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  1. What I see in my gym a lot with db presses is that because of the ehh.. (*English is hard sometimes).. single arm thing.. ..okay.. barbells will put your shoulders in a certain place, with dumbbells they have more freedom to go all over the place (as you know), so cueing needs to be a bit different, more precise, more aimed at shoulder path. If you feel it during a DB press you could try cueing yourself with pressing your elbow out/up* instead of lifting the weight up- that usually results in a better shoulder position/movement- and then see if it feels better.
  2. Don't worry about it! it always remains an option, and half drafts work too These things also go in seasons- in the future you will have more space to be more intentional about some things. For now she's still so young and you're just building a foundation of lots of hugs and simple engagement and then some more hugs and you're doing great. Don't try harder, just try consistently, keep trying, get back up when you didn't do so great. You deserve credit for simply continuing to exist and doing things like these; That's excellent, way to thrive on a bad day!
  3. So proud of you! that shit is hard. It's late on Tuesday for me so I'm guessing it's too early for a reminder, but I'll just echo that feeling a little better is the exact right time to invest in things staying that way! Purposeful hugs, that's one of the things I track in my bujo and I've noticed that my anxiety and sadness is worse when we miss a couple days of those (or even have less of them, I'm trying to be spoiled with multiples a day). Touch is one of the basic human needs isn't it?
  4. Ohhh! So good to see you here! And doing better too stupid long covid. Why does it have to be so long? I think mine was more like 9 months, but we’ve got people at the gym still working on it after 2 years, pff.
  5. Ah excellent! I hope you see some progress soon glad you're liking it! I found those things you highlighted very interesting too, especially the reasons you do things... and that bit with the example of your parents- I feel like atomic habits touches on that as well, that you're much more likely to stick with your new habits if you have these important reasons behind them. One very slow one is basically the same time under tension/work as 3-5 more moderate reps.. but having said that, I have people do both- so I'll have them do really slow ones one training, then just sets of moderate ones, then another training have them simply do assisted for even more volume.. or sometime I have people do 1 really slow one and then see if they can do 1 or 2 moderate ones right after and then that counts as 1 set... play with it
  6. But then what is the point of baking?? Having people over sounds like the right time to have some more calories and enjoy wine/cupcakes. (but yes, throw out the frosting.. or freeze it maybe?)
  7. I like romantic drama, any fanfic recommendations? Great job on the running! whatever works for you right now. Honestly it sounds like an attractive way to do it, watching some tv. All the other habits look pretty green too
  8. Hope the weekend is treating you a little better! or at least affording you some recovery :X
  9. So as of today our lockdown ended- I had dreaded the process of lockdown reversal, last year it was, first groups of 4 outside, then 8, then inside but no groups, then 4 inside etcetcetc, drove me nuts.. so I was anticipating more of this misery! But! We just opened today. Just like that, for reals. I think I'm still in shock! But also pretty happy! I still dislike the change of schedule again but it really really helps that I can have some hope that this will be the last schedule change for a while (please let it be so!). So yes, happy. It was good to see everyone today. erm not much to report other than that, or I probably do, but I lost track.. oh! I did strength training on Thursday and I got my pushups back to sets of 5! did 4x5 Hadn't done that since halfway through the last pregnancy, so yay. And we got to see our little plot of land for our garden, it's good! I'll try to get a good photo next time I'm there.
  10. Yes I'm trying to keep it low pressure like not everything on the list needs to get done- just suggestions to get us going. thank you! I think he's pretty great! and we make a good team despite our fights every now and then. Flylady is all about kicking perfectionism in the butt. She says smart things like- when you're in the shower, just wipe down a wall, use your shampoo, make stuff easy! And habit forming is a thing, same routines every morning and evening.. not everything works for me (at the times I've tried to implement it) but I do keep coming back to her, for ehh.. ever since I lived on my own for the first time when I was 18, so that's.. almost 16 years x) He did, we did, thanks!
  11. Oh a landmine! Nice addition I love using them for adding rotation to things like OH press. That's excellent!
  12. The black with red looks amazing! And I feel you on the housing situation.. we're in the same boat..
  13. It's nice that you and Qbert can get lost in the same youtube vids together Well worth skipping the yoga for.
  14. It will come back super quickly! don't worry! This has been my experience too- though it's definitely getting better. It's just the lack of sleep and some of the leftover hormone mess.. it will also get better It's a lie! I'm pretty sure we're all just improvising and surviving. I've got some general direction and ideas in my head of what kind of parent I want to be and some major choices made (like homeschooling) but I'm still flying by the seat of my pants! And don't you have some of that stuff figured out too? Maybe it would help to write a list of things here, of things that you do, choices you've made? even if they don't feel like choices to you, that's the part that you've figured out. Oh and some of the stuff I've figured out and remembered from my parents is stuff that I don't want to do. Maybe you've got a bunch of that too.
  15. that's a lot of reps! good substitution though Are there also trainers to help you with that kind of thing?
  16. Monday morning was quite productive, sorted through some papers, did lots of laundry and read a bunch of books to the toddler. By the afternoon however I wasn’t feeling so hot.. I’m not really that sick, just a bit of a cold, but shark week also hit me and all I want to do really is sleep. So Monday afternoon Jaap took over my work hours (poor guy) and I just did the bare minimum I could get away with until it was kids bed time. Tuesday same thing really- got to sleep in, played some games with the kids, crashed on the couch while they watched Netflix and basically counted down the hours until kid bed time. Oh and I did feed them ofcourse, I marinated chicken thighs and we had those fried with a salad in a tortilla wrap. Im up now because tomorrow is Jaap’s birthday and the kids at least expect there to be wrapped gifts and ehh garlands? I made scones, his favourite baked good and I got him a book on permaculture.
  17. yes that’s what I’ve done before too! This time I’ve just divided up my house into 5 zones and then at the start of the week I’ll look around and think of what I’d most like to be done- so far it’s mostly declutter things, I imagine the kitchen and bathroom will have more deep cleaning.. but it’s going to be different each time a zone rolls around right? Oh and then I coloured it and hung it on my whiteboard because why not. yes thanks for the suggestion! I’ll get it for when I need some inspiration but I have realised that I need to be analog, it just works much better for me! And also for doing this with Jaap. also I don’t need an app making me feel guilty for not having washed my windows in 2 years Jaap is understanding yes! Also very sensitive to injustice but we do figure things out together. I feel really lucky. I did get the flylady app, but yea I need to stay analog.. so far I’m liking not having a standard task list, but just looking around what would be best for that week. Screw perfectionism!
  18. This is a real and increasing problem, I hear this a lot. And it's not for no reason. I'm sorry you have this too. Having said that, I am going to echo the rest; step away from the underpants. Find a new hobby! It's like constantly reading the news- not good for you young lady.
  19. Ah sounds like you've done everything in your power! Sorry your gym is so full of potentially infected New Years revolutionists. I hope you will soon be reunited with your barbells.
  20. This is great, I am enjoying this experiment And this is great too!
  21. Makes sense for crab though? I wouldn't worry overly much just like your thoracic mobility, these movements are quite self correcting in a way.. and not much chance of doing harm. Glad you had extra spoons today!
  22. Wish I was as good with words as you are Tank, then I'd do a better job of expressing this feeling I'm having- it's a mix of that I think you are very great and very wise and burnout or needing help does not detract from that in any way- and that I wish I could come over (regularly) and sit by the fire with you or cook a meal together or anything like that, as it does sound like part of what you need and it would be so nice to be able to do that. Oh and a great big hug if you'd have it. From my own recent experience I'd say this burnout thing comes in waves, waves of realisations and bits of help and bits of changes and.. This sounds like it's a big wave for you. And each wave bring you closer to feeling sand under your feet again. Though perhaps as you're on the ball with this thing you're constantly feeling sand under your toes at least and you just need to get back to having some surer footing. Lastly, for concreteness- any ideas on how to go about making IRL friends? I love how you're acting on this idea of a retreat and how you just went ahead and bought the book that was recommended
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