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  1. Hmm... My availability is a little more limited. I work on tues fri and sat Til 4:30, and have school Monday Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. Sounds good to me I'll come when I can, still a bit of a drive, lol
  3. Have it be once a month... Say, second week of each month... Maybe... Thursday or something?
  4. I'd really like it too, and I'm up for anything, just trying to stay healthy, seem to be mostly failing :C. I need an accountabilibuddy too. whatever, and whenever works.
  5. Awesome. So now we just need a place and a time, those of you in Norman, any good hangout points? (Preferably paleo friendly)?
  6. well i work friday and sat 8am to 4:30pm every week... so while I have a predictable schedule it likes to get in the way, lol. I'm free basically any other day however... dunno if we can work around that.
  7. I'm fine with driving to Norman. Only two hours after all. (I'm big on road trips) what does everyone else think?
  8. Wow, this is what I get for disappearing for a few months, it's been a rough couple of months too, need some like minded people. We gotta do a meetup. Any ideas where or when? Seems like we have more closer to the Norman area and scattered around, maybe somewhere in Chandler or in Norman if that's too far.
  9. thanks for the advice guys, It's something I'm interested in, primarily to teach my body to use oxygen more effectively (and breath right) so I'll do some more homework, but it's nothing I'll be rushing into for sure.
  10. welcome! Always good to see new faces, im sure you'll find the people here very supportive and overall from the experience I've had very nice. I hope to see you around the forums!
  11. Going back to something that was said before, waterweight. Jen don't feel too bad about what the scale says, they lie, I know for the longest time, I'd seriously yo-yo 10lb a day in JUST waterwieght. if your not drinking enough water your body retains as much as it can as a survival instinct, and when you drink a lot, it still stays in you. our bodies are 70% water. So as I'm sure it's been said, ignore the scale, pictures and measurments are your best friends! by the way, they're right, your not over wieght, and your legs look great. yes, really.
  12. well Jen, to answer your question, dont worry about bulking up. Sadly there's really no way to lose weight in JUST your legs, because of how our bodies are designed. genetically, your body stores fat in specific places, and simply working that place can actually cause you to lose weight in other places. Basically it's like this. An excess of calories causes your body to store the extra wherever it wants to, not enough calories for that day causes your body to take the stored fat from where it wants to. This is why diet is so important in weight loss. you can work out as much as you want, and
  13. It does sound related, generally the reason your foot would fall asleep is lack of circulation. When you work out, acids build up in your muscles, when you stretch these acids are released into your blood where they are taken care of by your system, soreness is generally the aftermath of what those acids do to your muscles. If you have poor circulation in your foot, it could cause that acid to stay in your muscles longer, causing that cramping. It's just a thought, but it could definately be related. Garlic acts as an antibiotic as well as a blood thinner, and could definately help, Bananas
  14. I dont know if anyone has mentioned this or used these before, but I was on the track a few weeks ago and saw a couple using these, they restrict air flow to your lungs in order to simulate high altitude environments. They run rougly 69 dollars new. Anyone used them before or would recommend them? I'm VERY interested.
  15. everything about this makes me want to wear one under some other shirt JUST so i can suddenly begin to run through a croud ripping my shirt off like I have to go save someone.
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