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  1. Er, maybe I came off wrong. I'm saying I dont' really believe in cheating. No one around you is going to say "oh my god you're cheating". Its a mental construct created by and perpetuated by one's self. If you're accomplishing your goals, you're not "cheating" by partaking in something you want. At the point that your "cheating' becomes a hindrance to your goals, then you're not cheating, you're just not achieving your goals. Does that make more sense? And you're right. Most people have NO idea about diet. I am still learning and I probably research stuff an hour a day. ETA: Regar
  2. The only person you are "cheating" is yourself. Your friends don't care, neither do family members, puppies or your dietitian. If you are making progress you like, and you continue to, then thats all that matters. Cheating assumes there is a right way to get in shape. The most important thing about adjusting lifestyle is learning to care about things most of us just plain didn't use to care about or even think about. (Carbs, calories, etc) I know plenty of people who swear they are on a diet, but eat french fries right in front of me and make comments like "I can't figure out why I'm no
  3. Well, I guess the important question, if you have your numbers right is: "are you losing". At a 500 cal deficit you should be dropping 1-2 lb per week.
  4. I agree with everthing IJO said except: 4.) you do not necessarily need to COUNT all the calories you are eating. I think it is important, ESPECIALLY when you start out, ESPECIALLY if you have your own recipes, that you keep PRECISE track of your calories. You'll find within about 2 weeks that you eat a lot of the same stuff. MyFitness stores your common meals (lunch, dinner, snacks) and you can make your own recipes. The reason for this is I hit a plateau and realized I wasn't really counting olive oil, butter, lard, and some other cooking materials I was just so used to cooking with
  5. I would think any change in workout, resulting in a change in hunger, would probably automatically denote a direct correlation. I would think, if you're at your caloric limit, find some good substitutes that are low in calories to tide you over. In other words, trying to decipher how many calories you "really" burned in your strength routine vs your cardio routine will lead you to inflated concept of BMR. Don't let the increased hungry give you an excuse to over indulge in calories. Satiate the feeling and try to keep the caloric intake the same. (since you're trying to lose) I know some
  6. Fruit is still healthier than processed sweets, and dark chocolate is disgusting. I'd rather have a strawberry than 75% dark chocolate.
  7. ... Is there something wrong with being scientific about planning diet? I think numbers are extremely helpful in weight loss goals. And I would personally (now that I know more) rather base my diet on a flat BMR than GUESS how many calories I burned, or how much blah blah blah is burnt while I'm at rest because of my super awesome strength building workout... Speaking of numbers: Didn't you say you eat 9-12 eggs a day? Given your weight (170 right?), height, (5'4 or thereabouts) and around 30yrs old(guesstimate from the completely irrelevant picture you chose as your avatar) you have a B
  8. What we're saying is its hard to gain muscle without gaining fat. One comes with the other. He was trying to give you a solution to not put on too much fat while gaining some muscle. The guys who put on 2 lbs of muscle a week are also gaining fat, and then strip it all off with a cut.
  9. It sounds like someone tried to offer you advice and you rebuked it and seemed to have answered your own question before you posted. When you're you eat. When you're satisfied you stop. K.
  10. Hi. I guess I'm having a hard time understanding what you want. You know you want to be at 15% body fat, what are you now? That determines a lot. I assume the reason you mention cholesterol is that you need to be careful about what kind of weight you put on? I'm battling the body fat demon myself. I'm trying to cut body fat and was originally looking at my fitness pal as well, but it basically told me I needed to lose 5 lbs to do so. I've gained 1.5 lbs and maybe lost about 1% of body fat, and the difference in pictures is massive. I would say, plan your diet around gaining. Set your
  11. Why not use excel or a spreadsheet? It does everything I want and its customized for my specific workout. I know when I start, when I stopped, how many reps, what weight, and what difficulty for each. I can then adjust my workout if I need to, weight, reps, order of sets, and the next morning, I just get up, and know exactly what to do and in what order.
  12. A weight loss forum where people defend beer and pizza, lol.
  13. Beer is empty calories. (Did I get it right that time MirGSS?) It serves no purpose. It doesn't even taste good.
  14. Pushups shouldn't interfere with the "letting your muscles rest". Targeting specific work areas like arms and legs and chest etc and doing really heavy lifting are what people mean by "taking time to let the muscles rest". Resting a day in between pushups is like saying take a rest day after a nice long stroll. I do pushups and pullups in between sets of my workouts to keep my heart rate up, and I do them every day.
  15. Buy a taser. Knowing a few kicks and punches in tae kwon do are likely to get you really hurt.
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