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  1. Well not exactly... it's really not your fault you're dealing with all this crap!
  2. Ah I also kinda enjoyed the question phase my youngest will probably hit it in a 6-12 months. What kind of things is she asking? That probably makes a bit of a difference. But I always liked looking things up together if I didn't know the answer.
  3. Sounds like a good event, this festival You don't like walking in the dark? I kinda enjoy it.
  4. Sunday was work (by bike) and then cleaning and removing lamps/curtains etc at the old house until late at night. Got mcdonalds for me and my mom who came to help, I don't know why I can't seem to remember that its always a waste of money, blergh. Give me a year or so and I'll have forgotten that and somehow think it's a good idea to go get some. Ugh. Today, Monday, I spend with the kids at home doing all the chores and unpacking stuff while Jaap was at the old house. Made two trips with the kids in the bike through the rain. We also made apple turnovers. I had to google the English name for those and then didn't trust the result, because.. apple turnovers, really? x)
  5. Their ability to focus is probably even more important than how coordinated they are. But I'd say under heavy supervision 3-4 years old. That's when I let Emma use kitchen knives. I think she was almost 5 when she got her pocket knife for sharpening sticks etc that she gets to use with less supervision, but it's a special kid version, less sharp. She can use the smallest knives now without supervision and she has recently started to use the stove by herself.
  6. You're a good dog-mom. Sick dogs are worse than sick kids in my experience. Ofcourse kids are sick much more frequently and have a million other things going on, but still. Glad you don't have to do this alone and hooray for naps
  7. Sapiens, but you've probably read that.. I just got 'tough' from catalyst athletics guy, havent read it yet but am intrigued.
  8. Same.. the sets are really pretty at least. My sympathies.. probably a good idea to just go and make an appointment to get it checked, in my experience more rest is almost never the answer.
  9. That does not sound fun! well, except the hike. Hope you feel back to normal soon.
  10. A universal problem I have it with bench too. Good call! I think that’s always worthwhile. I like this balancy flow thing from Jen Comas (from girls gone strong), I make people do it as part of the warmup.. goes from a raised knee to an airplane pose to a deep reverse lunge and back.
  11. That’s a very important factor for achieving that consistency id say Also 32,5 for reps at your weight is not so bad, definitely above average, great re-starting point.
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