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  1. Nerd Fitness, why u no have spell check? Seriously, I feel like I'm embarrassing myself with bad spelling and I don't even know it :(

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    2. Anamal


      Ahh, my computer is over five years old, which to Apple means it doesn't exist so there are no longer updates for it, which is just so stupid.

    3. Ba'sini'on


      That is stupid! I thankfully don't have to worry about that. My sister and I built our computer, for the sole purpose of being fast and able to handle gaming. If something is outdated I just buy the part and put it in.

      Whenever I want to know about my spelling I just copy what I just wrote, and paste it on my e-mail of office program. They have spellcheck!

    4. Anamal


      Wow, I'm impressed, unless its a camera I'm pretty technologically illiterate. But I do however copy words into google to make sure I'm spelling them right. I've always been a terrible speller.

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