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  1. Teros

    Teros 57 - Exhaustion

    Thanks for the check-ins everyone. Should have posted but I was working on almost no energy until a few days ago. Quick recap: -Back in May I fucked up my back and I didn't know how. I assumed it was stress from school. It wasn't. -About a month and a half ago, I got really sick and I went up on a trip to North Conway with a ladyfriend (her job is property management and so had to scout out different properties so I tag along for fun). I got WAY worse while up there. I swear New Hampshire is fucking cursed or something. Every time I'm up there, it gets shittier. -Went to the Dr for my back as I was feeling less sick. The dr asked if I had been in a car accident because I have extreme muscle spasms and cramping all within my back. -Given muscle relaxers which basically narc me out and I fall asleep. Also a fuckton of ibprofen. Now where I'm at: -The muscle relaxers did what they were supposed to and unspasmed that spot in my back. However, in relaxing that muscle, it relaxed ALL the cramps in my back which now sort of has my entire back in generalized pain. Instead of a stabbing pain where I can't even bend certain ways, my back now is overall sucks. The pain has been spread out. -While the meds were making me fall asleep literally at 2pm, I was forcing myself to go to the gym first thing in the morning so I could get my workout in. I now have a stable workout routine. I do Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday- elliptical. Friday-Weights. Weekends-Off. -With the workouts pretty much locked down into a good habit, I'm not focusing again on eating better. Candy/sugary shit is gone and the only non-whole30 stuff that I'm having is rice, dairy, and some gluten free bread. By the end of the week I want to be back to 100% whole30. -I made a new list of things I need to get done. The meds were putting me to sleep and I couldn't get anything done. My plans to get done BEFORE this challenge ends: Bedroom: -Blue painting at end of closet -Black edging -Steam clean floor -Consolidate computers -Set up computers -Paint door -Install doorknob -Curtain+rod bedroom windows -Curtain+rod bedroom closet -Buy 2nd boxspring I have other things to do in the kitchen and living room but I think that list of bedroom things is reasonable to finish before the challenge is over. Also before the challenge ends, I would like to get back into a good study habit for my license exam that I want to take in about 3 months.
  2. Teros

    Teros 57 - Exhaustion

    Few things to note: -I've been having stabbing pain in my back since May. I finally went to the doctor last week and she asked if I had been in a car accident. Apparently I have a severe muscle spasm. I'm taking 6 pills a day of muscle relaxers and other crap. I'm exhausted. -About 5 weeks ago I was hitting the gym hard and then I ended up fucking up my right knee. Slowly getting back into a groove for light exercise. -About 3 weeks ago I caught some really bad throat infection (during the trip up to New Hampshire). So bad that I was coughing up blood and it hurt to swallow (as bad as strep). -About 2 days ago with the change in season, my allergies kicked in and my face was leaking like a faucet and was doing shotgun-loud sneezes. Combine all these and I'm drained of any energy. I have enough to push myself to go to work, hit the treadmill, shower, aaaaaand that's about it most days. Sometimes I get a little pep and get some other crap done but it's been tough. I don't like having people do shit for me so even though I've been various levels of sick the past couple of weeks and I'm asked if anything can be done - not really. I can't stand that stereotype of guys being babies and acting like they are dying if they're a little sick. I'm on the mend but I couldn't even post this past week despite me knowing the challenge already started. Better late than never. Haven't missed a challenge since so I'm not starting now. This challenge I'm just healing. I'm trying to go for short walks, eat right, and study a bit for my LCSW exam. I guess I could make goals this challenge but in reality, the overall goal here is just to get into a good groove. 1) Whole 30 - The usual. Lots of slip-ups while I was sick. Totally admit it. However when I went to the Dr the other day I've lost over 20 pounds so that's good. 2) Gym - 3x week. I'm trying to go Mon/Tues/Wed, but usually I'm so tired that I don't get to do them and end up missing one of those and going later in the week. 3) Finish the bedroom - I finally cleared out my old bedroom/the storage room that had my mom's hoarding crap. I've condensed all of the furniture and her stuff into HER old room, which I now lock and don't ever go in. I just moved up my mattress, boxspring, bureau, clothes, etc upstairs to the old/new bedroom and I've been taking it a little bit at a time. 4) Study - 3x week. What's nice is that since I'm sick of the music that's on my knockoff ipod (I have an iRiver), I've been bringing flashcards for the LCSW exam with me and reading over those while I hit the elliptical so I want to keep doing that. I have smaller projects but honestly, these are the big things. I'm currently sitting at my laptop and have an electrical heating pad thingy against my lower back. If I can get back to 100% by the end of the challenge, I'll consider this a win. In all honesty, what I need to do is get into a steady schedule and just go on auto-pilot for like 6 months and I'll be doing fucking great. Auto-pilot for studying, exercise, whole30, etc would be amazing.