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  1. Thursday was a hot day. It's going to be over 30 degrees for the next couple of days.. and honestly the first 30 years of my life I can absolutely count the number of days over 30 degrees in the Netherlands on 1 hand... but the last 2 years we've had quite a few of them.. this means houses in NL don't have airconditioning and we don't have enough shade in our cities and.. well.. before we were made aware of the option of pandemics I always figured our biggest problem was going to be the global warming. Anyway. We did a whole bunch of nothing. We let Emma watch too much Netflix. We had ice-cream 3 times. We had bacon and beans for dinner because salt. The only redeemable thing about the day was that we ate lots of veggies and snacked on carrots and hummus and had lots of fruit. Friday was still ridiculously hot. I had classes to teach in the morning. Did some things myself with lots of rest in between. Took a nap with the baby. Did a bunch of laundry. Had more bacon and beans for dinner. When it was slightly less hot we went to the park/playground, had some more ice-cream. I put the kids in bed while Jaap was at the gym and I've been eating cookies and reading WoT. I'm in a mood, as you can probably tell, but I figured I'd update anyway because.. well.. it's best not to miss two in a row. I did; - hip and ankle mobility - pistol squats to a box, 6x3/3 - skin the cats with a slow negative, 8x1 - pushups 4x5 (hands elevated, but a little lower than last time) Felt the butt injury quite a bit on both days, but not as bad as 2 weeks ago, so.. I still have to be careful but I think the deadlifts from Wednesday weren't a completely crazy idea and I'll probably do some again next week.
  2. Well.. only like 3% less ugh, still got 97% to go gotta celebrate small wins though. Are you enjoying them? I had forgotten how awesome the first couple of books were. Especially the aiel. Maidens of the spear are epic. Haha I want to tell you about things in book 3 and 4 that are also very awesome, but I don't know how much you remember and I don't want to spoil your re-read. I'll go with that then I am quite pleased, it also means I can now hang upside down in the rings again o/ It's a good life isn't it? that's why I feel awful about feeling awful. Yeah... but hey, now we have time to do a full re-read before it comes out? x)
  3. Because there is so much free stuff out there?
  4. Whew indeed! Sounds quite nice tbh
  5. So tempting about pistols; you could also try elevating your heel a bit, like in weightlifting shoes.
  6. 10km a day? wow! I was browsing a bit and the journaling caught my eye.. are you doing it to feel better?
  7. I linked you ours, my brother made it.. it's a very simple setup, but very effective. I'm sure my brother will let you have the code, but he said it's really ugly, just something he threw together and patched up over the years.. you'd only need to change the hours a bit I think, should be easy enough to figure out?
  8. This week saw double the case numbers from last week 😕 and as people come back from vacation any contact tracing is going to be an absolute nightmare..
  9. KB Girl

    Bulking h3r0

    that's not bad for a bad night, big benefit of going to bed on time.
  10. http://jencomas.com/dumbbell-domination-workout-program/ Maybe? I haven't seen the program.. but Jen Comas is really awesome so it must also be awesome. And glad you found a place. It's never good to be separated from your babies.
  11. What's with all these high rep squats?! nice lifting!