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  1. Dear Bosatsu-san,


    I am thinking of moving to Davao City next year and Googled Buddhism in Davao.  I came across this thread.  Would you be willing to answer the occasional question I'll undoubtedly have between now and when I move?  I'm at the early stages of research.  I also consider myself Buddhist.  I have one teacher who is from the Theravada and another from Mahayana (Zen) branch.  And I am addicted to audiobooks by the Dalai Lama, so my exposure to Buddhism is a blend of everything.  


    Thanks, and be happy.





  2. Thanks for the compliment. I did feel like a badass. Probably the only thing that would have made me feel more like a badass was if the Rocky theme or some other appropriate music was playing in the background.
  3. June 29, Monday Back on track after a somewhat off two weeks. To recap: week 2 had me down with a bad cold and cough, which meant I had to lay off the badass workouts - although I did exercise a teensy bit just because my body is so used to moving. I also reluctantly tried fasting on a sick day as Kishi suggested and I am happy to report that I experienced no unpleasant effects apart from the usual feeling of hunger. Week 3 While I was happily playing around with the GMB flow series, I was neglecting my grease the groove pistols (in my defense, squat flow sorta includes pistols and shrimps). And although I still did my knuckle pushups I did not do any rows. For some reason I feel lazy when it comes to rows. Or maybe the knuckle pushups take out of me more than I realize and I'm too tired for the rows? Nah, it's just an excuse. On the other hand, I have trouble with managing the time for doing the rows. My original plan was to do the pushups and rows in separate sessions of the same day. But while I've been pretty faithful with the pushups I just feel so lazy with the rows. I missed martial arts classes again last Thursday because my 2-year-old daughter was down with a cold and cough after she had just gotten better from a fever that lasted two days. So I promised my wife I'd stay home that night. BUT I did do a conditioning workout that afternoon: Squat flow and Push flow (which I modified to replace the single arm levers with straddle knuckle pushups), 1 Tabata set of single stick carenza (which is FMA free form kata or shadowboxing but with a weapon), ladder drills, plus some footwork drills. Now for today's training: Morning GMB Floor 2 and Flow Seminar warm up Squat flow + Push flow Monks kicking warm up Front kickFront thrustRoundhouseSide kickBack kick Afternoon I didn't go to the resort today as I was finishing some stuff in our downtown office. So I decided to work on upper body strength today and do the conditioning tomorrow when I go up. I decided to have fun and incorporate the knuckle pushups into the Push flow like so: there's a part of the flow where you're supposed to lower into a single arm lever, then place your other arm down so you can shift onto that arm, then shift back to the original arm, all the while windmilling your legs so you land in a low squat. Instead of that, I would drop to the position for the lever, pause at the bottom, then do 5 knuckle pushups with my legs in a straddle position. I did that four times. It was a nice, short, and fun workout - unfortunately I had to rush out for a meeting all the way on the other side of town. So, no rows. Ok that's it I'll include them tomorrow. Sheesh... One last thing I ought to mention is that for the past several days I've been stretching my hips at night too just before bedtime. Yeah I just love to stretch. Not hardcore stretching though, just relaxed stretching while relaxing with the wife and kids.
  4. Yeah in my FB newsfeed there's rainbow-colored profile pictures everywhere - but there's this one guy posting a link to an article about satan and the family, yadda yadda yadda... *sigh*
  5. I saw it on Steve's Twitter and I was so happy.
  6. I just learned a new term: freggies! I'm guessing that's frozen veggies(?)
  7. Although I suppose you could just perform any or all the flows until failure - but you can also do that with any of their free exercises.
  8. To each his own. I'm not big into getting yelled at - whether by a human or by a page - but I do see the value in occasionally training that way.
  9. Hmmm... is it worth it? I think it depends on where you are, what you're into, where you want to go, that sort of thing. In my case, I'm A) getting close to a proper pistol squat, interested in athletic performance, which I loosely define as being able to move and perform in a certain physical discipline really well and C) love the playfulness of flow movements regardless of discipline. So there's a product-customer fit right there. I also have GMB's Floor 2, and while it's a great program that I intend to return to some time after the tournament, in F2 it's just Ryan in the videos. Production-wise very great, but what I appreciate in the flow seminar videos is that they were shot during an actual seminar. So there are actual students doing, and oftentimes struggling with, the movements and Ryan and Mike coaching them, which is not possible in a format like Floor 2. I'd say for me that it is worth the $45, which, compared to the price of going to the live seminar is a bargain. Especially since you can just watch it over and over again. TL;DR - it's worth it for me, but for other people, it depends on whether you're into that sort of thing in the first place.
  10. About the only exercise I can think of is the hollow body hold. You're lying on your back so you're not vertically loading the spine, and you're working most if not all of the same muscles that you need to stabilize yourself in the handstand. It is the 1st progression in the GMB method of learning the handstand (for those who've never done one and would like to start learning). Or you can just take the opportunity to work on other things as suggested above.
  11. So I gave in to temptation and purchased GMB's flow seminar, which they did with Mike Fitch, and decided to mix the squat flow into my warm up yesterday. Pretty nifty stuff imo - and I liked it so much I decided to include it in my morning sessions as well. Internet connectivity's an issue where I am, which is why I'm breakin up my posts into tiny bits, cause it's such a pain in the ass to write a long post only for it to disappear.
  12. (Continued) Jogging with ladder drills - 2 laps Still wasn't 100% even though I was and am feeling a lot better.
  13. Tuesday, June 23 First, yesterday's mountain training session: Single leg hops - 4 reps/leg Pirouette to back scale - 4 reps/ leg Cartwheels - 4 reps per side 180 tuck jumps - 2 reps /direction GMB squat flow - twice
  14. I'm reading this with that Bro Science guy's voice in my head. "Today I walked *gunshot* to the beach *gunshot*. And then I walked along the beach *more gunshots*...Walking. Urrrrgh! *gunshot*
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