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  1. Haha sorry, it's been a little rough here with family issues. And I've stopped all caffeine yesterday. I tried pulling an all nighter a few days ago by taking a 200 MG caffeine pill and it didn't effect me at all. So, I have had a huge headache since yesterday and I've been really irritable because I went the cold turkey route. I've been listening to metal and pacing around my room for quite awhile. Hopefully in a few days this will be over.
  2. I need more time, so I'm not going to stay with the challenge. I spoke way too soon about feeling better. I think it's the fact that even though the relationship is over, we're still good friends, so it's a really drawn out process. I'm posting in this workout log now. I'm going to try working with short term goals and build on that. Thanks for all of your support, LoD.
  3. Hello. I'll be posting here from now on. This is going to be kind of like a training log with some Minecraft screenshots every once in a while and I might post some songs that are good/motivating. Most of those are heavy metal, hence the title.
  4. I am starting tomorrow. The past few days have been tough but everything seems better now. Thanks LoD.
  5. I'm going to have a rough first week of the challenge. I'm currently in the process of ending a relationship, so this really sucks. We're still friends but it still is really awful at the same time, considering this relationship was involved in literally a quarter of my life. I haven't done the motivation thing yet, and I ate from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Fasting but wanting to stress eat is pretty bad, but I still managed to keep the calories down to between 1500-1750. No exercise, I don't know if I'm sick or if I'm just feeling really shitty from what's going on. I slept about six hours last night but it wasn't restful. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
  6. I'm going to do the fasts daily. Yeah, I failed a few tests until I found a way that works for me. I raised my average from about a D to B+ after I started the memorization stuff. I figured I might try it for a motivation exercise and it's worked so far. Thanks LoD! I usually do my fasts from 10 PM the day before to about 6 PM. So it would be a 20 hours of fasting and 4 hours of eating. And yeah, stressing over numbers does more harm than good. Thanks buddy, good luck! Thanks Sukiyo. Good luck everybody!
  7. Heyheyhey, this is a place holder. I had everything all typed out and went to browse reddit between proofreadings. After looking at a few images, I closed all the extra tabs... including this one accidentally. Not this one this one, but this one. I know as I type this that I'm going to type it all out anyway even though I said it was a placeholder, but I'll just keep that up there. Stream of thought writing is cool I guess. I kind of want to listen to music now, but I should probably do this instead because I said I was going to do it. To summarize: Last challenge ...went alright, I stopped updating but I mostly stayed with it. I fell off after the holidays, but it was pretty much uneventful. This Challenge (my goals are) Do four circuits a week. Two of those circuits need to include burpees. Walk four times a week. These first few days might be with new shoes, so it might only be a mile to break them in. Or they might not fit that well even after a mile or two. I don't know, I'll see what happens. I need to do some exercises every day to progress on them (hopefully) quickly. Those are: Push-Ups, Chin-Ups, Sit-Ups, Bridges, Third World Squat, and Flutterkicks. I might do two or three modest sets a day throughout the day in a 'grease the groove' format.As for my non-fitness goal, I need to do a motivational exercise every day. It's how I used to study in high school for subjects that needed memorization like Civics. I was in a slump like usual a week ago, wrote what I needed to do twenty times, had the motivation to do it, did it, and then said: "Wow, I should do this more often". I don't believe I said it so poignantly, but I'm still summarizing if you couldn't tell. But that's my motivational exercise. I'll also be counting calories, but that's not a goal because I should be doing that no matter what. I'm dropping my calories to 1500 and intermittent fasting. After The Challenge I plan on going to the recruiter's office after this challenge but before March. If I'm not confident that I'm presentable fitness wise after this challenge, definitely after next challenge. But there will be recruiter visiting. After all, I'm out of shape but otherwise healthy, there should be no reason why I can't destroy this challenge (or some vaguely wannabe inspiring phrase like that).
  8. Yessir. I was gonna update yesterday but we got a storm that has completely demolished my internetz so I've been putting it off. I've been downloading the update for Starbound since noon today. I'm getting 50kb/s and I can't play Youtube videos for more than 5 minutes at a time on 144p. Send help. Or download speeds. Also, calories have been fine, they have been eaten but not too much. I did exercise and things but nothing extraordinary. A Chin-Up was performed, that was nice to get back. I should be getting some cold weather gear tomorrow from Amazon since I train outside. I bought some thermals, winter gloves and a balaclava. But I want my intertubes back right meow. I'm gonna hit 'Post' and hope for the best.
  9. Intermittent Fasting: 10 PM Yestrday- 1 PM Today Exercise Max Burpees: 3X Set 1: 8 Set 2: 8 Set 3: 5 Short Bridges: 1X10 Calories: 2237/2021 Comments Felt kind of crappy for a week. For quite a while I've had this thing in the back of my head that I might not be accepted into the military because of the various sicknesses I've had. It's almost like I've been more comfortable not knowing as opposed to actually finding out. Well, it's just time to buckle down. I've wasted enough time with this in the back of my mind. I feel hesitant but motivated. In a month or two I should either be preparing to go to basic training or looking at what to do with my life.I last ate at 10 PM.
  10. Hey, just checking in. My tonsils were swelling up and were sore when the sickness came back but I'm feeling better today. Also, it was my birthday today, so I just hung out with my girlfriend and had my first legal beer. It was a Sam Adams, I've always wanted to try one. I've been thinking of naming a list of circuits I've made, just so I have a standard and can compare times from one session to another. It's better than just tossing some exercises together and not knowing if I'm progressing.
  11. Remember how I said a post ago that if I liked my plan I could keep it? (Teehee current events) Well I may possibly be signing up for a GoRuck, so I changed it around. Sunday: Ruck Monday: Low Volume Strength Training/Ruck Circuit/Sprints Tuesday: Low Volume Strength Training/Conditioning/Ruck Wednesday: Low Volume Strength Training/Ruck Circuit/Sprints Thursday: Low Volume Strength Training/Conditioning/Ruck Friday: Low Volume Strength Training/Ruck Circuit/Sprints Saturday: Low Volume Strength Training/Conditioning/Ruck
  12. Question: Do they care if you use rucks that aren't GoRuck brand stuff? Because I bought an old army issue ALICE pack and another Transport Pack awhile ago. And is it the military standard testing 45 pounds?
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