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  1. Right, so this challenge has kinda been all over the place, from pretty decent successes, to kinda random weeks, to weeks or weekends where I just decided that I didn't give any f--ks anymore. So I'm going to end this challenge today, do a week or so on my own, and maybe hop into the next one. I still have lots of goals going down! I'm just not sure that NF challenges are the right place (esp as I tend to forget to post here, and can't prioritize engaging with other members right now). Peace kids!
  2. Mid-Week Check in! I've been doing ok, still pretty tired after a hard weekend, and it seems like Shark Week might be starting early, so I've been majorly suffering from cravings, sleepiness, cramps, and general lack of motivation. Oh and the desire to sleep. Did I mention the sleep? And the cravings? And the sleep? Clearly that's where my mind is at. But I did decide on something fun! I want to train for a fast 5k for the next few months and see what I can do. Typically I lean towards the slower and longer races (having run a 50k and marathon already in 2016 before I
  3. Week 3 Wrap Up - Overall Grade 80% STEPS Friday - 6,559 (wanted a true rest day before the weekend backpacking trip). Saturday - 40,096 Sunday - 52,629 (new steps PR! And now you can probably see why I was ok with being a little lazy on Friday). MACROS Friday - All Green! Saturday - LOL NOPE! Not even close, ate intuitively in order to fuel my hike. But I'm not really counting this as going over since I can't really function on diet calories while hiking for 7+ hours. However, in the future would like to eat more protein, and less fats, since my body i
  4. Week 3 - Getting Back on Track. Last week and weekend we're admittedly not a show of my best training/eating habits. But I had an amazing time with friends in Seattle, ate some incredible food, hiked in some truly awe-inspiring mountains, and generally had a great time. Increasingly I'm feeling good about how my body is looking, and in the last week I've developed the ability to do a dead hang pull up! Win! So while last week was decidedly off-plan, I came back into this week ready to kick some ass. I think last week really illustrates some of the issues I (personally)
  5. Week 2 - Days 2-4 Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. TL;DR After a long weekend, plus getting my period, plus backpacking trip coming up I decided to have a rest week. Lots of walking (aiming for 20k steps a day), but very little else. Body just didn't feel up to it. Macros: Doing great here! Weekend will be about eating intuitively since cals will need to be higher while backpacking. Running: Uhhhh like 1.5 miles out of 14. But I've been walking in the morning and at lunch every day this week, so lots of movement. Strength: 0/3 so tired, my body defini
  6. Week 2 - Day 1 - Monday Oh my god! I was so tired! Over the weekend I hiked (like active, moving, hiking time) for close to 17 hours, covering 30 miles, and almost 10,000 feet of vertical gain, and as many feet back down. Monday I needed a rest day. I also didn't get up and walk around as much as I should have, but I still tried to keep up the habit of getting water and using the bathroom on the far side of the building. Macros: All green baby! Feels good to be able to jump right back into my program without having to think about what to do. Makes it really easy to pick
  7. Week 1 Wrap up! Overall Grade: Steps: Daily Average = 19, 073 Grade: A Strength Train: Sessions 3 Grade A Running: Total milage 8 of 13 + 1 Hill session This one is leaving me a little confused, I got in my hill session so that is a plus. But I didn't hit my mileage numbers, in part due to a little injury flare up, and in part because I knew I'd be backpacking for two days and getting in lots of mileage and elevation gain. And while that's good for overall fitness, it's not specifically run training. Looking forward I can see I'll be on a thr
  8. I'm going to wrap up Thursday and Friday in this post, since starting Friday afternoon at about 4pm I'll be off the grid until Monday morning. Day 4 - Thursday - VICTORY! But a tired one. Steps: 11,685, not super high since I cut my run short, but I did ride my bike to work, which doesn't show up as steps. Running: 2 miles. Ankle was a little bothersome so I just cut it short. Macros: All green baby! Despite the fact that I was basically hungry all day long I stuck to my goals. There is always going to be some discomfort when it comes to change. In ad
  9. Day 3 - Wednesday - VICTORY! *Does celebratory karate moves* Steps: 13,480 I know what you're thinking: "But Anamal! You're below your 15k goal average! You won't make it!" Fear not simple peasant! For I am going backpacking this weekend, and will easily crank out 30k+ steps each day. That doesn't mean I don't want my daily total to be close to 15k, but it does mean that I can be a little more lax knowing Sat and Sun will be big steps days. Running: 2 Miles w/hills Cut it a little short (was aiming for three miles), but my ankle started to act up a little bit.
  10. Day 2 - Tuesday - VICTORY! Steps: 16,689 - Thanks to a four mile morning run, and a walk at lunch. Strength Training: Did my first of three workouts, took about 30 minutes. It feels easier to only have to do 30mins of strength after I run, but who knows if I'm going to enjoy having to do it three days a week. We'll see. Running: 4/13 miles I realized today that because my calves are so strong I can really rely on them to run instead of my larger glute and hamstring muscles. As a result they get really tight and tender. This run I focused on engaging my
  11. Day 1 - Monday - VICTORY! Steps: 10,209 ** Note I know this method isn't perfect as I'm using my phone to track, which I don't always carry with me. But it got me out the door for an evening walk that I wouldn't have done otherwise. Definitely a win. Macros: Green across the board! And as a bonus the scale is starting to trend downward already. It's nice having a program to jump back into after a weekend of travel and eating (lots and lots of eating). As my wise little sister said: when you have a routine, it allows you to be spontaneous. Smart kid that one.
  12. Hello, My name is Anamal, and I am a mountain dwelling creature who lives amongst the desert humans of Southern California. This is not by choice exactly, but more as a penance for my foolish youth, where I willingly walked into the prison that is student loans. For this challenge I'm seeking a home with the Rangers. I hope this will be a place where I can push myself to master my body and push beyond my current skill levels. At the end of this challenge I want to be a leaner, faster, and more adept version of myself. GOALS: Strength Train 3x - Weekly For
  13. Aaand somehow it's already Thursday and I haven't updated this! Gah! Tuesday - Morning "Run" was more of a walk, my calves have just been killing me! 2 miles Afternoon walk (because I was working from home that day, so why not?) 5 miles Wednesday - Strength training session # 2 of 2! Plus enough energy to add on some extras! Bike ride - 12 miles Afternoon walk - 2 miles Thursday - "Run" aka interval stairs session 3 miles Afternoon climbing session. Total mileage for week 12/16 On top of that I've b
  14. Monday - Low cal day Strength Training A - Done Bike ride 12 mile work commute - in an attempt to burn extra cals and kick start weight loss. Stretching - 2 sessions of calf stretches (one morning, one night). Job - Reached out to five ad agencies with my resume Tomorrow (tuesday) I'm taking the day off in an attempt to de-stress, and do some research as to what I might want my future to look like.
  15. Week Three Wrap-Up! Going to make this quick, I have ish to do today. 1a/b) Don't Get Injured Been foam rolling more, stretching more. All is good. Got in both strength workouts this week, but didn't have the time/energy to add on extras, just the minimum. 2) Running More Mileage - Ran my 15 miles, and added on a four mile hike on Sunday. 3) Eat a Caloric Deficit - The start of the week was rough as I got new ETP numbers in half way through Monday. But by Wed/Thurs I was on board and hitting my macros pretty closely. It's a bit of a
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