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  1. Oh boy, heading into the second half of the challenge and it's getting pretty clear where my weaknesses are. A recap: Goal #1: Build mileage up to 35 mpw, including one early-morning run per week Continuing to slay this one. Ran five times (3, 6, 3.7, 6 and 8.3) for a total of 27 miles, including an early one on Thursday. Saturday's run was supposed to be at marathon pace, but since it was the first sub-85-degree day we've had in weeks I had trouble holding back, and ended up running it a hair faster than half marathon pace. Oops! Probably missing the point training-wise, but I just couldn'
  2. Early run done! So great knowing when I leave work today, I don't have to do anything! In the absence of anything else to talk about, I wanted to share a recipe for a paleo-ish meal I've been making a lot lately. I'm actually repeating a lot of meals these days, which is a good thing as it's a sign that my meal-planning and shopping is becoming easier and more automatic. I call this "Asian" Chicken with Bacon-Almonded Brussels Sprouts. The "Asian" is in quotes because honestly, it's not inspired by the cuisine of a specific country in Asia so much as an arbitrary collection of "Asian" thin
  3. Oh man, the weather here continues to be miserable. I swear the sky opens up and lets loose a thunderstorm every single day the minute I get home from work. I'll still go running in the rain, but these days have been very fine-one-minute-and-hailing-the-next. Got three miles in during a milder rain last night, and six miles on the schedule for tonight. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting some friends early for another three. Yes, I'm officially at the point in this challenge where I'm calling in backup to keep me accountable for the morning runs! With all of the recent storms and darkness, being in
  4. Taking the paleo show on the road... great turn of phrase. My own philosophy on dieting during vacation really varies based on the situation. I took a ten-day trip to Europe recently (which happened to fall right in between 6-week challenges here) and did not diet whatsoever - I think I ate ice cream every day and drank half a bottle of wine most nights. Experiencing a wide variety of amazing foods was a priority for me on this trip, and I knew we didn't want to add a lot of structure to each day in advance, so it would have been a style-cramping burden to try to adhere to a restrictive die
  5. One of my favorites! Have you ever tried grilled nectarine wedges? We threw some of these on for fun while grilling something else this week, and they were wonderful - really enhanced the flavor, similar to what happens with roasted tomatoes.
  6. Wow, my posting has been pretty light over the past week. I had an okay week... not terrible, but could have been better. Here's the recap: Goal #1: Build mileage up to 35 mpw, including one early-morning run per week I ran five times this week (3, 5, 3, 11 and 5) for a total of 27 miles. I ran early on Wednesday. Even better, this now marks fifteen consecutive weeks (!!!) without skipping a single run. This is a huge thing for me because in previous training cycles my adherence to a schedule has been pretty spotty. I have done some juggling/postponing within each week this time around, but
  7. I love it. Nice job this week!
  8. Week 2 recap! Goal #1: Build mileage up to 35 mpw, including one early-morning run per week I ran five times this week (3, 3, 5, 5 and 10) including an early run on Tuesday, for a total of 26 miles. This also included setting a new 5k PR on Thursday! Training is going as planned, but I'm having some serious pain in one of my post-tib tendons right now, so I may take today off. Goal #2: Maintain 70% paleo-ish diet Exactly 70% again (six non-paleo meals), but I did drink four times this week - there was a lot of going out. I also missed my multivitamin twice, also due to being out of the h
  9. Haha, thanks! To be honest I think I raced better having gotten a couple of miles in beforehand... I tend to be moderately faster in the second half of every run. I think I have a significant "warmup" factor to account for.
  10. Finished last night's 5k in 27:05. Though still not very fast, this was a 51 second PR for me... not bad for doing exactly zero percent of my training at that pace! I also got to the race early enough to run my extra 1.9 miles before it started.
  11. This week is going well so far. I got my early run in on Tuesday... I'm sad to see the jet lag fading - it was much more unpleasant waking up that early this week than last week. Today I have a 5 mile run on the calendar, but just remembered this morning that I have 5k scheduled tonight with my office's running team. Think I can just run the extra 1.9 miles home from that and call it a day? I'm strongly considering leaving all my stuff at work so I can do so. Oh, and last night I met Fabio at Whole Foods.
  12. Ugh, this cold just won't quit! My symptoms change every couple of days, but it never goes away. @Grizzy I have been loading up on all vitamins, and drinking Emergen-C like crazy... but nothing seems to work. As a result, I didn't knock any of my goals out of the park this week... but I did meet them all in the technical sense. A brief recap: Goal #1: Build mileage up to 35 mpw, including one early-morning run per week (I changed this goal a little - after some honest assessment of where I'm at, I decided not to do the Pfitzinger 12/55 training plan for this next marathon. Instead I'll be
  13. A couple bits of bad news today... One is that I have come down with a cold (or some severe allergies) and have had bulging sinus pain and nonstop face leakage since yesterday afternoon. I had 7 miles on the docket for today, but I may not be up for it. I'm thinking of pushing it to tomorrow, just hoping I won't be even more sick at that point. I have taken as much Claritin and Sudafed as is allowed, and it's barely taking the edge off! The other thing is that I'm starting to doubt my ability to take on the Pfitzinger 12/55 plan. After reading some accounts from people who had to drop out
  14. I know exactly what you mean. When I was clearing out my bathroom I actually found things that I was currently shopping for because I had no recollection of already owning them. Insane!
  15. First early-morning run of the challenge done. I was awake again at 5am, and continued trying to sleep until 6 before conceding that was never going to happen. Four miles down before 7, and still got to work early earlier than normal. Vive le time change!
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