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  1. When I decided to lose weight the first thing I did was go out and buy some sports bras. I'm not talking the ones that are really stiff and stop bounce, just one that is firm enough to hold you in place and has no wires. My bra size has always fluctuated and once you start changing your shape they will continue to do so until you stop changing and just maintain. I'm not a girly girl and really don't understand bra and cup sizes and shapes so I might just stay in sports bras forever after reading all the other comments
  2. I've been lectured by the family's women about how it is my job as a woman to have kids. Nope, my job as a woman is the same as if I were a man; live my life happy to the best of my ability, don't mess with other people or let them mess with me and deal with whatever is thrown my way as I live it. Having to deal with the monthly subscription to me is like getting junk mail when there's a "no junk" sticker on your letter box. It's there because something is making it happen and I can do all I want to stop it but unless you pull the damn letter box down it's still going to be there, and when you pull the box down you get an additional problem, ie where do they put your mail? Since I'm on the pill and skip cycles as often as I can, I won't have to deal for another 3 months or so (finished up last week) but then I have the worry of "if it's not happening every month, how will I know if I get pregnant". I can't take a week off work monthly just because I'm throwing up or (occasionally it does happen) passing out in public. I also refuse to ask for special treatment just because I'm a girl, hence the use of the cup so I'm not taking constant bathroom breaks and can get on with things as best I can.
  3. I feel ya. I've canned the chocolate by having a 1/2 tsp measuring spoon dipped in Nutella (chocolate spread) followed by an apple or a handful of almonds. I have actually asked the doc for the mess maker to go but got told no, because I am too young and might change my mind and decide I want children later on. I'm 27 this year and have no desire what-so-freaking-ever to have a child. If I do because of some crazy movie type brain injury, then I will adopt or get another dog!
  4. I'm on the pill because my cycles will knock me out for a week. Cramps so bad I puke and can't really eat anything of substance or it kicks up my gag reflex. I also used to get clots that were about the size of your pinkie fingernail and pretty solid. Since being on the pill I can workout while on the cycle but will reduce the workouts to a long walk with jogging intervals, occasionally stopping when a big cramp hits. The clots are about half the size and while still there it doesn't feel like I'm giving birth anymore. Other things that help greatly are epsom salt baths (one cup salts to your average bath size), extra fruit and less carbs so you don't get that heavy feeling so much, and even ginger tea.
  5. Go to an adult store(online or physical) and get a sex toy spray. Rinse the cup with water while using it and at the end of the few days you need it, spray with the cleaner, leave it sit for a min or two (as per instruction) and rinse clean then air dry. If you are REALLY concerned you could clean it nightly but I have found this unnecessary and I would be more concerned about messing with PH and cleaning products.
  6. Don't want to over share and turn you off trying it but.... If you use a bit of coconut oil as a lubricant, fold it over once and once inserted use a finger down the side to make sure it's covering your cervix. You will feel it if it's not "there" and all you have to do is slide it partially out and back until it's where it's supposed to be. I start using it when my stomach gets irritable, usually a day or two before and have never had any problems, just take it out and rinse twice a day as usual. Also if you are concerned about cleanliness, pick up an adult toy cleaning spray. Usually just a quick rinse, spray, sit it on some toilet paper for a minute or two and wash off with water, let it air dry and put it in a fabric pouch until next time (plastic causes mould and uckies).
  7. I'm a Mooner and have been for just over a year. I was having cramps so bad that I would throw up and started desperately looking online to see if there was any options other than pads and tampons. I'm in Australia, so the only places that you can buy a cup from are online and or overseas because they don't sell them here in stores or chemists. It took me 20 mins with some lube in the shower with a pair of scissors (to cut the stem thing off) but once if was IN it felt less obvious than a small tampon.
  8. It's an unfortunate part of working out in a public place when their usual company doesn't work out at all. If you are concerned about them getting up close and personal, carry a small canister of deodorant. Not as powerful as mace, nor as dangerous but if you whip that can up and spray at their eyes 1. it will still hurt but you wouldn't be legally required to provide medical aid (depending on where you are), 2. back spray will not hurt you as badly as it would if it was mace, and 3. they will think for about 3 seconds that it IS mace and will give you enough time to run.
  9. Congratulations and commiserations, I've got a family member going through the same thing at the moment but she only has a month left to go. My suggestion would be to drink watered down gatorade. By watering it down the taste will be less overpowering since drinking plain water is making you nauseous. Send a few emails out to supplement companies in your area and ask if they have any meal replacement options for pregnant women. If the full serve won't stay down, use half or less of milk and the rest water and if that is still too much then use half the powder and try to drink it a little more often.
  10. My name is AJ, I chose Ananke as my avatar as she was the greek goddess of compulsion, destiny and necessity. I am 26 and looking forward to a destination wedding/family holiday either the end of this year or early next and have gotten depressed at the lack of weight I have been losing. My goal weight is only 10kgs-ish away but it is more size that is frustrating me. I would not be concerned if I gained muscle weight but I feel like I am running stationary. I've lost 5kgs recently by cutting out sugars, most carbs and most alcohol but I've been stuck at the same weight for over a month. I did a 10 week boot camp three years ago and got to my goal weight but quickly piled the weight back on as I was still eating as if I was working out. After the boot camp I also suffered from major joint pain, I believe this was because we worked out twice a week for an hour and was high impact and quite punishing. Instead of gradually building up our fitness level it was an aggressive routine and the gist was keep up or go home.
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