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  1. Dear Bosatsu-san,


    I am thinking of moving to Davao City next year and Googled Buddhism in Davao.  I came across this thread.  Would you be willing to answer the occasional question I'll undoubtedly have between now and when I move?  I'm at the early stages of research.  I also consider myself Buddhist.  I have one teacher who is from the Theravada and another from Mahayana (Zen) branch.  And I am addicted to audiobooks by the Dalai Lama, so my exposure to Buddhism is a blend of everything.  


    Thanks, and be happy.





  2. Thanks for the compliment. I did feel like a badass. Probably the only thing that would have made me feel more like a badass was if the Rocky theme or some other appropriate music was playing in the background.
  3. June 29, Monday Back on track after a somewhat off two weeks. To recap: week 2 had me down with a bad cold and cough, which meant I had to lay off the badass workouts - although I did exercise a teensy bit just because my body is so used to moving. I also reluctantly tried fasting on a sick day as Kishi suggested and I am happy to report that I experienced no unpleasant effects apart from the usual feeling of hunger. Week 3 While I was happily playing around with the GMB flow series, I was neglecting my grease the groove pistols (in my defense, squat flow sorta includes pistols an
  4. Yeah in my FB newsfeed there's rainbow-colored profile pictures everywhere - but there's this one guy posting a link to an article about satan and the family, yadda yadda yadda... *sigh*
  5. I saw it on Steve's Twitter and I was so happy.
  6. Read this too late. Maybe somewhere else that's big. Like the U.S. Oops, too late!
  7. lol at the haters moving to Canada. Can the ones from the Philippines move there too? We're a small country and we have an overpopulation problem
  8. I just learned a new term: freggies! I'm guessing that's frozen veggies(?)
  9. I did the same thing a couple of times working on cartwheels. I'd be mentally reviewing: "ok push with the base leg and lift the other leg, lock out the arms...breathe in, breathe out and go WAIT!" and then I'd stall in mid-execution and collapse to the ground. Good thing it was on grass. Best of all no one was looking - probably.
  10. Although I suppose you could just perform any or all the flows until failure - but you can also do that with any of their free exercises.
  11. To each his own. I'm not big into getting yelled at - whether by a human or by a page - but I do see the value in occasionally training that way.
  12. I know I don't know at what point you are in your life, but given everyhing else you've written here I disagree - it should definitely be a woot. Well, maybe a small one. But you're doing great, just keep it up.
  13. Hmmm... is it worth it? I think it depends on where you are, what you're into, where you want to go, that sort of thing. In my case, I'm A) getting close to a proper pistol squat, interested in athletic performance, which I loosely define as being able to move and perform in a certain physical discipline really well and C) love the playfulness of flow movements regardless of discipline. So there's a product-customer fit right there. I also have GMB's Floor 2, and while it's a great program that I intend to return to some time after the tournament, in F2 it's just Ryan in the videos. Producti
  14. About the only exercise I can think of is the hollow body hold. You're lying on your back so you're not vertically loading the spine, and you're working most if not all of the same muscles that you need to stabilize yourself in the handstand. It is the 1st progression in the GMB method of learning the handstand (for those who've never done one and would like to start learning). Or you can just take the opportunity to work on other things as suggested above.
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