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  1. Ok, this is just getting ridiculous, 'Sainsburys own garden peas' nutritional information states '1/2 can counts towards 1/2 of 1 of your 5 a day'. I can see it now; " 1/40th of this doughnut counts for 0.2% of your RDA of calcium" haha

    1. Ba'sini'on


      LOL, just as bad as Cocoa Puffs have whole grain with 12 key vitamins and minerals!

  2. YAY! Week 1 down, feels good. I did my 3 bodyweight work outs Although I didn't do 3 jogs, I did 1 jog and 3 bike rides so I'm still pleased And YEAHHHHHHHH no bread for a week - check Definitely need to up the work on essays though. But over all I'm a very happy bunny. Feels good to have the first milestone down.
  3. Day 1 10:23am Captains log: well this is easy! ...she says merely hours into the challenge
  4. Ooooo tough challenge but backing you 100% - the marines?? MAJOR respect for that level of discipline and motivation I think that's why the grades are a good idea, keeps you motivated even if u can't get there 100% and by the sound of your level of determination I've no doubt you will! I'm afraid I have to pick the only one I've heard of out of the books, I havn't read any of them - so 20,000 leagues under the sea also gets my vote. Wowee - just looked at your sketches you have posted, well done, beautiful. How about designing a picture of the super heroine version of you? That'd be awe
  5. Ughhh one slip on the diet and could not sleep. Only managed 3 hours but dragged my repentant bottom out of bed early to redeem myself. Lesson learnt - good diet = good night sleep. Nearrrrrrrly challenge time :)

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    2. SpecialSundae


      Don't stress yourself out. Lack of sleep tends to make bad food more tempting.

    3. Ba'sini'on


      Yeah, don't stress yourself out! But I agree with good diet and good night's sleep, if I eat sugar I've noticed I can't sleep now, I sleep like a baby

    4. Cassandra


      This ^ is what I love about this place, it's such a boast to have fab people offer such great support, it just gives me even more incentive to keep going, so thank you fellow rebels! :)

  6. That is brilliant advice - and it's EXACTLY what I do! Haha I'm always thinking 'Oh there's still so many days, that's plenty" - but why put that etra pressure on yourself? Ha. gonna take a look at your challenge now
  7. Thanks for the luck! Just have to focus on the big picture. Good luck to you guys too, I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on!
  8. First Challenge - Newbie Advernturer - BRING IT OOOOON Grrrrrr Attribute Goal Points Grade STR/DEX/STA Complete the beginners body weight workout 3x in the week. STA – 1 DEX- 2 STR - 3 STA/DEX 3 x runs a week for at least 20 mins STA – 2 DEX - 1 CON Reject bread! CON - 3 WIS Complete uni essays a week before deadline! WIS - 3
  9. I think you've given yourself far better advice It seems like you're doing absolutely everything right! And yes, you shouldn't be afraid to voice your struggles, it's not being negative, I think you're right in that your partner may find solace and comfort in the fact that you're both finding it hard - heck if it were easy, we'd all look incredible all of the time. Best of luck to you both anyway and it's just great you even trying, which is the right path to achieving your goals.
  10. I'm sorry to hear you're in this tricky situation. It's a hard enough journey without extra stress. I have had a similar scenario when myself and my then boyfriend when we began looking to get healthy and he discovered Nerd fitness. He did - is - doing incredibly well and has really jumped into the new regime and the weight is falling off, in fact, it was pretty much all he talked about. I was going through an unhealthy phase and gaining weight having been quite slim, so when he had this added success, I felt even worse. I lost my motivation and turned to eating worse than I had ever done. It
  11. Got Dodgeball the movie mentality today: "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!" - If I can sit on the toilet I can do a proper squat! B-)

    1. Ba'sini'on


      LOL I'm going to tell my sister that the next time she says she can't squat that low!

    2. The Mouse

      The Mouse

      Ha ha, this is amazing. I now have the strangest visual image when I think of squatting. XD

    3. sumdawgtwigg
  12. Even got my mum doing the beginners body weight workout - spreading the good word! :)

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Way to motivate girl! Trying to get my mom on the fitness wagon to, wish me luck!

    2. Cassandra


      oooo good luck. My mum's in pain today and very reluctant to try again :-/ oh well, I'll just lead by example! Hope you have better luck, it's easier with someone doing it with you :)

  13. Completed my first beginners strength workout! I feel like Popeye - duddu du du du duhhh ...(that's the Popeye theme tune btw) :)

    1. Ba'sini'on


      I'm Popeye the Sailor Man...*toot tooooot*!

  14. Yes thanks Nuala! Definitely going for an Adventurer challenge - I'll review my goals. Looking forward to getting started. Good luck on your first challenge too cn3wton!
  15. I've been subscribed to Nerd fitness emails for quite some time since a friend introduced me and kind of just been my usual self sitting on the side lines, reading everyones stories thinking "Oh wow, they've done great! I wish I could be like that". This morning I thought it's time to stop thinking about it and actually get on with it! I'm really quite shy so it's a big step for me but everyone on here is so inspiring I thought I can do it too! *ROARS* ...anyway, I've made a six week challenge: Attribute Goal Points Grade STR/DEX/STA 1
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