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  1. KB Girl

    Elastigirl : Pixie Ranger

    I don't quite understand the difference between decluttering or purging? Is it just that purging = more? Can't say I have read the whole book yet, but from the series I got the impression that she leaves it up to the person to decide how much to keep, as long as it's all sparkly with joy. So not necessarily minimalistic?
  2. KB Girl

    KB Girl and all the curls

    Thank you! Ah I might have an above average understanding, but I can't even lift the kettlebells that elite athletes would lift, so.. no and I don't train like an elite athlete either. I do make people train like elite athletes, so maybe I can be an elite athlete coach. That'd be nice. Ohhh I think the WH breathing you've been doing will definitely contribute to surviving your climb! The other adaptations are things like increased respiratory rate, increased blood pressure.. and I think even the permeability of the lung tissue increases. You'll basically be hyperventilating the entire time, so it's good you've sort of become used to that feeling. I'm not sure the performance of the mitochondria is improved by hypoxic stress.. just for example take a look at this publication; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24674976 Having said that, for performance, especially in KB sport, someone with a lower VO2 max can actually win the competition just by moving more efficiently. More efficiently down to a cellular level, relaxing more, and simply using less energy. That's why I perform reasonably well despite having a low training volume and terrible endurance.
  3. KB Girl

    KB Girl and all the curls

    Adaptation is definitely a very real thing! But this is mostly just because jerks is 95% legs and pushups requires quite a bit of arm/shoulder strength, which you have and I apparently don't xD Oh and let's not forget our weight difference, bodyweight definitely helps with doing those jerks. Ok last update was Tuesday and it's already Monday.. time flies. Highlights; - Did my P1 work on Wednesday and Friday. Had a good kettlebell training on Thursday and a real proper rest on Saturday because.. I had a small local competition on Sunday. - I competed in biathlon (10:00 jerk + 10:00 snatch). I did 135 jerks with 2x12kg in 9:00 minutes, because I was on the platform with someone I coach and I wanted to watch her last minute.. and then I did 158 snatches also with a 12kg bell. Both are huge PRs because it's been almost 6 months since I competed with 12's Definitely happy I finally seem to be making progress in snatch. - A friend from Germany stayed over for 2 days and went to the competition with me. It was nice to have her around, she's really nice and we have a lot to chat about. She also doesn't mind my crazy family so we had dinner at my moms on Saturday. It did mean not so much down time for me (which is tiring for an introvert) and throwing me off my routine. And it meant an epic cleaning session of the spare bedroom/clothes closet room the day before she came. And by epic I mean HOURS spend cleaning.
  4. KB Girl

    Thug Life: China Style [WhiteGhost]

    Also thoughts and feelings don't decide who or what you are.. it's what you do that really matters. Bit random.. but I think that we're really all essentially selfish- which is fine as long as you define the self as you + the people you love "+ your environment (including all the other people). You can do this :*
  5. KB Girl

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    Definitely stalking your acro teacher I like how she has serious legs/booty. Awesome Glad it's coming back properly now AND you get to use your flexy.
  6. KB Girl

    Elastigirl : Pixie Ranger

    I'd be interested Also I hear what you're saying about the Kondo method vs Flylady.. however.... who has 6 months to dedicate? How do you envision that for your house?
  7. KB Girl

    Puzzle time

    Sympathy and lols xD Congrats on the handstand PR! You don't quite realise how long that is until you watch the video
  8. KB Girl

    Fonzico's 12 Week Challenge: Part One of Three

    That convo with your husband, soooo familiar xD Also.. I wish I worked with you, that sounds really good.
  9. KB Girl

    Norgaard: 60% of the time It works every time

    Congratulations! End of an era. You can cook too? Damn.
  10. KB Girl

    KB Girl and all the curls

    Yea these little packets She's getting big already, but my sister just had a baby and she did the same after I send her the picture and it was even more adorable <3 My shoulder was bothering me! Good memory! But it's mostly okay now. I can't do the pushups because I'm honestly too weak right now x) I'm optimistic yea I can imagine caffeine jitters + fatigue is not inductive to good handstand sessions.. but imagining is all it is, the only caffeine I get is from tea normally. Nope- just some in tea. I wasn't a big coffee drinker anyway and completely quiet all caffeine when I was pregnant and while breastfeeding. Aren't you ever tempted to have some caffeine before other training times then? Yea, it is and it really is I do enjoy it, the whole community gets together. So many people help out with running things, it's amazing- and then getting to meet new people and see everyone again, it's great! It's a interesting suggestion/question.. I'm assuming the biggest part of why not everyone does it, is that it hasn't been researched very well yet. Elite athletes tend not to experiment on themselves. (btw it's really nice of you to put me in that category but I'm so so so far away from that!) That very fit people get altitude sickness doesn't really tell you that they don't have an increased amount of red blood cells. Endurance training at normal altitudes does in fact increase the production of EPO and red blood cells. But that alone does not protect from altitude sickness, meaning if you wanted to climb a mountain you couldn't prevent altitude sickness just by injecting EPO during the weeks before. Ofcourse that doesn't mean that mild hypoxia might not still be useful for endurance athletes, many of them do altitude training after all.. but it's hard to say wether the Wim Hof breathing will have the same effect. Another factor to consider is that training time is limited and time not spend training should ideally be spend with the parasympathetic nervous system more active. Practicing WH breathing during down time would mess with that. There is definitely a difference between running/cycling and KB sport... there is a limited amount of research done on KB sport, so we mostly go by the research done on rowers. Rowing time is about 6-7 minutes at the elite level, which is comparable to our 10 minutes. Some research done on elite KB athletes also shows that it's around 7-8 minutes that the anearobic system starts to take over more and more. For rowers altitude training is not beneficial because it does not increase their VO2 max, which is the most important factor in sprint sports. So you might have more oxygen available, but if you can't use it then it's.. well.. useless. Having said that, they all do secretly take EPO... so I think it's not that the altitude isn't beneficial at all, but that actually spending the time training (as you suggested) is more beneficial. So that might go for breathing techniques too? I don't know. I wouldn't personally want to mess with it because of the recovery aspect from the parasympathetic nervous system I mentioned above. In fact, they teach a different breathing technique to a lot of elite athletes now, which basically puts your body into the parasympathetic nervous system, as a lot of athletes are a bit high strung and have trouble with the relaxing part. And yes, that breathing is basically opposite of the WH method, you breath out, "hold" that for a bit before you breath back in. Also fun fact, Wim Hof is dutch, just like me
  11. KB Girl

    Elastigirl : Pixie Ranger

    Oh that sounds like a great idea, a year is such a crazy time frame.. it seems so long but it also flies by so fast. Will you share highlights as you read? Love the comparison to these challenges by the way.
  12. KB Girl

    Raptron: Winds of Change

    Yes, yes so many yesses! Dooo iiit!
  13. KB Girl

    Raptron: Winds of Change

    YES! I was chalking up the other day and very tempted to bath in the stuff just to send you a picture xD Very happy you're enjoying this so much
  14. KB Girl

    Thug Life: China Style [WhiteGhost]

    Fascinating indeed Thanks for sharing! Can you still speak Russian and Korean?
  15. KB Girl

    Puzzle time

    Elbows are such sensitive little critters.. erm, joints. You mentioned feeling it in your right very briefly and linking it to hand position? it might also be that you're pushing through your shoulders more efficiently with your right and that that's protecting that elbow. You can try focusing on pushing out the left shoulder more. You can also test it if that might be the issue by having someone place their hands tightly just above your left bicep and then see if that makes the pain disappear (or reduce significantly), if it does then it's a shoulder thing and not actually the elbow. Hm that's interesting that they do... I thought that would fit with the lesser status of women to take the man's name- sort of an ownership thing? Online.. on the government website you can log in with a special code and then arrange all sorts of things.. so you just login, fill out a form claiming the child, then the mother logs in and confirms this and voila, done. No e-judges though, so if there is any kind of dispute then it'll be a very different story.