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  1. KB Girl

    Tobbe Becomes a Yogi

    Despite the stressful passport situation you sound like you're handling it very well and enjoying yourself too! Glad your family likes the resort. You'll be staying there for a while?
  2. It's really great to see you just move! such a great reminder to just play around with it too.. I sometimes don't want to because I can't do all the cool things that some at the gym can do, and I really shouldn't let that stop me. oh I didn't realise there was a season 2! we have quite a while to go with season 1 (I think we're in may or June). Hope you enjoy it together
  3. I'm slightly curious too! But mostly glad you got some sleep Hope you got some time with the bells. you can definitely maintain, that's worth a lot too.
  4. Smart, very smart! That's what I was thinking when I read it- this sounds way more sustainable and workable hope it goes well.
  5. The kiddo cheerleading gym () sounds really great, glad you had a good teacher and got lots of attention! Glad the tweak was only minor. sounds like a solid plan really... maybe the good vibes list is misleading, but it seems like it's working out alright.
  6. Sounds good What kind of gym do you go to?
  7. Hope you found something that was distracting enough.. nothing as awful as continuous pain
  8. Not going to comment on the first bit- that shit is just offensive and I see it happening a lot with a friend of mine too. With toddlers.. I don't know, I don't want my 3 year old out of my sight and she doesn't want to be out of my sight either. But that's something I know so it's something that can be taken into account, right? Mine isn't generally very loud, but she does ask for attention- so if I'm visiting I'll bring something for her to do or I try to have adult conversations while out in the woods for example or you know.. without the kid around
  9. Update Tuesday - Saturday Let's see.. I lifted things on Tuesday and Thursday, just low volume consistency work. On Saturday we had our annual powerlifting meet (not a competition) and I joined in for the deadlift, because a) deadlifts and b) there is just something about a room full of people setting PRs that makes you want to join in on the fun. I did 75kg - 92,5kg - 100kg. Which... kind of surprised me considering that it was with an overhand grip and didn't feel very hard... and my in-between pregnancies PR that I set right before getting pregnant again was 110 😕 ofc I'm heavier, but that doesn't quite explain that, does it? Pretending to be an adult is going a little better again.. the hormones are definitely influencing me here, I really want things to be.. sort of orderly and have their place and be somewhat clean, far more so than usual. I haven't had any more panic attacks, probably because we're done with the painting and I actually have space to sort through laundry again etc. Don't misunderstand- things are still a mess, I still need a floor in that room and the kitchen is a mess today and I'm not gonna do anything about that and I haven't vacuumed the other bedroom in at least 3 weeks, maybe more, etc etc etc... but we've stepped away from panic inducing things I have not sat down and written yet.. it's really interesting how hard this is for me! I'm actually a bit unlikely to find time for it tomorrow to complete the goal for this week.. but I'm going to try, and if not I'm definitely hoping to do it Monday so I can sort of pretend it's still part of week 2.
  10. Interesting! I haven't found it a problem to hang out with childless friends at all, maybe on the contrary even.. easier than those with kids. Even when you never comment on others parenting, just by choosing differently yourself it can already strain the relationship. And since we make quite a few 'unusual' choices I also find it rather difficult to deal with all the talking behind my back or the frankly insulting questions. Feel free! I actually really enjoy looking at other peoples bujo's so I can steal some ideas. I've been using the rolling weekly for a to do list lately and been enjoying it. I thought I'd find the restricted pre-decided space for my days to be annoying, but it kind of fits life right now. Yes! The trick for me is to make it very attractive to open it, and I've used different things for that - sometimes having boxes to tick will do that for me, or getting to write down every single tiny good thing I did, or writing down cute things my daughter did every night..
  11. That's what a parents smile looks like when their kid hits a sleep regression It sucks, but it's also kind of cool- she's growing! Hope she gets the hang of sleeping through these real soon. And in the meantime, cook her something extra delicious. And an extra hug. Or two.
  12. KB Girl

    Raptron Supreme

    Awesome PR! Hope you have lots of fun the next couple of days! Hitting a PR before going has to be a good sign.
  13. Did you like it? I think it's absolutely brilliant. Though I don't know what it's like with 2 players, we play with another couple, which does make it very infrequent.. but still very fun!
  14. Yikes! Hope you feel better soon. Self medicating with ice cream and whisky sounds perfectly reasonable. Also I don't tell people how much time I spend doing nothing when I tell them I own a gym