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    Resurgam Novena

    Ok so had to change up my game cause the old way wasn't working. I've been good at the veggies and ninja takeout goals. Fell off my am rituals, but today's a new moon so it's a good time to recommit. Five minutes on the bike wasn't happening. Oddly I switched up my depression/anxiety meds by taking everything at night instead of am pills and pm pills and I have way more energy in the mornings now, and since the meds are in my system already I don't have that panic attack in the mornings. So I'm doing Darebee's Zero Hero program which is great for people recovering from
  2. Novena

    Resurgam Novena

    Returning Rebel here. I think it was in Zaxxon that when you defeated an enemy, it would say Resurgam (enemy name). And it was a little disheartening to know I would meet him again somewhere down the road. Well I'm taking that power for myself. Since my darlin moved in with me my eating has gotten out of control and because of my muscle injury I'm prone to re injure myself, so I haven't stuck with an exercise program and I'm probably in the worst shape of my life. So I'm taking it back. But it has to be baby steps, and I have sucked at doing it in my own. The boy is willing and abl
  3. Novena


    Nove wasn't awake or anything. It's just her eyes had the strength to open, and then make some sense of the images before her. She had no strength for anything else. "Wha? Wrm I?" The two figures at her sides were pretty much dragging her towards an abandoned warehouse with art deco mouldings and gargoyles. "Morpheus wants to see you." Said the blurry shape to her right. "Ugh why. Suck at evrytng. Broken. Useless." "You asked for help." Said the shape to her left. There wasn't any memory of it. "Ugh - No willpower. Lost control." "It's overrated." Said th
  4. Interesting, the BF and I instituted walking and pilates a while ago, and while I know I lost 10 lbs, today I noticed I had to go in a row of hooks on the bra and that my spring hoodie fit looser. So it seems what works for me is to keep the eating clean, and just incorporate gentle stuff instead of worrying about going gung ho on the exercise - gentle transitions. Cause now I want to do the longer walk than before and I feel stronger, and maybe its the gentle progression that makes this seem without spending all my willpower. Oh well, we'll see.
  5. OK - so i've been gone for a while, and very much down, but never out. Main Quest - get stronger. Goal 1: Finish Zombies Run (bike) 5K. (3X a week) -- I've never gotten to finish this, and I have about six weeks of it left. So that works out fine. Goal 2: Pilates with the boi at least 5 days a week. -- I've gotten my bf interested in fitness. He's had back and nerve problems for ages, and I introduced Pilates to him, and he sees immediate results - working out means he has less pain.Unfortunately I've been skimping on those lately, and when I dont do it, its harder for him to do it. And
  6. Hai all, So the reason I havent responded is cause this week tanked. Due to weird miscalculations my bank account hit zero (severance ended at the end of december), I hadn't gotten in touch with unemployment cause their website was down and thier phone lines impossible to get through, and since I have an unpaid internship from home, I basically can work from bed. Yesterday I finally said - you know, I kind of have to use my legs, got around, got up and went out in the snow to the drugstore etc., started cleaning up the apt. Oh, had a couple of panic attacks too) So although I didnt do well
  7. Hi all, OK, so I've been down and out for the count for ages. Breakdown, job loss, career change, recovery and healing of physical and other injuries/illnesses, and figuring out a new life, since I literally can no longer live the old. New year new life. Let's go. Main Goal: To train for the Jurassic Park Run on May 23. Updated 1-14-14 OK, so what I've learned now is that Im going too fast. SO new goal (I know i keep tweaking these, but thats what exploration is FOR in the first place) And Im annoyed cause I went back here and put stats in everything and now its all gone 1. FI
  8. Probably someone has used this song already lol Was so happy to see the respawn board in this AM's facebook post, cause if anyone's in need of an Angel's Wing, its me. Last December 9, I had a massive breakdown. Six months past that has been me on disability. Six months up to now is me on severance. This is what happens when you very much ignore what the 'verse, common sense, and everything else tells you, and regardless of it all stay in a career which had already triggered a breakdown so bad the work counselor walked me to the hospital. So, to make a long story short (too late), I've
  9. OK, so its been a year of depression, breakdown, recovery and world-change. Unfortunately its also been a year of inactivity and takeout and medical issues. It looks impossible for me to get to anything resembling physical fitness. So why try? This is why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbKkkZNwmN4 First things first. Time to wiggle that big toe. Self-directed six week challenge ZR5K 3 times a week Beginners Parkour workout 3 times a week Log everything I eat *before* I eat it. The deal is, I can eat any damn thing I want. I just have to log it before I eat it. You'd be surp
  10. OK, so lets be honest, this is the reason I haven't wanted to do my stats. Weight Waist/Neck/Hips Body Fat % Lbs Fat Lbs Lean 191.6 35/14.5/41 36.9 70.8 120.8 I deliberatly erased the last recording I had here (taken sometime this summer) because I want this to be the start point. The point from which I measure. And because I;m pretty sure these stats have decreased from the beginning of September till the end. I work on a college campus. September is always awful, and stress behavior runs rampant. Its not my best month. October though has Hallowe
  11. OK, so I've been bad about tracking. Week 1: Iron: 3/4 Peaches: 3/5 Report: 3/5 Holes: 1/2 Week 2: Iron 2/4 (Due to injury - switching goal to 3 Iron and 3 Zombies Run 5K Peaches: 4/5 (and I lost two pounds!) Report: 3/5 Holes: 1/2 OK, so I can totally do better. But I think switching that goal will be OK>
  12. 1. Your Iron is your Guide: Dumbell Division, 4 day program. 3. Report what you find: Journaling progress with goals and results. For this mini-challenge I'll do my daily tracking on my challenge log.
  13. I wasn't actually going to structure the whole thing around Holes - I was looking for digging quotes and ended up watching the whole movie last night, and it all just kind of clicked. That and the soundtrack for that movie is really rather good.
  14. Done a lot of things that I'm not so proud of. Took a lot of turns, turned out wrong. That's a worn out song When last we saw our entrepid adventurer, she was trying to escape her tomb, the rut in which all her best motivations was hopelessly stuck. Unfortunately she got landslided by the job hunting challenge, which was too big a boss to beat. Letting go of my bad habits. Hangin on the hope for better times. I'll be fine. Now however, the next step is to recover the tools necessary to dig my way out of this hole I got myself into. You've got to go and dig those holes, with broken hand
  15. OK, so this is the short short version that I will make fancy and nice later, but I really just wanted to get my goals down before I lost it. When last we saw our entrepid adventurer, she was trying to escape her tomb, the rut in which all her best motivations was hopelessly stuck. Unfortunately she got landslided by the job hunting challenge, which was too big a boss to beat. Now however, the next step is to find a new way out. The tomb must be excavated, to recover the tools necessary to dig my way out of this hole I got myself into. Main Quest: OK, so the big main quest is to make a
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