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  1. Saturday, my box surprised my class by having us all meet on the field at a park in our town. Then we did: AMRAP 21 54m shuttle sprints 21 kettlebell swing 15 push-ups 9 burpees Tough to keep a decent sprint after that first round...
  2. For the first time in ages, we finally had an odd object carry! 5 RFT 400m medball carry 12 push press (85 lb) 12 box jumps (24 inch) 12 sumo dead lift high pull (85 lb) Our coach for my class set a time cap of 35 minutes, and I finished in 32:56.
  3. LMAO. It doesn't happen that often (anymore), which is why I love doing them.
  4. Your diet will play a HUGE role in achieving your goals. You can do all the exercising you want, but if you don't eat right it won't make much difference. Look into apps like MyFitnessPal, which will take your basic data and your goals and suggest some numbers to strive for (calorie count, etc.) Logging your meals in the same app will also help.
  5. Today is - Strength: Shoulder Press 2 x 8 Metcon: 21-15-9 HSPU (which I scale to pike push-ups) Pull-up Burpee
  6. I, too, like a good odd object carry. I don't get to do those nearly as often as I like, though. Movements I love: Double unders, kettlebell swings, snatches Movements I like: Wall balls, cleans, pull-ups, Movements I hate: unassisted ring dips, thrusters, pike pushups Actually, I did a WOD earlier this week that I really enjoyed: AMRAP 25 25 Double unders 25 air squats 25 kettlebell swings @ 53 lb Weirdly enough, I also kind of enjoy Murph. I've done it twice since Memorial Day, getting a PR on the second time. I'm aiming to do it with a weight vest next Memorial Day!
  7. So we agreed, my caoch and I, that it's more important to keep up my conditioning as best I can and any strength loss over the next 4-6 weeks would be pretty minor. If any is lost, it wouldn't take long at all to build it back up. So it'll be workouts from my abs on down until I have my hand back. Thanks for the advise and support, y'all!
  8. I might have to use machines. I've still got my Planet Fitness membership, so that might be my best option if my XF coach can't come up with anything. Thanks!
  9. I've thought about straps, but i've got a hard, custom splint and only my index and thumbs are exposed, so I'm not sure if straps would work out. I'll bring it up with my coach, though. Thanks for the suggestion. And yes, i don't want to make it worse. I've got obstacle races coming this summer that I don't want to miss!
  10. This is a multi-pronged series of questions. I broke my finger two Saturdays ago and my hand is essentially useless because most of it is in a splint, save for my index and thumb. That means I can't do anything that requires gripping something (i.e., pull ups, barbells, dbs). I can't even do burpees or pushups because of the way my splint is curved. I'm going crazy not working out. I'm going to see my CrossFit coach tonight to explore some options, but am i correct to presume that I basically won't be able to work my upper body? If that's the case, how quickly will I lose the progress that i've made since starting XF four months ago? I was basically a weakling with my upper body (still am now, but less so), but I've gone from needing the thickest assistance band (green) and still struggling for pull-ups to now only needing the thinnest band (red). My 1 rep max for bench press went from 150 to 185 lb (I started out slow, working out 2-3 times a week, then worked out more often, 4-6 times a week). Another question is, whatever progress I lose the 4-6 weeks it takes to heal, will I be starting from scratch again? Meaning will it take 4 months to get back to where I was before my injury?
  11. The people in my class broke it down to 5 - 10 - 15, as we're all basically late beginner/intermediate, having only been doing CF for a few months. The first mile was a breeze (I feel that running is my forte), and I got through almost two rounds of the pull/push/squat before anyone else came back to the box. My wife was amazing and she finished all 20 rounds and had a couple of minutes everyone else for the second mile run. That second run was miserable, LOL. I ended up with a time of 53:24, which I cannot be mad at.
  12. Still in it. The dairy thing is difficult. Not going to get a good grade there, but I'm still trying. I've missed some running too, but it's more than I had been doing. The sleep thing is going well, though. I've been pretty consistent getting to bed before midnight. And I've been following TBT. I'm just being very crappy about logging it. I need to do better with that. Here's a video I made of a particular workout I did last week, sans warmup and cooldown. Funny thing is, I feel like I'm moving a lot faster when I'm doing the exercises. Then I watched it and I was amazed at how slow I look. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN7FU7Mef5o
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