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  1. Especially the shading on the front of the deer is very good to my novice eyes! And that anatomy exercise is .. wow! Really, it’s really good. The muscle is very well done and the angle of his neck is excellent. Great pose!
  2. Deadlifts are the best! And yours are so pretty We should update the whiteboard with your numbers?
  3. Sunday Slept better but woke up feeling pretty meh, so wasn’t optimistic about my prospects for training and staying healthy. Started feeling better at work and after the last class @Waanie helped me get to my training by handing me a kettlebell it’s funny how these kinda days can turn out to be pretty good training days. It all went well. We celebrated Sinterklaas. It’s funny, even though we’ve gone shopping for gifts with Emma and we’ve told her from the start it’s all make believe she was still super wide-eyed and excited when Jaap knocked on the door and left the bag of presents there. I’m happy with this choice, it doesn’t seem to take away any of the magic and we don’t have any of the stress I hear other parents talking about.
  4. True thank you! It was! Thanks It looks a mess tbh, but the kids don’t care
  5. Yea it really is crazy, I read somewhere that our prices are the highest in Europe. Silly government is only doing silly things and not helping any. Hope that air bubble comes up soon
  6. Saturday We had a really rough night, really rough. At 2 o'clock in the morning we decided to just skip the morning swimming class so we could (try to) sleep a little longer. Then I had one appointment cancel and that meant just one 2 hour appointment left and I debated wether I really wanted to dump re-scheduling those two hours on future me, but I really really did so I cancelled that one. Jaap took the kids to my mom and went on to work and I stayed home. Had some plans, but really didn't end up doing much. I think it is very likely that shark week is coming up soon as I was feeling pretty low even considering the rough night. This meant I also skipped training. I will try to do it tomorrow if Jaap's tolerance allows. Watched NL vs USA with my brother and then all my siblings came over to my moms for dinner. I will now close the laptop and set up december in my bujo.
  7. Thanks maybe I do indeed. It's a first step at least! There are a lot of really cool advent calendars out there, like a lego one or building a Christmas city from paper one. Last year we did little Pokemon figurines for Emma that she still plays with frequently. From my own childhood I remember a picture one and a chocolate one.
  8. Thanks Ehm, I use the same structure but with more or less detail. For example if the goals are easier or not so set in stone time-wise or the person is very new then I just outline a micro/meso plan and skip the macro altogether. And for work that I'm doing a lot, for example the post partum women who do group classes, I mostly just go with what is in my head and don't even write everything down.. but as we're growing I've noticed that I do need to write more down- I have a whiteboard with peoples lifting numbers on them now, couple years ago we were small enough that I knew them all by heart (and my memory was probably better). And I only write outlines for the group class programming.., which I like because it leaves room for whatever I feel like doing or for adjusting to whomever shows up for class- but sometimes I think I ought to plan better, so I don't know. On the other hand for that kb athlete who won worlds there is a whole lot more detail, I have a much better grasp of what she can do and at what rate she will progress and there are many more factors to keep in mind. Beginner gains are so much easier than a very serious athlete with years under her belt. And there are some intermediate athletes for kettlebell sport, powerlifting and weightlifting that I plan for in more detail than this. Maybe I'll go into that detail for myself too eventually, but right now I'm really still in the data gathering beginner phase.
  9. Love the turtle! I'd be super pleased if I were able to draw like that, I hope you are too!
  10. This is wisdom! That's also how I recognise shark week coming up. It sucks. activity levels are probably on some sort of bell curve and these guys sound like they're 3 standard deviations away from the middle, and you're sitting at 2? And the middle is probably something like... I don't know actually, but most people don't make 10k steps or bike to work or exercise 3 times a week...
  11. Be happy you're not in the Netherlands, 'cause thats nothing.. my mother in law lives alone, doesn't cook, showers for exactly 3 minutes, doesn't heat her house over 16 degrees and she's paying 250euros a month. I'm thankful every day that we still have a contract with normal prices, otherwise with 2 kids we'd be broke in 3 months. My brother and his girlfriend pay 600 a month, they don't have kids..
  12. Beginner gains! Aw thanks! It is true, something just went "ok, training is now non-negotiable and top priority" and it's... I'm not going to say pleasant, because sometimes it just sucks, but it's calming. I want this. It's happening. And if it's top priority it can happen even when everything else goes to shit. And I get your feeling, I'm loving your renewed enthusiasm for training for you too
  13. Simply remove all alcohol from the house, so even in a moment of memory loss it simply won't happen?
  14. Bring only those training things you wouldn't mind losing forever if you decide to ditch them halfway through? Also if it's any consolation (it probably isn't) your friend likely didn't much enjoy the kids things either x)
  15. Friday Spend most of the day at work since I had to do a double shift. Did get my training in, which felt a bit heavy. We made the kids an advent calendar. On the first day they both got a little figurine of a sea creature, the second day was a note that said "coupon for playing game x with mom/dad" and they seemed equally happy. I appreciated that. Christmas tree:
  16. Thank you! Hunt, Gather, Parent. It's interesting so far Me too, so far so good! Ya I used to have that many unused ones too- ok I still have many unused ones. But the bullet journals I buy I do actually use Sleep and chocolate always help at least a little, basically foolproof. Thanks! I don't know though, since there are kids involved the outcome does matter quite a bit.
  17. That’s fantastic! Congratulations bit scary at first I’m sure, but very hopeful
  18. Oh!! Congratulations I can imagine your bullet journal will look completely different under those circumstances! One of the reasons I love the idea of bujo-ing is that maybe one day my kids will look through them and see the notes I made about being pregnant with them and birth and all the things they said and did and.. you know x) I’m curious though, which spreads were the most effective for you?
  19. It's starting to get there, but I won't make 300 minutes a week. I'd maybe average 30 minutes a day. Also those 100km a week are for the bike, not just me, about half of that is Jaap, so together with my regular bike I'm probably closer to 70-75. So if it helps with the judging, this is all new for me! And serious #goals. I don't know that many people who are that active.
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