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  1. So cute and oh man.. play dates.. horror. Maybe you learn something that will help you connect with moms at your new place too 🤷‍♀️
  2. Absolutely. Especially the lats. It’s awesome that you can do real pushups at all, never mind having to drop back a progression to finish out your sets.
  3. Sunday Jaap had to take over my classes because I hadn’t gotten the test results back yet. I’m not sure I’m sick anylonger, I do still feel awful but that might be the sleep deprivation. in the morning Emma and I played some yoshi’s world on the Super Nintendo, she finished a level by herself, which was cool. We also made chocolate chip cookies. They tasted delicious but were a bit flat, I’m guessing it’s the fake butter.. I’ve frozen the remaining dough to see if that helps. Made falafel for dinner, which turned out a bit too garlicky. Bummer. The baby still has trouble breathing through her nose and refused to drink all day. I ended up spoon feeding her milk 🤷‍♀️ She seemed happy about that and she’s sleeping now. Story time
  4. Thank you for the story I’m glad you’re doing a bit better. The food bowl.. that was a killer for me too.
  5. Running? Oh man. I suppose I’ll support anything that makes you feel better
  6. It does really sound like the after effects of Covid.. I hope you feel better soon!
  7. Awesome challenge setup and it seems smart/effective too! Especially the action one, good reminder: wish we could hug you all better. I hear that’s good for brain chemicals too.
  8. Don’t worry about it productivity is great!
  9. Friday I had a little bit of energy, folded quite a bit of laundry, dusted the big bedroom and tackled the mess in Emma’s room. Vacuumed the entire house, we have a cordless vacuum, it’s brilliant. Crashed after that, had a nap with the baby, Jaap made dinner, it was good. Fell down a rabbit hole of watching houses on the market, couldn’t sleep after.. by the time I could the baby was awake.. so... Saturday was an awful day, luckily my work appointments were all cancelled anyway due to being sick/ awaiting text results. And the 3yo was at my moms as she is every Saturday. So I kept the baby alive. She bit me with her brand new set of front teeth, which hurt really bad and then she wouldn’t drink (probably because of the stuffed nose) and I was ugly hysterical crying when Jaap got home from work. Poor Jaap. He took the baby to my moms for dinner and I had a two hour nap. That made me feel like I could probably handle another night of waking every hour or so. Pray for me Its a good thing I said 5 days of story time, so I can skip today also.. tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.
  10. Regal Sidekick must have been a very smart cat too. Jaap had a cat, Can’t say I ever noticed any training. But she was already 18 years old when we moved in together so I didn’t know her very long. When she passed away it was the first time I saw Jaap cry, he was completely heartbroken. (Dunno if this is an awkward place to ask how you’re doing?) we’ve never really celebrated Sinterklaas, my mom is not dutch so it wasn’t a big deal for us anyway and my baby sisters birthday is December 5th.. but Jaap had some good memories of it I think. Maybe we should try this year. Emma might enjoy. Maar dan zonder zwarte piet he. Some things are worth repeating. You can climb on a soapbox anytime! Thank you. that would be nice, thank you! Very adorable ❤️
  11. I know how you feel, I'm really glad you still seem to be enjoying her regardless ❤️ it will get better! it will also probably get worse again.. but you can do this, you're really strong! it's awesome that Wolvie takes after you The last two weeks we've been struggling with teeth and a stuffed nose, so my sleep has also been patch work.. when I wake up again and again this night I'll think of you and we'll have some distant solidarity x) who knows, maybe it'll make it a tiny bit better. https://www.instagram.com/p/B80PwpuHvKG/
  12. Ah you have my solidarity and sympathy.. I also felt that big hurdle and a healthy portion of fear before going for a second pregnancy and I definitely didn't even have your traumatic near death experience, just a very rough first year. I can't imagine what it must be like to put that against your wish for a second child. Have you ever talked with someone about your experience?
  13. Ohhh making your own lasagna noodles is cool did you notice a big taste difference?
  14. Like a saving money motivation kind of thing? I'd be in for that.
  15. Thanks for the recipe! and glad you liked the tea it really suits the current weather hm.