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  1. Last 3 weeks was bit off for me. I had lost my determination and focus. But I don't consider this challenge as failed. This was a good start. I know I put a great effort. Challenge Report Wake up before 9 AM- 9 times Morning Walk- 10 times Sleep before 11 PM- 11 times Sign up for GoPro giveaway- 14 times Looking forward to next challenge
  2. Thank you for the support I'm back. After lost almost 5 days WEEK- 4 UPDATE Wake up before 9 AM- 3 out of 7 days Morning Walk- 3/7 No computer after 7 PM- 2/7 Sleep before 11 PM- 3/7 Sign up for GoPro giveaway- 5/7
  3. Messed up weekend :(

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    2. ShadowLion


      Success depends on one thing - Not how many times you fail, but how many times you pick yourself back up and continue on towards your goal. You can do it!

    3. JeffreyJames


      Thank you @jrickards & @ShadowLion

      I'm back

    4. ShadowLion


      Yay! You're back!

  4. I messed up everything Last 3 days I completely went back to old Jeffrey- to lazy mode. Nothing gone according to plan Today I woke up at 3 PM
  5. My first green smoothie- Not so yummy

    1. ShadowLion


      Ha! I don't care for green smoothies much, either. It can help if you add some fruit juices and/or water them down a bit.

  6. With my current condition I can't run even a 1 km. but this is definitely in my to do lists. May be with in 3-4 months. First i have to regain my strength and stamina
  7. Thank you Beaucastle Developing a routine that trigger my body and mind seems a good idea. Let me see what can I do.
  8. Thank you ShadowLion & Trolleybags WEEK- 3 UPDATE: Wake up before 9 AM- 4 out of 7 days Morning Walk- 4/7 Sleep before 11 PM- 4/7 Sign up for GoPro giveaway- 5/7 I'm improving. Last week I did 3 out of 7 days. This week 4 out of 7 and my next aim is 5 out of 7 This week I started tracking protein and calorie intake using my plate dashboard. Now I'm consuming 50 gram (approximate) protein a day. This coming week my aim is to hit 70g. End of this 6 week I have to hit 140g at least You can see last 3 days I'm consistently doing well. It is because, here, now we have heavy rain at evening because of that we didn't had electricity and because of that I'm not able to sit in front of computer so I slept very early.So this week I will not use computer after 7 PM and will go to bed around 9 PM and let us see how this is gong. And Yay!!! Now I'm a Level 1 rebel
  9. I just had a real MORNING walk :)

    1. ShadowLion


      Good for you! You are doing great!

    2. JeffreyJames
  10. Don't be sorry. We know your situation and we are glad you are doing well in the middle of all what you are going on Keep it up. Stay strong!
  11. We don't have any races like this here. May be I should do one myself alone
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