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  1. That can have multiple causes, the most common being too little water or too much heat. Harvesting in the morning (because they’ve had a cooler night) seems to help. And it helps to get them as early as possible, the bigger they get the more bitterness. Also the bitterness seems to be worst at the stem, so cutting off a chunk at the stem and eating the rest can be an option maybe?
  2. Hey I've been taking an extended break from NF (too much going on) but I dropped by to do some lurking and figured I'd share some of my garden joys! Sometimes I take the time to make a harvest photo; I love these colourful beets and carrots! Me and the girls in the garden.
  3. Hey just dropping by to let you know I'm okay but haven't got spoons to update.
  4. You’ve done everything you can to prepare and keep yourself in top condition! Fingers and toes crossed for a good experience, will think of you. And happy birthday to your 4y old
  5. Happy sharing is much appreciated it all sounds very enjoyable!
  6. I can't sleep due to stress from my to do list, but I don't really regret spending half the day in the garden.
  7. I've been spending a lot of time in the gardens, things are starting to look promising but there is also so much still to do.. Took this picture today, already harvested three full bowls from these salads (just picking the outer leaves), they're doing so great ❤️ The chive flowers are cute and the snow peas also have a couple white flowers in there.
  8. You're really not doing nothing! You're doing pretty amazing Sorry pre-shark week is being a pain. And I must have forgotten to tell Jaap about the program, so I'm sorry for double deadlifts too 😕 I hope today was better and that you got to enjoy some more outside time!
  9. Week 2, day 6 Had work in the morning, did my training and vacuumed part of the gym. Then Jaap and I went to my friends garden where we stayed the whole afternoon. There was a lot to do, planting, sowing and putting up structures for beans to climb on. Jaap went to a bbq with friends, I had dinner with my mom and put the kids in bed after. In the evening we had a good productive conversation about how we've been dealing with some stuff and we talked about the kids and the gardens. Sorting photos: ✅ Making memories: 🟡 3yo 🟡 6yo - I didn't see them much today, but did my very best during dinner/bed time. Wannabe athlete: ✅ lifted bells today. Shifting gears: ✅ 16.7km So many things to be grateful for today. Friends, sun, all the green things, riding my bike, feeling connected, tears and hugs- but mostly I'm extremely grateful that my mom takes care of my kids two days a week so we can work and have some free time AND on Saturdays we have a standing invitation for dinner. Photo from 2019:
  10. Thank you ❤️ Always room for improvement though, I definitely should clean more often, for example x) Right? Does it ever work though.. I suppose I am, it somehow slipped into my daily updates here. Which is a good thing because I'm not using my bujo much at the moment and that's where I normally do it.
  11. Love the coffee bit And if you drive from Amsterdam you'll pretty much drive by my house, so if you feel the need to stop for a coffee just let me know That sounds excellent! Same here, it's crazy I sometimes stop doing it for days or even weeks.
  12. Witches! May not be monstrous creatures, but you know, the burning and drowning of witches may do. That sounds excellent
  13. Way to deal with the heat You were a hair stylist at some point yourself, right?
  14. So important! Besides that, you're also a very steady presence. I really appreciate that.
  15. A workout the day before the birth of your second baby sounds pretty badass.
  16. Last year we dumped a bunch of wildflower seeds in the back of our garden and we had a lot of flowers there. This year I actually really want flowers and I'm afraid that will somehow jinx it x) Are flower seeds generally fussy? Like carrots? I can't get carrots to sprout much at all.
  17. Double reward! Mana AND more space for plants
  18. Week 2, day 5 We had another homeschool meet in the morning. This is our biweekly one in the play-forest. The kids made treasure hunts for each other, lots of reading and writing practice. And lots of free play. In the afternoon my 6yo went to play with a school going friend and I cleaned up the backyard. Moved all my seedlings from the table to a stack of pallets so that we can eat outside if we like. Before my evening shift at work I got in a quick workout. My hand feels better now so hopefully tomorrow I can lift some bells. I ate a lot of junk food to unsuccessfully deal with all the stress factors, I regret that. Sorting photos: ✅ Making memories: ✅ 3yo ✅ 6yo Wannabe athlete: ✅ Shifting gears: ✅ 5.8km I am grateful that even on days I really don’t feel like going to work I will most often still enjoy the work once I’m there.
  19. It really was the more hours spend outside the better the day I am glad to accidentally help find that connection! My grandma says that in your great grandparents time they would have probably gone walking instead of cycling.
  20. Yea, same with other unacceptable behaviour like casual racism. Many don't even realise that is what they're doing.
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