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  1. KB Girl

    Mad Hatter navigates the event horizon

    I don't know, so far any steps I've made towards being a little bit more compassionate towards self has only yielded more productivity or adulting or energy etc.. Jorden Peterson said something interesting about things like bipolar / anxiety disorder etc.. he said that everyone has the capacity for those things and when pushed enough by life then we will stretch and the weakest point will give. I thought that was very very interesting/useful. Not sure how it's useful yet exactly, but it feels useful to me. A short one then this time; do 1 rep with 45kg, rest and then do 2 reps, rest and then do 3 reps. Repeat that pattern with 50kg and 55kg at least- and if you feel awesome try 60kg.
  2. KB Girl

    KB Girl keeps a journal

    I'm honestly glad to know I'm not the only one! Back when I was 15-16 (omg that's half my life ago) I used to stay over at my best friend for the weekend and we'd just play Zelda (ocarina of time) non stop, only breaks to buy chocolate. A weekend for gaming or binge watching sounds pretty nice now too. Ok now a proper update.. even though the challenge is already almost over.. x) The only thing that really went well was my training, the overall volume was really high. I'm thinking maybe it has to do with taking the pressure of of pushing the kettlebell work. I still did quite a bit of KB work, but just only when I felt like it. So mostly I did lots and lots of squats And rowing ofcourse. This last week was a bit less, even though I had finished watching travellers, but the heat/hayfever is really bothering me and I let it because I have a competition tomorrow. I didn't plan to rest before this comp, but ehh, I don't feel too bad about it either. I hardly watched any of my course videos, which I feel rather bad about.. So that'll likely stay as a goal for next challenge. Is anyone interested in the bullet journal stuff? in that case I'll try to do a little reflection + video on that to properly close this challenge. Let me know.
  3. KB Girl

    Press to handstand cont.

    Very interesting to read the bit under the spoiler, thanks for sharing! It's funny/cool how adaptable we are and how good we (humans) can get at reading cues and signals and assessing a situation. Glad you're starting to enjoy the commute quality of the bike makes a lot of difference, but also probably you've been trained up quite a bit by now!
  4. KB Girl

    Elastigirl :The Joy Continues

    Sorry I'm very late, but happy birthday Sounds like you celebrated properly- and isn't it nice to be able to have your cake and eat it and then just scale back a bit the following days? Awesome and lovely! Wish you many more of those days.
  5. KB Girl

    Mad Hatter navigates the event horizon

    Constantly impressed with the smart/thoughtful things people here have to say Mostly I'd echo what Mu said and then add that for me it really helped to realise that not having shit together is practically the norm.. imposter syndrome is not just doubting your own abilities but also very much overestimating everyone elses. And even when I realise that other people are just as messed up, maybe also dealing with highs and lows or waves as you call them, I still would have higher expectations of myself.. so expectation management. And accepting small improvements and occasional set backs. Which is what this is, just a set back in your acceptance of the waves. And self compassion :* 1. it's pretty cool that you have colleagues who tell you to go lift stuff 2. I think I'm innocent, I blame the rough day. I think you should reconsider the friends thing! 3. Do you want another? x)
  6. KB Girl

    Raptron Coasts

    Wauw! a whole lot of them! Your quads look AWESOME. Glad you had something to make up for the sucky squat day You can go a lot of different ways but I'd recommend trying a basic flip first. A simple somersaulting bell or a horizontal flip (the handle being horizontal) are probably easiest.. and ehm.. resist the urge to do the hip forward thing, that makes it impossible. it's a squatty swing, not a hinge-y swing. Sorry I was late replying to this! I'll just leave this video here, Sergey Rudnev was a kettlebell sport world championship several times over in his day, but this performance is mostly hirlarious. Especially the leg in the air at the very end.
  7. KB Girl

    KB Girl keeps a journal

    Sorry for disappearing for a bit.. I watched travellers on Netflix. Literally every spare moment and lots of moments I should have been sleeping. Normally I don't allow myself to watch anything because.. well, this happens. I have a far too addictive personality. I'll go catch up with everybody and then do a proper update.
  8. KB Girl

    KB Girl keeps a journal

    This challenge is all about.... life after the kettlebell sport world championship. So while I'll be talking about that a lot, the main thing I want to do during this challenge is enjoying the freedom of not having an important competition to prep for! That means it's time to do some serious strength training AND lots of play I'm choosing a journaling theme because I want to reflect, practice my writing, practice sharing AND I'm just really enjoying my bullet journal.. it's been a bit life changing, so I want to share about that a bit too perhaps. Goals: 1. Journaling reflect on experiences at and leading up to this worlds share things about / from my bullet journal and why it's so good for me 2. Training keep track plan (and lift) a serious strength training cycle do something playful/different every week, chase some skills or other shinies (suggestions for this are VERY welcome!) 3. Finish my online course While it's all very interesting the video's I have to watch are SOOO dry and I already know a lot of this stuff which makes it really hard to concentrate and to find the motivation for it- but I want to finish this within this challenge.
  9. KB Girl

    Shit Warriors Eat

    Distracting myself from being hangry by looking at food pics... Good idea? Probably not x) Contributing with my favorite steak & cheese sandwhich;
  10. KB Girl

    For The Glory of Asgard - The Warrior Competition Calendar

    Not sure if this has a place here, but just in case anyone is nearby and/or interested. Qualification is in 2 weeks, but I will be there, competing or not. Dates: November 26th - 29th Name: IUKL World Kettlebell Championships Sport: Kettlebell Lifting* Place: Dublin, Ireland *For those who have never heard of it, some footage from last year's worlds; (That's 2x32kg they're lifting, the winner of this weight class did 162 jerks in 10 minutes, that's 10368kg.)