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  1. KB Girl

    Sloth's Power to Weight Ratio

    I'll be honest and admit I don't even really know what the rules are to qualify for a hardstyle swing x) I basically just differentiate between hips going forwards (not sport) or hips going backward at the top of the swing (sport). So if it's just the depth of the backswing that bothers your lower back then that can be adjusted.. most people learning on their own tend to use too much back, so yea not messing on your own might be the best call. This reminds me though- because of your lower back- do you know how to brace properly?
  2. KB Girl

    5 minutes 'till midnight (KB Girl)

    I procrastinated on my to do list some more by doing housework and parallette's x) First time I did all max reps in the first sets, except ofcourse L-sit which I still can't do at all. (p1, phase 2, difficulty A) Every other journal I've ever tried was the same- all 1, maybe 2 pages and then I'd stop using it.. but something about this stuck and I've been using it since december. it's a very very nice thing. biggest tip I can give you is to not allow any perfectionism in your setup and also to document at first, don't plan.
  3. KB Girl

    Trials and tribulations in the new Shire

    Nice that things are coming together! The yellow room actually looks nice to train in. But if I were staying for an underdetermined amount of time I'd just paint the walls myself- it's not that hard nor will it cost that much. Maybe once you've settled in and feel like it you can do that one room you dislike Good decision to reload a bit, you're already doing plenty of work moving stuff around. And don't worry about catching up, just jump in somewhere when you feel like it.
  4. KB Girl

    Raptron: Season Finale

    Hahaha, definitely! yay! Can I / we see the last two too, as an appetizer of sorts?
  5. KB Girl

    Juliebarkley checks her list

    Best of luck dealing with the overwhelm!
  6. KB Girl

    Elastigirl's Challenge

    Great week! I love that you have those dance classes. And shoulder down focus, great, really great. I try to watch that sometimes while doing household stuff, it's tricky!
  7. KB Girl


    Wauw i admire how much patience it must have taken to develop this level of skill! and nice balance on your handstand this.. and not just needing more strength ,but also using more strength. A lot of people just don't quite know how to activate and push properly- even though they're strong enough.
  8. KB Girl

    Nymeria quits her whinging and pays her debts

    Very true. It's interesting how upper body strength between pull and push differs.. Madhatter has her pull-ups but I don't think she has pushups? an it sounds like we're pretty much the same for pull-ups now? but I can maaaaybe manage 1 from the floor (been doing them on parallette's in sets of 3 in a row). Hope the quad heals up real soon!
  9. KB Girl

    MR_Willes is losing it!

    dude thats very nice! I'm looking forward to your meet results.
  10. KB Girl

    New dog, old tricks [Happienumber]

    Yea definitely don't question the fairly good mood too much I like the detailed plan for your apartment. I really need to learn to break down my tasks like that..
  11. KB Girl

    Saving What We Love: Tanktimus' Mindset

    Seriously considering adding a page to my journal with Tank's recipes to try at some point x)
  12. KB Girl

    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    Hope your shoulder feels better soon! ps. you're taller than I am
  13. KB Girl

    Raptron: Season Finale

    Do we get to see this video? Amazing you did so well while being sick! it's promising. hehehe
  14. KB Girl

    [Mad Hatter] Gotta go fast

    Love the video
  15. KB Girl

    5 minutes 'till midnight (KB Girl)

    Thanks to caffeine and encouragement from some team members Sunday some actual training happened. I did a decent jerk set and a pretty good snatch set- and I'll take that, because my snatch needs the most improvement anyway. - 4:00 jerk with 2x14, around 50 reps I think - 14kg snatch for 2:00, then 1:00 break and then a set of 4:00- average pace was 18 a minute so that makes +-108 reps We then went for a hike were I had mini running contests with Emma, practiced some pistol squats, did some lunges and soaked up some fresh (cold) air + sunshine. Week 1 wasn't great due to the sick.. but then again, maybe it was pretty good for being sick. Today (Monday) I am feeling a bit better, I think the fever is gone. Still don't have my voice back though and still suffering a headache. My to do list is a bit intimidating right now... but I'll get Emma in bed in the next 2 hours and then hopefully get some stuff done. Then I might do parallette's.. I didn't calorie count yet, so that's a loss, but I'll definitely get to bed on time again. (copied someone elses drawing, just changed the text)