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  1. Went on a little hike yesterday, it was nice fall-y with lots of mushrooms everywhere. Today I got to sleep in (for the first time in weeeeeeks), which always helps with brain things. I did a bunch of squats and pull-ups and pushups and deadlifts and lunges and kb snatches, which also helps with brain things. Found out yesterday one of my athletes is pregnant, which probably changes our plans for the upcoming competition a bit. She'll be 17 weeks along at that point. She can and probably still wants to compete. It's safe, I did several competitions myself during my own pregna
  2. Thank you, you said that at a very welcome time. Oh and it reminds me, have you read any of the stormlight archive? I think you'd really appreciate some of the character development. Oh yes I don't know if it's just because of the little kids or if the lack of sleep ruins our immune system, but pfff. Coming back asap is also something to celebrate Yes, exactly! Thank you! I make tea from tea leaves but those stay in the pot so I can't read any divine messages in them.
  3. This sounds nice a very fall activity. And this is just ❤️ I'm glad Little Bit was fine and I hope Sra. Tanque doesn't feel too bad. These things happen but as parent you just feel so awful even if it's all fine in the end. If it helps we can all tell her stories of the things that happened to our kids on our watch? x)
  4. And then two weeks passed by.. there was not enough sleep and a cold and a hurting thumb and shark week and not enough training and I kinda slipped back into depressing thought patterns.. it's so annoying to have to crawl out of a hole like this every couple of weeks! but I suppose staying in the hole is not great either. I did some token snatches just now and then came here to tell myself it is officially time to get back up. Things that help; - When Sophie (1,5yo) goes to sleep we stay with her until she falls asleep and lately she requests hugs by saying 'come' and then p
  5. Hope you don't get tired of hearing this, but I love reading these things. Putting real effort into communicating, not underestimating her ability to understand things- thats gold. It should be normal, but it isn't. Repeating it back to you was cute but also a really great sign
  6. Monday morning was spend leisurely- I hadn't slept very well, thoughts going a million miles a minute and Sophie woke up several times and then I didn't fall back asleep as easily as I normally do. Frustrating. No time to dwell on it though because I had back to back appointments and classes the whole afternoon and evening. Got home by 10 and still had to eat so obviously didn't make my 1030 bed time. Unfortunately had trouble falling asleep again. (and thanks to Sophie again and again) So Tuesday morning I had planned to do a kettlebell training session but I simply cannot do car
  7. Amen. As much as possible at least! There is also a clean and jerk (we call it longcycle) to compete in, but I don't usually do that. I prefer just jerks it's a little bit heavier but also a little bit less cardio-y. But yea- that's why I don't train much when I'm tired or challenged in other ways. When strength training I can just re-use the bra the next day, but this strength cardio makes me sweat in all the places x) Tak! The competition is in Falun, we'll probably fly to Stockholm and take a train from there. Hey, good to see you
  8. You look great Playing all the board games sounds really good.
  9. That makes sense with getting back to work and everything, I hope it's a good thing. Have a nice break!
  10. That's a great idea! I'm interested to see how it goes. Do you have plenty of projects?
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