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  1. This is how whole30 used to be for me once I got the hang of it; and what it's like with the foodmap servings and batch cooking it. This sounds like the PERFECT time, tbh. There is an axe-throwing place that opened up near me less than a month ago and I'm waiting for the initial hype to calm down and start going. GIMMIE THE BAKED GOODS
  2. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? How many of those steps is from your walks? I know that I'm hitting about 6k but that's also with hitting the elliptical for about 40 min. Lemmie know if you have any old Venom comics that you are thinking of chucking I had some comics as a kid but literally NEVER a whole series so I have issue 4 of 6 for one comic, issue 2 of 8 of another etc. I'd like to have a full story of Venom in some capacity.
  3. Honestly, I loved rumble-de-thumps for lots of cabbage. It's the colcannon base (potatoes+cabbage mashed together and baked) but they add some sausage, mustard, garlic, and black pepper to give it a little kick. I also add some red pepper flakes. Also considering the baked apples - totally overnight oats with them and/or making protein oatmeal bars. Don't need to follow it exactly, but maybe as a template to mess around with. I know that when I get sick of my '
  4. Good to see you here, challenge complexity be damned 😛
  5. Chapter 13: I have my doctor's appointment and my dietician appointment today. In between those, I hope to start a new project using some SculpeyIII and hop around the forums.
  6. So last challenge I've been throwing all my effort into writing. I have posted (hopefully in spoilers) the first 12 chapters. It's looking like the book is going to be 15ish since I'm still writing it. I want to finish it by Halloween and with my outline and ideas, I think that is a very real and tangible goal. The book so far: Sine the book will be finished in the middle of the challenge, I also want to pursue other artistic outlets. I have recently come across stuff within miniatures. Now, I love making small things using random junk. I love thinking outsid
  7. I just meant that once I have the word count and story complete, I will *feel* like I can call myself that.
  8. So since the challenge is ending tomorrow, I'm going to wrap up here and make my next thread with Chapter 13. I just started working with plastics and press molds and I'm pretty excited to see what I can do with making minatures. I have a box of this stuff called Oyumaru which is a melting plastic. It comes in a box and each stick is the size of 4 sticks of gum stuck together in thickness. You have to put the bar of oyumaru into boiling hot water. This softens it from a hard plastic slab into the consistency of play-dough. While it's super hot like this, you can use it for pre
  9. Chapter 12: The other exit from the town must have the same level of security positioned. It was not worth wasting another evening expedition. Instead my concern has moved towards the taskmaster of the mine and what I would be able to learn about what that man does. There was no way that someone would be able to be in close proximity of that abomination and not be stricken with terror. Nevermind the logistics of how what remained of Gerta was dealt with. I decided to pay the apothecary another visit as a faux reason for my leering near the mine. There was no good use of cover
  10. Chapter 11: Amongst all of this death, it is one thing to hear those killed; another to see it happen; and still another to see the results of that loss of life. But it is something else entirely to take someone’s life and see the light die out in their eyes. I do not know the man that I unmasked who is now currently rotting in the sun on a rooftop covered by some handfuls of thatch to blend in, but I suspect within the next day or so, the stench will waft far enough to cause investigation and the authorities will be on even higher alert. I have decided to wear Jon’
  11. Good to see you're settling in and the water looks nice.
  12. Thanks man; I hope that after I'm done with this book I can post more 'regular' posts. As it is, when I hop on my computer I think, "I want to write story" and by the time I'm done, my butt is numb so I just hop off the computer for a while afterwards. As it stands I'm at roughly 33k words and 40k is for a standard 150-page book.
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