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  1. Tomorrow I have my weigh-in with my dietician. I'm somewhat dreading it. Also I finally took self-pics. I have my 'before' pics to work off of. I hit the gym this morning and feel good. I'm finishing cleaning my room and then I'll have floor space to get back to this: Also after not working on any minis for a few days, I feel antsy. I want to create. I ended up opening up the old ipad that my sister gave me with 3d sculpting software installed on it. I've also been looking into 3d printers. Even though I'm really into the lore of warhammer40k these days, the thought of 3d sculpting stuff and then printing my creations and painting them is a childhood dream. Seriously - when I was a little kid, I always drew monsters and hated how they weren't what I visualized in my head. I still have noteboooks from when I was 5-10 where I designed videogame levels, stories, and drew monsters. Having them come to life would be amazing. My hope is to have everything cleaned by this weekend, the ipad ready to go (just found a charger for it and I also apparently have to charge the pen, too), and fully assemble a couple minis to start painting. The 3d printer vid so I don't lose it and if anyone is interested: ....and if I find some .STL files for warhammer proxies, this thing basically pays for itself after a handful of minis.
  2. Making a quick post Sugar is mostly out of my body. Haven't had any candy in a while now. Turned away the free milky way bars. My plan of lara bars-->rx bars, and cider+choccy--> fruit and juice is working out. Still need to curb regular milk but besides that, I'm good. I went to the gym today to deal with losing my gym card thingy. *somewhat* fixed and it felt good to get a couple miles done while reading my neuro book. As for art: I've been making a bunch of casting with milliputt so I'm making models but not painting them yet. I'm trying to make 7 serberys raiders. After which, I need to make 7 riders and THEN I can start batch-painting them. Then I'll be casting more of the riflemen that I posted pictures of last time. Serberys raiders: Once the horses and rider are done, I'll do *my* paintjob into the army.
  3. I didn't think that residual heat would be able to do something like that. I always thought that the heat would be dispersed every time there is a frigid wind, so it's pretty damn cool that these things are doing well. This past year was just experimenting with growing: I want to get one of those little greenhouse things and I already found a good heat sun-lamp. I'm going to start something with that in about a month with some peanut plants I think. I have a shitload of cleaning to do first before I tackle that. Nah man, I like reading it here. Thanks Also, thanks for the minis compliment. I think I want to enroll in the 2022 Parade which is when people showcase an army they built that year. Since I only have a hero and some troops, I'm going to have the Mechanicus lore figured out. I was told by Jimmy (the owner of the wh shop) that the biggest hurdle is the terrain 'theme' but I already have that figured out; and I'll be using my paper mache and mixed media skills to make something that I think will be pretty awesome. --- Alright, I'm at 90-95% back on track. I've been sucking down some apple cider and having some lara bars as intended to scratch the sugar itch. That inner demon has been calming down. So much so that when I opened one of the xmas bags that had booze in it (I've been cleaning all day and still haven't dealt with the pile of gifts) I saw some chocolate marshmallows skewers. I threw them out. Today has been all about cleaning. I already took all the stuff off the tree and packed it away. I moved the tree to the deck. I'm going to try something: I'm going to see if I keep it all year, if all the pine needles will fall off and leave me with a bare tree. If so, that's going to be my Halloween tree. I've, over the years, wanted to have an 'evil' version and about a decade ago, I was able to find a fake black pine tree to put orange lights on, but it was only two feet tall. This xmas tree I got is a nice 6.5 feet so if it dries out over the year as I hope, I'll have a pretty awesome halloween skeleton tree. Vacuuming done, washed the kitchen counters and stove, did some dishes, went through all the xmas gifts, dealt with some of the pile of papers on the couch, moved furniture/gym equipment back to pre-xmas spots, and I portioned out what I'm eating for a couple days. Taking a break now to write this. I plan on hitting up the market and getting some tomato sauce and frying up some eggplant, mushrooms, and chicken thighs and having that with some red lentil gluten free pasta as a few portioned dinners this week. I also need to grab a few more lara bars and apple juice. I'm trying to have the following happen over the next few days as much sugar cravings start dying down: Lara Bars --> RxBars Apple Cider + Dark Choc almond milk --> Apple Juice + Fruit --> Watered down juice + Fruit --> Fruit So far, I still have 2 bowls with ground beef and peppers in them, 4 scotch eggs (perfect deliciousness), and a few hardboiled eggs for egg salad sandwiches. Also, I think I know how to remedy by 'fats amount' that I'm supposed to eat by making a bunch of mashed sweet potatoes and then adding in butter as I make them, THEN dividing the portions up. That way I have X servings of carbs and X servings of fat already measured out. That along with some indian spices on some meatballs sounds like a good 2nd big meal for next week.
  4. I present what I've been assembling, painting, basing, and overall where my creativity is going towards: The ten-thousand year-old tech priest, Belisarius Cawl. Skittering into battle on a multitude of metal legs, Belisarius Cawl is a nightmarish amalgam of flesh and machine swathed in robes. Millennia of tinkering and obsessive self-improvement have left Cawl as a grotesque, and his lumpen form towers to several times the height of a grown man. The Mechanicus believe that the holiest thing is attainment of knowledge. As such, my 'forgeworld' has the smartest person = the most holy, denoted by the purity of the robes they wear. Hence Cawl has this color scheme. I also felt like that red that is used for the Mechanicus is reminiscent of the western religions, think 'cardinal' red. Well I went with the eastern aesthetic moreso: Tibetan monks. This is one of the Skitarii rangers. Skitarii are the main troops for the cult. This guy I tried a couple things with. 1 was making the hood, and then melting the leg slightly to have him in a walking pose. I used glue on the base and also for little bits on the bottoms of the robes and stuck some baked sand to it. Then I painted over the robes with the orange and then dry-brushed the sandy spots with the custom cream-color sand wash to catch the raised edges and look like the sand is sticking to the robes while they trudge through the desert. The rocks are chunks of cork that I ripped up and then super-glued on the bases and then painted brown; with the same sand dry-brush technique to pick out the highlights. The army so far: You can see the scale I'm working with in the bottom picture: that's a frozen raspberry. So for Belisarius Cawl, if you zoom in you can see that there are 100+ rivets on his armor and I dotted all of them with copper metallic paint. The troops aren't done: I want to add gold edge highlighting on the copper chest plates and also all the white parts that you can see are going to have a bright neon-blue dry-brushing to look like some sort of plasma-energy weapon they have. I also want that same plasma bright blue to glow from their eyes, and I need to use a red wash to seep into the dips and bring out more contrast. But, considering these dudes have been some casual painting 2 times a week, I think they're turning out pretty damn cool. ---------- I don't feel as hopeless. I still am kicking myself for fucking up, but I'm not lost in terms of 'well now where the hell do I start?' I know exactly where. Hey-o Did you burlap all your stuff you've been growing? I forgot to so I'm pretty sure the blueberry bush I started in the summer is dead. It's trying to have enough fats: that seems to be the hardest thing. Like... I don't really like fat stuff. I don't cook with butter. Barely use olive oil. And I'm not going to eat spoonfuls of mayo to hit a target, ya know? I'm trying to stick to it. I was going to make this post on Friday but I was snowed in with a lady-friend and no computer. --- So what else is going on: I was able to hit my gym target and I have the creative stuff posted. I'm hovering a little above the 2400 but it's because I'm trying REALLY fucking hard to detox from all this christmas/holiday shit. I have some red grape, some rx bars, and some apple cider. When I feel antsy and like I'm going to flip out and beat someone to death with a shovel, I chug some juice or eat grapes/bar. The rest of my calories is around the 2400 mark so I'm stabilizing. As the sugar % is lowered more and more, I won't have these cider+fruit+bar spikes and I won't have the urge to lean on them as much as I am. Oh, I lost my gym card though so I need to figure out tonight or tomorrow what I need to do to get a new card. I *may* have snuck by the check-in station so I could work out.
  5. After I wrote a book, I felt empty - like that creativity, once finished, left a void that I needed to fill. I didn't realize how much I desperately needed to do some sort of goal-oriented art task. I'm going to try and take pics tomorrow and upload stuff this weekend with what I've been working on. Honestly, I'd like it to be less but I end up getting hungry. Considering age, weight, and activity level; this was on the lower-end. Yo yo yo --------- So I found this song when I was writing my book and I saved it. It turned into probably 300+ hours of watching clips, bits, and reading various passages and scraps of lore. Something about this song strikes me and it's hard to say how exactly. The adjectives don't come easily and usually I'm pretty articulate about something like this. I feel.....dread? Comfort? It's something else that encompasses this feeling of wholeness. I get a vision of a dying world and a large cathedral bathed in monochrome light, with there being a sliver of hope within that dying world being in this sanctuary. This is what lead me to my current artistic pursuit.
  6. First off, great way to start the new year: I'm in RI. With the heartbreaking news that I've been dealing with over the holidays, I hermited away (more than usual these few years) but I'm ready to get through this. 1) 2400 Cal - Petty basic. I saw a dietician who gave me a paper that says how many servings of each thing I should have a day. Once I streamlined that eating, I started losing weight. Holidays hit and I went off the rails big-time. I would like to, by the end of this week, have that stable 2400 cal plan all set. What this translates into: Meal #1 - 8oz protein, 3 serving carbs, 2 cups veg. Meal #2 - 2 carbs, 1 dairy, 1 fruit. Meal #3 - 2oz protein, 1 dairy, 7 carb, 3 fat This still isn't ideal. I'm supposed to have more fat than this and the protein amounts seems really low compared to the carbs, making me feeling...idk, sluggish. Keep in mind that 1 cup of pasta is = 3 carbs, but the ratios seem off. Once I find the exact ratio here, I'm sticking with it for a month and tracking results. My plan is to eventually transition this into a 2400 cal Whole 30 plan by swapping a bunch of carbs for sweet potatoes (instead of oats and rice which is the main thing now) and also using olive oil in meal #1. 2) Gym - Working 3x week now and that means hitting the gym 4x. 3) Update - Ya know.... actually use the forum and post how things are going. I've been really bottling up how I've felt for better part of a year. I went to therapy literally 2 weeks before my mom died a couple years ago (talk about timing) and I stuck with it for a while but my therapist felt there wasn't much happening. It turned into me giving a progress report. Eventually, some scheduling conflicts came up and then we never met again and I'm not sure if I should bother going back or not. I think I'm going to vent here for a bit and if it really feels like I need another outlet, then I'll contact him. I'm gunning for 3 posts a week. 4) Art Showcase - One thing I have been doing a bunch has been getting involved in lore and miniatures. I like making my own stuff out of clay, tweaking armies, creating my own story/lore, and painting the minis. It's kept me distracted in a good way. Seeing as how I think these are turning out better than some of the paintjobs I've seen of minis on ebay, I thought I should post pics on here. I don't make a ton of progress and uploading can be a pain, so I'm going to shoot for 1 art pic update a week. 5) *Passive* Finish my Neurobiology book. I consider this a passive one because I read it only while I'm at the gym, while I'm able to concentrate. Sometimes I only get 2 pages done. Other times, I read the entire cardio session. I feel great afterwards because I feel like I improved my body AND my brain so I'm gunning to finish the book before the challenge ends.
  7. Not a pattern I'm falling for in the slightest. That's literally the only options that have been around, and I would trade everything in a heartbeat to be with a woman that actually valued her physical and mental health. So the challenge ended and I didn't even notice. I've basically hermitted myself away into reading and watching a lot of sci-fi stuff. I'll be making another challenge: hopefully where I'm actually able to pull myself together.
  8. Where do I start? Idk if I should apologize for, yet again, not being on here. My sister is going to die. It won't be like next month or anything but they found out she had a complicated cancer that will never be cured. So she can take meds and get a bit better for a while but she's not living for another 10 years from now or anything. I've had to come to grips with this basically on my own. She's my only family so it's not like I have extended family to lean on: they're all gone. I don't have a dad to lean on: he's gone. I don't have a mom to lean on: she died about 3 years ago. This time of year I'm always really reflective. Thoughts I felt I conquered long ago creep up around this time of year (also around my birthday in May). I've been in a massive depression. As in, I feel like nothing matters and there's no point in trying to make things better. I'm struggling with this a lot and I need to dig myself out of it. Maybe writing about it can help. I've been going to the gym like I said I would, although I pulled a muscle in my scapula/upper back area, on the left side. So a bunch of upper body work isn't happening. I tried to push forward a little and it felt like utter hell the next day. I'm stilling going to the gym for cardio, although sadly today they have the mask mandate back again with the new variant. This news with my sister makes me have a one-two punch to my mental state. Part of me is now like, 'well, the clock is ticking. You need to make the best of it and pull you head out of your ass.' I simultaneously beat myself up for not jumping out of bed at 5am and grinding and getting tons of shit done (though these days, I don't even know what I should be doing). I feel directionless and purposeless. I feel alone and depressed. I feel helpless and frustrated. I sometimes think, 'what do I want my life to look like?' and there are so many variables that I can't even answer it because I'm not sure what's feasible. Like, I want to not be a slave to junk food. At the same time, for all I know, this is my sister's last Christmas and if she says, 'oh I made cookies, have some', I'm not going to be an asshole and shoot her down. Idk. There's this guilt that I have no matter what. I feel guilty and bad if I DO eat this crap and I feel guilty and bad if I DON'T eat this crap and I can't tell which guilt is worse. I'm just grateful that the holiday season is almost over. I enjoyed Krampus-Time a little bit. However, it got too big and became a big complicated mess. I just wanted to make some meat pie and a couple types of vodka, which when spread out among my sis+her hubby, along with my ladyfriend and her family; would have been 2 shots of vodka and a slice a pie each. But then others wanted to add to it. And then I had to make more. And then I was asked constantly what other things I was doing when I had no intention of doing more. It's just... I can't have shit with other people in my life be simple. I don't want to be an addict. I'm not my mom who I remember saying, 'my only joy is food'. That's so fucking pathetic and depressing. My sister has said similar stuff about how food is the only thing she can look forward too. My ladyfriend is like this too; putting up resistance when I want to eat healthy and 'boring' because she needs 'food to taste good', which means 'covered in butter, cheese, sugar, and tons of carbs'. I just want my environment to be fucking healthy! I just want someone, anyone that I can see face to face, to actually give a fuck about their health so I feel, 'damn, we're in this together'. I've teetered on the edge of ending things with my ladyfriend multiple times because of this: it's not like there is a 'serious' relationship here. But it's also someone that makes me not feel cripplingly alone: doubly so with this news of my sister. As for my sister: I can't change her attitude or her fate; just like I couldn't change my mom. All I can do is change my own path and fucking hope that I'm strong enough to buffer the bullshit from people in my life. When I was 13, I used to type up on my computer journal about how I might need to be completely alone; as in, everyone I know is dead or gone, in order to wipe the slate clean and be the person that I want to be. Around this time of year, especially considering the news; I might have been right some 20 years ago. I'm not going to sit around here and have a pity party for myself. I need to suck it up and soldier on. When I was following it, the 2400 cal break down actually felt pretty good and I was able to make it doable. I have to force that way of eating and deal with pissing off and disappointing everyone in my life in order to stick to my guns. It's just..... so fucking unnecessarily hard. It would be like trying to quit alcohol and everyone in your life being an alcoholic that is shaming you because you're not being an addict like them. And the thing is... it makes sense. By trying to be a better person and not be like everyone else who only has food as 'joy', I'm highlighting (and probably making uncomfortable) people that want to indulge and keep the status quo. The thing is, the status quo had my ladyfriend gain 100 pounds, my uncle have liver failure, my mom die young, and considering the weight complications, is partially responsible for my sister going to an early grave, too. Why can't people see that I don't want to follow that statistic? Over a month ago, my sister was telling me that she was thinking about her life and wanted it to mean something. The thing is, life is what you make of it. She stayed with a crappy guy and she was too insecure to end the relationship, so instead she treats him like a verbal punching bag - resentful of her life and of him. I see the same dynamic with my ladyfriend's mom and dad. It's a grim omen. It's fucking unhealthy for everyone involved. I can see the layers of dysfunction but I'm helpless to do anything about it. Maybe that's why I'm feeling this hopelessness. I can't 'fix' what I currently see is broken. But it's not mine to try and fix. I can point it out, but I can't *do* anything. I can't force people to give a fuck about themselves, can't force people to want a better life that has value and meaning in it. I have to be the example. Despite everything (seen the news? horrific) and everyone in my immediate environment pulling me down, I have to be the example.
  9. Swol-i-days are chugging along. I've been able to keep up with this every day, barring Saturday's lack of cardio but this was intentional because I went up to Boston on a day-trip this past Friday and clocked in over 14k steps. Seeing as how my average is in the 4-5k range, that was huge and my feet were swollen and hurt the next day so doing almost 3x the steps means I'm technically *ahead* of my plans. Hit the gym today and today was ARMS day. I've split up my lifts into less exercises per day, but I'm doing more reps every day. So instead of doing Chest+Back+Biceps+Triceps, I'm doing only Biceps+Triceps one day (with extra reps) then the next day doing Chest+Back (with extra reps). I'm sick of certain exercises stagnating so I think pushing myself harder and having 2 less rest days (still will do cardio, but no lifts 1 day a week) will average out to better lifting. What I was doing: Every exercise, twice a week. (M+w+f no lifts) (Sunday+Thursday = workout 'a') (Tuesday+Saturday = workout 'b'). Now I'm doing every exercise, twice a week like originally, but more reps/days. (M+th = workout 'a') (t+f = workout 'b') (w+sat = workout 'c'). I'm going to stick with this for the rest of the month and see how I'm doing. What I can say is that I'm able to push myself more PER exercise because of this. Example: Biceps have stagnated. I seem to only be able to do about 15 reps (3 sets of 5) and then I'm just tired and done so I didn't get past 15 total reps. By splitting it this way, I was able to bump up to 20 reps on bicep/tricep and holy SHIT did my arms feel it the next day. Did it the second time this morning (since it's been almost a week now) and 20 reps felt a tiny bit easier so maybe next time, I'll bump it up to 22 or 25 reps. I've also been reading a new book while I'm at the gym, making me feel doubly productive: So far I'm up to page 50. I am able to bang out 7 or so pages every time I hit the gym. After about 20ish minutes, I lose concentration so then I switch to music or watching something dumb on the tvs there. These few 'brain pages' are easy to keep track of. The book goes into detail about how all of the senses work and how they are linked to the receptors of the brain. I looked at future chapters and it will eventually go into neurotransmitters, addition, psychology/mental health, and more so currently I'm working on the basic biology first until getting to the juicy stuff. This also had an unintended consequence: one day I couldn't find my book when I went to the gym so I asked the guy at the front desk if anyone dropped off a book in the lost+found. He said there wasn't anything there. I found the book later that day so I brought it with me to the gym the following day and showed him that I'm all set: found the book. He wanted to see it and it started a 30 minute conversation with the guy. He was telling me about he googles up random stuff to learn (like apparently how sweat works) and he started asking me questions about the book: what the signs and symptoms are of someone with schizophrenia and what to do to help, if there was anything in the book about IBS, how drugs work, and a few other things. I was able to answer some of that without reading it yet and then he started talking about his friend, about his workout goals, how he wants to pick up this same book, how he loves learning, told me about his drug habits, and more. I didn't think anything of this (besides wanting to do my workout) and then Friday I did all those steps in Boston. I see him again and I've been upgraded from 'Hey brother' when he sees me to 'hey friend'. In other news, I'm working on more minis and it's so damn fun. I'm debating on entering a contest called 'Armies on Parade' since it happens every December and last weekend they had the 2021 entries. Since it has to be a NEW army you are building, technically my army that I recently started working on will count for next year. The owner of the store, Jimmy, who know me by name now; told me that his store was lacking so he wants to bump things up (whatever that means). I told him that I'm probably going to enter. His response was, "Your terrain theme is going to be the hardest part. You might need to mess around and think about a few drafts to get an idea you like." ....I already have my idea and it's Dune-inspired. I didn't tell him what I'm doing but I brought up that I have that idea figured out. Apparently I'm already ahead of the game with knowing this *shrug*. Writing all this down made me realize something: I've socialized a bunch with new people the past two months. There's Alex at work (didn't know his name despite working there for over a year). I know Billy now (despite us working in the same store for close to a decade) and heard about a bunch of interesting stuff with him. He now says 'hi' to me by name. There's Chris, the gym guy who I had the chat with about the book. And now there's Jimmy the store minis store owner who I've had a few chats with.
  10. This mini challenge is going to be about hitting the gym every single day for the month of December. I went today and plan to go until the end of the year. I also want to make Kampus Time good this year since my sister is starting chemo this week (finally). About to get a real tree.
  11. Been quiet on here but I've been doing more and more artistic things. I made more miniature weapons, casted a few raiders, and did two paint jobs. I'll upload the paintjobs once I cobble together all the pics. I also found a digital clay medium app so I made a monster face. It was free and I had no idea what any of the buttons did: i wanted to fuck around on my own and see what I was able to do. I turned a ball of orange-ish clay into this: Learned how to pull the shape around, pivot pieces, color it (like the empty eye sockets I was able to paint black and the protrusions I turned into dull white teeth). I figured how to add and subtract the 'clay' to the figure. I couldn't save anything since it was a trial version but I'm legit thinking about getting this program and learning how to use it (after I fuck around more. I tend to do better learning for myself than reading an instruction manual since I'm a kinetic/visual learner). I mean this was on a rinky dink touch screen phone so if I got this on, say, a tablet....and had a stylus instead of my fat finger? There's potential here. Pics of the paint jobs I've done I'll try to get posted before the challenge ends.
  12. Thanks The ending was a vision idea I had and the story sort of worked backwards. There is a whole storyline about what was happening that I purposely omitted because I took a page from H.P. Lovecraft: Thanks - I'm going to go back and do some editing so any constructive criticism is appreciated. There were parts that I was 'meh' about and a little bit of other stuff I wanted to go back and add but I figure a solid month of not touching it and let the story... 'settle' in my brain before cleaning it up a bit should be helpful. --- So with the book written, it's time to start this part of my challenge: I'm going to be starting to use Sculpey III today; as about a week ago I started messing around with press molds and milliput. As promised, I have pictures. To give a sense of scale, this is the size of a lego-person/smaller than a thumbprint. The blue medium is Oyumaru which is a reusable plastic. I boiled it and then took a stick of it out of the boiling water and kneaded it quickly into a wad; and then pressed the gray shield into it. You can even see the fingerprints on the oyumaru on the left-hand side. That's how much detail is supposed to be captured. After the oyumaru cools, it hardens. HOWEVER, if I put the blue goop back into boiling water, it becomes mallable again. This means I can reuse it for legit anything. I use 2-part milliput epoxy and kneaded it together. I got the yellow/gray combo and smushed it into the blue mold in pic #2. As you can see in pic 3, the gray is the original and the yellow is the clay copy which is as hard as plastic now. It's so hard that I can use a metal nail file to buff it down. I was so excited to work with this that I grabbed an alien toy that I've had in my display case for like....20+ years. It's this one: This is one of my favorite toys of all time. My whole life, I've loved making and looking at monster. What I tend to hate is superflous extras on monsters, as it's not as realistic. Think of, like, an extra head in a chest cavity, or spikes on knees. The coolness about this toy cannot be understated. The head is a squishy plastic and there is a pinhole in the mouth so you can squeeze the head, stick it under water, and then squeeze the head again for it to spray 'acid'. Also the arms are opposable and have a little bone on the back that you can squeeze which makes the arms open up wide for a hug of death. Anyways, I wanted to put this oyumaru and milliput to the test so I stuffed a bunch around the face of this toy. Then waited about an hour until the mold was cool enough to pull off since I hinged it along the chin a bit. Then stuffed it with milliput. The result: YES I had a little bit left of the milliput when I kneaded it together so I tried my hand at making something freehand. I figure that I'm going to suck at this at first and get better and better the more I practice. When you combine the 2 part epoxy, you HAVE to use it or it hardens and gets thrown away so any scrap of putty that doesn't get stuffed into a mold will be used as freehand messing around. I decided to try making a sword with some of those chipped edges. I don't know what it's called (maybe just serrated edges?) but you see it in weapons like this: See near the handle, there is that, like, notch thingy? And here is the result: Keep in mind that this is a weapon a lego man could hold. I was able to make the blade, have the 'bites' out of it a couple times, create a handle that is curved upwards, and then I stabbed a little dot out of the base of the handle and put the tiniest ball inside and stabbed it in, making that little ball with the hole in it. I figured that would be painted like a gem in the hilt or something. As you can see, it snapped in half, but that's a derp on my part: I made it on the table and then it was too hard to peel off the table and so I used an exacto-knife and it snapped. Lesson learned: put crafted things that I do freehand on parchment paper or maybe wax paper. We shall see. Despite the derp, I think I did a decent job and plan on messing around with hobby paints so see what I can do with these items, as well as making more things in the very near future.
  13. RX bars have been the late night itch remedy for me for the past couple of months.
  14. Also note: don't google yeast pics to look for a relevant picture.
  15. Already messaged you about it but mine as well post it here: Herpy Bertday
  16. I can't STAND the fitbit normal wristband and instead was able to snag one of those elastic stretchy ones for people with bigger wrists. Made a world of difference. Also I've gotten into watching the same movies over and over. It has the opposite effect now because my brain knows what's happening and gets bored.
  17. Oh I know, I've watched pretty much all of their food ideas. Some of which I came up with before even seeing them, like the fruit 'fluff' with the protein powder and yogurt. Also the anabolic ice cream recipe that's floating around elsewhere with bodybuilders makes a metric fuckton: The base can be added with anything else. Seeing as how I can't have gluten, the cereals to add for crunch are basically out; but if I have that 'I need to eat a LOT and I don't give a fuck WHAT' then THIS totally scratches that itch.
  18. Agreed. What happened? You ok? Or maybe just some Halloweenies doing 'tricks'.
  19. Seriously debated that too because Halloween candy was oof. What are those going to be?
  20. I did it. I'm shocked. I'm so fucking proud of myself. Clocking in at 47, 687 words, or roughly 175 pages; I have officially written a book which is posted in it's entirety on the thread. I started tearing up. It feels like there was this massive boulder that I was able to move. I'm going to walk away from the story for at least a month and re-read it on December 1st with fresh eyes to do some editing. There might be things I want to add or subtract. I learned a lot from doing this. For one, I doubt myself WAY too much and shouldn't. I was figuring I was almost done with the story at Chapter 13 and looking at the page and word count, I was waaaay off. I was thinking I would struggle to try and barely hit 40k, as when I looked it up, it said 40k/150 pages - 60k/200 pages is a shorter book. There are other ones that are 20k words but like your 'standard' type of book is about that. Other searches said it was way more but looking at some random books at Barnes and Noble, it felt like if I hit 40k+ then I would be proud of myself and I went above that and closer to 50k. I've also realized that #s aren't everything. While I had a goal based on what google/bookstore stuff me, trying to maintain the horror/mystery aspect while also keeping 1 straight narrative and also making it sound, well, not like total shit was a daunting task. I also realized that the more creative stuff I do, the more I want to do. Like, I would have thought there would be a creative 'burnout' and I would feel spent after trying to write this but the opposite happened. I didn't post it yet but I've also been experimenting with press-casting molds, miniature figure painting, and using milliput to make copies of and sculpt all sorts of little things. Now that the writing aspect is finished, I'm going to have a block of time to work on other things; as I ended up writing 20 pages (single spaced) alone in about a week. Expect pictures very shortly of what else I'm working on... Oh and my doctor's appointment went great.
  21. Sounds like a good idea to me. Tattoo is looking cool af, man.
  22. I've been on a giant rice cake kick recently (the tomato-basil one is awesome) but the buttered popcorn with a smack of pumpkinpie almond butter sounds damn good.
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