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  1. Oh wow, I am so sweaty.

  2. What a beautiful day! Perfect for a nice workout.

    1. Ba'sini'on


      It's a no excuse day!

  3. Flexibility training yesterday was quite painful but who knew I was that flexible! I'm working on box splits and the other one and ultimately I want to be able to do the splits in at least 2 ways and also do a standing split.
  4. Just had an awesome 30 minute powerwalk instead of a bike ride. Covered in sweat and I have a rather bad stitch!

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Totally worth it though right? Hey, ya gonna update your challenge?

  5. Ok guys, I'm sorry for this. Cycling on your period. Yes or no? I'm fine working out on my period but I'm worried that cycling won't end too well.
  6. It's rest day today but I thought I'd tell you my current weights/kettlebell routine that I do on a Thursday. I use a 6kg kettlebell because it's all I can afford. 20 bicep curls (10 each arm) 20 shoulder presses (10 each arm) 20 bent over rows (again, 10 EA) 25 weighted sit-ups 25 weighted lunges 15 Goblet Squats *repeat* It's not much but it's ok.
  7. I do sitting RT, I'll check out those exercises!
  8. Rest day is here, hooray.

  9. I always assumed that curls are part of a lifting routine. And how would I do push ups with a kettle bell?
  10. So Wednesday is weights day in my new fitness plan. My current routine is as follows: 20 bicep curls (10 each arm) 20 shoulder presses (10 each arm) 20 bent over rows (again, 10 EA) 20 Russian Twists 15 Goblet Squats *repeat* All of this is done with a 6kg kettlebell because 1. I'm poor and that is all I have and 2. I'm weak and can't lift more than 6kg. So please help me out as that just isn't enough.
  11. I only planned for a short 15 minute walk in the sun, but I managed to get lost and have a nice 30 minute walk instead.

  12. Today is calisthenics and walking day so I thought I'd share my current calisthenics routine, it goes in an 'upper bod, core, lower bod' order. It's quite basic and is mainly just to build up my muscular strength to a level where I can move on to stuff like pull-ups and chin-ups. Okay, here's the routine: 10 regular press-ups 20 sit ups 15 squats 5 diamond press-ups 15 sit ups 10 squats 3 clap press-ups 10 sit ups 10 squats 5 wide grip press-ups 5 sit ups 60 second Wall Sit It's a fairly short routine (15 mins?) but it really aches afterwards and will hopefully build muscle!
  13. Okay, I'm starting at a pretty basic level of fitness and I want to lose fat (15-20 lbs) and gain muscle but also to become more flexible so my new workout plan is molded around that. I'm starting small with no more than 30 minutes of exercise a day but here we go: Monday: Cycling (30 minutes minimum) Tuesday: Calisthenics Workout + 30 minute walk Wednesday: 1 hour walk Thursday: 2 hour walk Friday: Cycling (30 minutes minimum) Saturday: Calisthenics Workout + 30 minute walk Sunday: REST DAY. So it's pretty basic. 2 days of pure cardio and 3 days of strength training with some extra bits and bobs thrown in. I'm doing alot of walking at the moment after my hiking weekend and I enjoy the serenity and quiet so I want to do lots of walking from now on as I might end up going on a 4 day hike in 10 months or so. I'm eating fairly healthily but I'm not expecting much, 1 lb a week seems likely. The calisthenics workout is only 15 or so minutes long but it's pretty high intensity with no breaks. I think I'll change around my routine every 6 weeks or so to make it interesting, and tweak it more as my fitness level increases. Ideally I want to be at a place where I have a flat, toned stomach, <20% body fat and a really decent fitness level but I know the transformation I want will probably take at least 8-10 months so if I feel like quitting, KICK MY ASS. I'll keep y'all informed with my progress. I AM SPARTACUS.
  14. Wow, I haven't been on here for almost a month. I shall come clean. Apart from a weekend of hiking, I have completely quit the fitness thing until yesterday, when I started working out again. I have gained weight, lost any desire to exercise and ate like shit. But yesterday, I saw a picture of myself and realized what I was doing to my body. Additionally, I really struggled to keep up on my hiking weekend and felt really bad for having to keep stopping because I was so unfit. It ends now.

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    2. girljen


      Welcome back! Sometimes, a real-life illustration of why fitness is important is all it takes. Don't be too hard on yourself, just jump back in.

    3. Ba'sini'on


      Hey MS! Glad to see you didn't die!

    4. ModernSpartacus


      LostOne! Alas,here I am.

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