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  1. http://s1349.photobucket.com/user/harrison20135/media/stomach_zps0936d783.jpg.html A link to my progress. Cant figure out how to post a photo to be honest.
  2. Down to 128 pounds finally. Only 3 pounds to go. Cleaned up what i was eating, and my boyfriend is participating so it has made it a lot easier. Although ive been sick a couple times out of the past month so not being able to eat helped lose a few pounds. Went back to moderate carbs, less than 100g of carbs or less for the day, usually less. No bread, rice or regular potatoes. Only the occasional sweet potato..and oatmeal the past two days...first 2 weeks were the hardest because im always hungry. Its easy now and my cravings arent bad. My boyfriends heartburn has gotten better actually. Ha
  3. Got rid of the myfitnesspal app on my phone. I'd rather Try to guesstimate what I've eaten. This will keep me from intentionally trying to restrict myself. Thankfully my boyfriend is starting to eat healthy again so it'll make it easier on me to avoid eating out. 1) I've had work and now I am studying for a test. I will try to make it to the gym. 2) I like my ears. Weird because I used to like to hide them..always wanted to wear my hair down because I was self conscious they were too large.
  4. I recognize the paranoia and restriction of what I am eating. Scared to over eat...worried that what i'm eating has too many calories..worried that i won't lose the weight..i already think about restricting the amount of carbs (not eliminating)..restricting sugar...restrict restrict restrict...restrict cheese (dense in calories and i have such a hard time putting a small amount that it's better if i cut it out..).. idk about myfitnesspal..it just adds to my wanting to restrict but i find myself attempting mental calculations if i dont use it.... at the same time half of me wants to not car
  5. I've used them to hold my house key while I go running, cash-almost like an atm.. and guilty of keeping spare change in them. sometimes ive taken showers and all of a sudden a quarter falls onto the floor
  6. I've started going back to the gym and working out again. Also I have begun meal prepping and started the process of eating less crappy foods. For right now i've begun using mytorturepal (myfitnesspal) just to track what im eating. once i've gotten closer to my goal weight im going to stop using myfitnesspal and use another method to track what i'm eating that won't focus on calories. Just a food journal will suffice. I am going to start birth control tomorrow, i'm slightly concerned i'll gain weight but I think I will be okay. The only time i've gained weight on birth control really was the
  7. My boobs hands down! I love having big boobs. I always have a place to hold my phone. I never look completely flat when im wearing a sports bra. A little bit of cleavage (I don't like letting my boobs fall out..only a little is needed) helps any outfit I'll be sad when they aren't so big...my goal is to lose 15 pounds which means my boobs won't be as large...
  8. Haven't really been on here in a long time. A little update: -no longer binging like crazy -pretty much lost my sweet tooth -haven't been working out like I should be. I'm not fat, but it would be nice to lose some weight. Although I would miss my boobs. I'm so attached to them. -the man that was my trigger is now my boyfriend. I actually opened up and told him how his rejection was a trigger and told him about my exercise and eating disorder. funny thing was he liked me the whole time, but had his own issues and body image problems he was dealing with. it all worked out and I coul
  9. My sister is due tomorrow, and we are all waiting for her to go into labor any day now. Seeing her pregnant freaks me out in some ways..the idea of getting stretch marks and gaining weight...it would give me a panic attack i think. I admit its vanity..she thinks its selfish that i wouldn't want to have kids because i don't want to have the physical changes. Went to the beach on tuesday with an old friend. We hadn't hung out in over a year. She asked me at one point if i had been working out and mentioned that my stomach has shrunk. That little comment has been eating at me..all i can think
  10. 1) I tanned earlier and read...probably will go for a walk in a little bit. 2) i like my lips.
  11. Looking good!! Awesome progress!! Keep it up
  12. I typically shower daily, however, I don't mind going a day without. I feel greasy and gross when I get to the second day and have to shower at that point.
  13. Okay so it has been a while since i have posted so lets see...update... The past couple weeks have been full of laziness..so i feel like a whale. I've been hovering around 140, give or take a few pounds. I know it's only 10 pounds but i feel like its the heaviest i have been in a while and i am not pleased about it. What pisses me off is that it automatically goes to my stomach...argh. Doesn't help i have eaten foods that are going to upset my stomach and cause me to be bloated. Last night i ate sweet potato fries with pumpkin dipping sauce...only problem is they are fried with flour battere
  14. 1) I went running today and did the stairs. 2) I like my height. Being 5'9" i'm a beast in heels, but i like that i can reach the top shelf.
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