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  1. Just dropping this here for those who know about the email story; https://www.instagram.com/p/CNFgM3AhVu1/?igshid=x8gskbvwhehg That comic is genius in general.
  2. Thanks a whole bunch! ❤️ I know! I'll just really miss you guys! That's a comfort, thank you Thank you ❤️ Oh good, like warm blankets, I look forward to being back already Thank you!
  3. I don't think I'll participate in this new challenge.. I just don't have a lot of free time right now.. a challenge might still be good for me, but I just feel really bad when I can't keep up with other threads and I don't want this feeling of guilt and mostly just the upset at missing out- even just this decision playing in my head to not catch up on everything I missed and not keep up during the next challenge kinda makes me sick because I don't want to miss everyone I want to know how you're all doing... but .. I need to survive this little transition period at work and go to bed on time..
  4. Ah no I was thinking about the German one, Merkel? she seems alright... but I don't follow that closely, so I dunno really. Thanks a lot for trying, really. I do just wish for more than just surviving you know. it's a mom thing maybe Thanks! a vote against the extremist nutters is definitely good.. just.. egh. Very unhappy, our bike riding PM is getting another go at it and tbh besides that the bike riding is kinda charming he kinda sucks. But 2% of the population voted for a party that want to take away women's right to vote. 5
  5. Am I though? I just know how to do the sport really well and I'm a pretty good strength trainer, but all these fancy kettlebell exercises I just don't quite get.. @zeroh13 for helping improve stability in the shoulder (I do these especially with hypermobile people) I'd do bottom up kettlebell overhead press, if your weight allows. Just regular overhead press if it doesn't. Focus on keeping your underarm as vertical as possible and then on lifting your elbow straight up, that should help with the shoulder path. The link you gave for your program wanted my email adres before I could take a
  6. Ohh.. I'm not sure about this.. it feels like a huge loss to be honest.. I just can't wrap my head around half the population voting for VVD, PVV and FvD.. it's.. depressing. my face is too round for it unfortunately, because I completely agree that it looks very badass! it's not the abundance that's stressing me out to be honest, it's just.. elections are always hard? I kind of like your prime minister though, from a distance. The kids are doing better! Now just Jaap and me left (I got sick too this morning). Nazis, racists, sexists... x)
  7. Tenacity is a very good super power to have, especially for weight management things.
  8. I'm confused? I thought everybody hated working from home? About the workouts, you've got adjustable dumbells right? can you just leave them at one weight and then plan a short/simple workout that uses just this one weight?
  9. My sympathies for the sneezing and the schedule changes, even if it's alright in the end, the adjustment period is never all that fun, especially with kids. Glad you had such a good refreshing vacation though
  10. I want to help think- what is it about the db's that it seems like a hassle to set up? also it is very relatable, sometimes I just can't be bothered to switch shoes or even to get plates on a barbell.. it is very good to have other options.
  11. Ahum so I got a bit snowed under with.. things! My glasses broke, which is.. very inconvenient! Our lockdown rules changed twice, so we re-arranged our entire work situation/schedule... twice! (have I mentioned I really dislike change?) The kids got sick - they're fine- it just means that parents get very very very little sleep. Then Jaap got sick (turns out immune systems need sleep also?) On top of that it is election week and I have been trying to figure out which of the 33 party's I should vote for and it is a complete giant pain in the butt. Sometimes t
  12. Hehe, I'm not sure? I have no idea. What is even hair? Maybe I should shave. Thanks for checking! See below..
  13. I have a very mild peanut allergy, which normally hardly bothers me, I might rub my eyes a couple times.. but when it’s hay fever season and I eat peanut butter it’s... unpleasant
  14. That seems smart! hope you'll feel better tomorrow. And I guess it's totally worth it
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