice. 2)Mongolian beef with a fuckton of cauliflower rice. 3)Potato-leek-cauliflower soup. I probably ate a whole cauliflower (maybe 2?) over the course of the weekend. Here I was, being super damn healthy and I deal with this crap. You live, you learn. Fuck you cauliflower Anyways, it hurts to stand/walk which made being on my feet all day at work a nightmare. Thankfully I'm home and resting now and NOT working tomorrow and also NOT going to eat any cauliflower. I'm intending on getting a good night's sleep and then being 100% (ehh 95%?) tomorrow. If the foot is still hurting, there's no way I'm going to be able to do cardio so I'll use my dumbbells and do a lot of reading/writing.
  3. *Sigh* So I was all ready this morning to tackle the forums. Full of piss and vinegar... Then the family cat died. I did my Leg workout today: Last week I did 30 reps of 30 lb, and then 30 reps of 95 lb. Now I'm converting my 30 lb into more 95 lb. So today was 25 reps of 30 lb, and 35 reps of 95 lb. I'll upgrade another 5 reps next week (or later this week) until I eventually am only doing 60 reps of 95 lb. By then, it should be pretty close to Christmas and getting a pair of 60 lb dumbbells and I'll be able to do 120 lb reps. I had a protein shake and finished the last of the chicken soup I made last week. I was resting my legs for a few minutes before I hopped in the shower when my sister came over crying, and told me she had been crying for 30 minutes since Ocee died. My family have always had cats. *My* kitty was Frisky, back when I was like 6 or 7. Frisky had to be put down while I was in high school and I remember trying really hard to not cry in French class. Patch died rather young. By the time I was in high school, the whole family adopted more cats. Then two years ago while I was getting my master's degree, FIVE out of the SIX cats we had all died and then my mom died right afterwards (fucking shitty year...) The only cat left held on, until this morning. This is Ocee: Her face was all sunken in and she was basically matted hair and bones when she finally passed. She was a good kitty. One of the only ones that liked having her belly rubbed. So all that "LETS GET HYPE" puffed out today. I intended to checked every thread in Rangers and then hit up Adventurers but instead I spent the morning with my sister and I feel sort of "ugh" right now. I'd appreciate any pet pics (current or ones that passed). I'll be fine tomorrow after work. Today though,
  4. CHALLENGE STARTS TODAY. WOOP WOOP. I just edited the original post for the Accountabilli-buddies story to include people's challenge threads, as well as character names (if they put one) and what class they were playing as. If interested, people can show up within the next couple days. Right now it looks like we are sitting at 9ish. Whole30 is basically a life-saver. It's a detox food plan where you don't have processed stuff, no dairy, no rice, gluten, no added sugars. Straight up meats, veggies, and fruits. There is so much hidden sugar in stuff. It's laced in like 99% of the food at the supermarket. If you can pick it up and it is a solid object that is ONE INGREDIENT, then it works. Like a package of ground turkey- nothing added. An apple. Asparagus. Olive oil. Ect. Here is the pdf that shows the foods: https://whole30.com/downloads/book-shopping-list.pdf Don't bother buying anything on the website. + And yessm, I have an art room. When my mom died about 2 years ago, I did a lot of cleaning. She used to be a hoarder and I moved here and dealt with all the trash (why the fuck is there a cat turd in a solo cup put in the hutch? NO IDEA.) After dealing with a literal raining of mouse turds, pee-soaked carpets (even after renting a rug doctor and washing rugs, the green rug still has yellow discoloration), filling an entire dumpster with garbage, donating and crushing furniture with my sledgehammer, washing walls, painting rooms, etc - it's all finished. And the room at the end of the hall is now my 'art room' where I keep my paper mache masks, paintings, minatures that I made out of clay, terrain tiles, and more. I could try to take pics some day of it to upload here. *smoosh* Glad to hear and I hope you are having a splendiferious day. That's so interesting you BAM up the spices more. I always think the addage, "I can always add, but not subtract" when I cook but I think I took it to the extreme where I just don't add nearly enough. Yeah whenever I get a response back, I'll post about it. Mine = terosx I did a search and nothing came up for onimasho and there's like 800 profiles with loire. --- Today is my rest day so no gym. I just did 6 straight days in a row and I don't want to burn myself out. I tried to organize this into lighter days so this is my workout setup for the challenge: Sunday: Long Cardio + Squats Monday: Bi/Tri + Abs Tuesday: Short Cardio + Bench Press/Bent-Over Row/Overhead Press Wednesday: Bi/Tri + Abs Thursday: Long Cardio + Squats Friday: Short Cardio + Bench Press/Bent-Over Row/Overhead Press With this, I get 2 of each workout and then a rest day. Also, the monday+wednesday doesn't have cardio since when I get home from work I'll do these little workouts since they are new exercises and I'm starting slow. I almost consider them half-workouts. Using this logic, it looks like this for intensity: Sunday: Big workout Monday: Lil workout Tuesday: Big workout Wednesday: Lil workout Thursday: Big workout Friday: Big workout Saturday: No workout Time to get some cooking done and then I'll check on some threads when my feet hurt and I need to sit after being in the kitchen for a while. I'm planning on making: -Potato-cauliflower-leek soup (wish me luck - this is the new thing I'm trying) -Burgers -Steak -Turkey shepard's pie -Mongolian pork stir fry And tonight I'm making GENERAL TSO'S SHROMP. I love shromples. Little shrompies. Shrompie-wompies. Me with this general tso's recipe: ❤️, Teros
  5. Challenge Day 1 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MINI CHALLENGE #1: Follow everyone's thread. We're staying at the Tavern and things are gonna hit the fan with the next post (I'll be posting story every Sunday) so make your way to the tavern and strike up some conversations with people. Moira Speaking of, my character's name is Teros D'Satiri if you end up talking to him. Also I'll add character names and 'profession' as well to the initial post to keep it all nice and easy to keep track of. Still waiting on thread-links for @DarK_RaideRand @Bouncer_the_Lovable
  6. @Tanktimus the Encourager, @Ann of Vries, @RhiaWolfe, @Salinger, @shaar, @RES, @Xena , @Leigh Thanks! She hasn't responded back since I messaged her last night but for all I know, it might be another month before I get a random text. I'm actually doing fine at the market (mandatory staff and a slight pay bump, plus I'm in one of the only unions for supermarkets around here which means 3 weeks paid vacation) but obviously the market isn't my *profession* for a job. I'll see what happens with all of this and I'll post updates if/when there is any. Oh yes. Move that once or twice and it's no big deal. Have to do it 400 times in a day and it's muscle murder. The days that I've had to haul those 35-50lb bags of dog food for 6 hours I was sweating like a pig at work. And hell yeah - we can be Iron Buddies. Speaking of work, I had today off so I wanted to get as much cleaning stuff done so this was my breakdown of the day: -Wake at 5:30am -Workout -Breakfast -Shower -3 Loads of laundry -Washed the kitchen floor -Washed the bathroom floor -Washed the bathroom walls -Vacuumed the living room, dining room, hallway, bedroom -Moved furniture around: bookshelf into the art room, lamp downstairs, and chairs and endtables pushed around -Spot remover washed the spots of mold on the chair and loveseat downstairs (I have the dehumidfier running 24/7 and it fills up every other day but there STILL is dampness) -Took out garbage because it's.... -Had some of my chicken soup -Right now, lurking on NF while waiting to see if @Bouncer_the_Lovable is up for a match in Age of Empires II on steam. (If anyone here has steam, ADD ME. I'd rather play with some peeps on NF than watch twitch or youtube in my spare time.) Two notes about my day: 1) My workout - I pushed myself yesterday with those heavier squats and I figured, "I should try the same with my bench press" and so I did 40 reps. Boosted up a whole set today. At this rate, I'm thinking of upping the weight. I'm ready. I also forced myself to do a few OHP and HOT DAMN I was able to do them without struggling. 2) When I toasted up the spaghetti squash and meatsauce, I made a protein shake. I do this every morning that I work out and I've been experimenting for weeks with different fruit combinations: peaches, pears, apples, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, banana. Well today....I think I invented fruit punch. 1 diced up pear + 1 cup pineapple juice + 1/2 cup of apple juice + 1 scoop of vanilla protein whey = a fruit punch smoothie. I loved it - reminded me of old capri sun or juicy juice fruit punch blends. I'm definitely going to use this specific combo more often and maybe tweak the ratios a little bit to perfect it. I shall call it.... POWER PUNCH Words can't describe how good I've been feeling for the past 4-ish months and I 100% credit it to sticking with whole30. It's supposed to be a 30 day detox but I've been doing 1 cheat meal per month for a few months now. The mental/emotional difference between me back in May VS today is like night and day. Like....for the first time in my life, I wake up and I'm just fucking happy. Sometimes throughout the day I think to myself, "Why the hell are you so happy right now?" and I shrug and keep on being happy.
  7. Stopping by And yeah, this country doesn't really think child-rearing gives skills when it clearly does. GL on interview.
  8. Definitely on my list of games to play. It's after Bloodbourne and the three Dark Souls games, but before Demon's Souls.
  9. That your story-arc? 😛 + I didn't post the other pic: I made a cyclops on the other side of it. You can see the shadow it makes for the eyeball against the wall in this pic though. Oh god I wish. I have to do regular market stuff or order the things I want online. + + It will be a long time before I get peaks on peaks but I'm willing to put in the effort. I feel more driven this time than all the others. For abs, I'm doing twists while holding a 30 lb dumbbell. I can't do too many of them because I get dizzy (even if I'm not swinging quickly side to side). Oh yeah, totally: I'm doing concentration curls for biceps and then I immediately do a set of tricep dumbbell kickbacks. -- Speaking of: I've done two of these arm workouts. I don't feel it in my right bicep, but I start to feel a burn in my left bicep at roughly rep #8 so I know there's some muscle imbalance. I've always had a weaker left side so I'm going to try and bang out a bonus rep or two every workout on my left side to try and even it out. For the triceps though.... I feel that shit on both sides after rep #5. No Lou Bega, REP #5, not mambo. NO BIG E, I SAID REPS. I'll be doing more of these. I think this is the breakdown I want to have per workout, as this is the model I used before for my current weights: Week 1 = 10 reps Week 2 = 2x 7 reps (14) Week 3 = 2x 8 reps (16) Week 4 = 2x 10 reps (20) Week 5 = 3x 8 reps (24) Week 6 = 3x 10 reps (30) Once I hit 30 reps total, I should be able to increase the weight and then drop down to the week #1 numbers and do it all again. This might be subject to change, as one week I might really be feeling good and skip past a week. I would *IDEALLY* be able to up the weight by the end of the challenge but I'll see how that goes. Workout today was 70 Min elliptical: 1,060 Cals burned. And I did 30x30 squats and then I decided to really push myself more with squats and did 30x95. I was able to push them out like crazy. These squat gains are feeling Most Excellent. The only problem (if you want to call it a problem) is I need more weight. This is all I have for dumbbells. I don't trust the stuff at the gym and I've grown comfortable with doing my lifts at home. The 95 pounds was from the 50 pound cement dumbbell I made plus a 45 pound cement kettelbell I made (I switch hands every 5 reps just so it stays balanced btw). I know what alllllllll I want for Christmassssss should be. Or Thanksgiving. Or maybe I should treat myself for Halloween? (When your letter to 'Dear Santa' has the 'n' in the wrong place.) In other news, I got a text from my supervisor who I messaged TWO MONTHS AGO about getting a letter of recommendation and....she is offering me a fulltime job. Like, out of the blue. I'll be talking to her over the next couple of days hopefully to see what is feasible.
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  11. Saw travel vids with this since it's apparently pretty popular there: How was it?
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