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  1. I feel like I just can't lose weight and its driving me absolutely crazy

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    2. Anamal


      Maybe I should clarify... I can't seem to lose weight, or volume. I feel like I've been the same everything for the last two challenges.

    3. BlamedCat


      Ooohh okay. I've been in that situation too, actually (lasted a challenge and a half). I was very frustrated and what I had to do was pay more attention to my diet. That's what broke it for me, anyway, but I think it was the system shock of snapping back on calorie counting that broke through the plateau for myself.

    4. BlamedCat


      Regardless, we're here for you and you're in this for the long haul. You will break through the plateau, it will just take time. If you need a second set of eyes on what you're doing, feel free to PM me or someone in your support group.

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