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  1. NO WORRIES PUJA! I am doing ok, just glad that you are still fighting the good fight! I love the anti agression program, kids need that kind of influence, very interested to hear how that all works out! I still love ya. Can't get rid of me that easy.
  2. Busy girl indeed! I hope all goes well with your suit against ex GF, may she stay in the past where she belongs. Awesome work on the blog translation, bringing Nerdy Fitness to a different culture is too cool. I'm so glad you are enjoying your work, even if it isn't paying, Steve says do what you love, so stick with it! Sending love and peace to you across the big ol ocean.
  3. Hey Spidey, how's things going? Haven't heard anything about the screwtape letters, curious to see how that's going for ya! Orc had a good point, High School was a long time ago and perhaps it's worth a second shot at it for me. Hope all is well!
  4. That's a very demanding schedule! I haven't worked shifts like that since I quit the nursing home (16 hour shifts are not good for me). Kudos to you! It's hard to stay eating paleo with a demanding schedule like that, paleo takes a lot of prep work. I often daydream about opening a fast (and healthy) food chain. Wouldn't it be nice to get a plate of steamed veggies with a side of country ribs on the go? I think so, but I doubt the rest of the population would patronize my fast (but healthy) food chain. . . A girl can dream.
  5. I love these motivatinal sayings! Playing a poor hand well - that just speaks volumes to me. You get what you get, you can't change that in so much as we can't change our height, our skin color, what our brain chemistry is, who our family is, ect. BUT I do have control over how I handle it, what I do with it. That's a nice moment of clarity for me. Thanks, friend.
  6. OH my ppl, I keep thinking, someday I'll get it all together and I'll flow seamlessley from one goal to the next, and I'll be wonderful and great and then . . . Life happens. I'm amazed it's been a week since I've updated. I must admit I feel guilty about that, I feel that I am not meeting my responsibilities here on NF. I've got the internet up and running at home and you know what? I almost never log on to the internet at home. Not to check the news, not to check FB, not to check email. By the time I get done with work, make dinner, play with Darling Daughter, bathe her, put her to bed, set
  7. I think that did it! Check out my Patio project!
  8. Great work Fearless! You are staying on task and getting work done. That's awesome. Keep up the great work.
  9. Hey all, checking in to say things are starting to get "normal", I always forget how hard it is on me when I move. I feel out of place and unsettled and have a hard time getting back into the swing of things. For some reason I think I am a chameleon and can adapt to whatever instantly. Family and I had been planning on going camping this weekend with a friend and her family but getting away is the last thing I need right now. Baby girl is turning 2 on Thursday and I gotta a BDay party to throw this Saturday. We got her swing set up last night and she LOVES it, especially the slide. I'm going t
  10. Keep up the good work Fearless! We all have setback, and I am so proud of you for pushing onward in spite of them! Sounds like you are moving in the right direction, hope it continues that way! No more crazies, ok? I'm cheering you on over here! Can you hear me over the ocean?
  11. Hello every one! I am ALIVE! but still internet less at home. Been too busy at work to check in, so please accept my apologies! I'm taking a little time after work to give this little message, want you all to know I'm doing good - lost 2 #'s!, making good food choices, and I've even started working out! In my awesome new back yard! Mon and Weds I did my body weight routine, sad at how much I've lost, but feels great (albeit sore) to be getting back on track. I plan on an early morning workout for tomorrow as well. I'll check in to everyone's thread as soon as I can, limited time before my rid
  12. Thanks every one! Things are going well, over all. I'm learning my new bus route, making it to work on time! Woot Woot! My gas was finally turned on yesterday so I got to shower at home, what a blessing, and only 8 more days till the internet service is turned on. I have to get by with my phone internet until then (and down time at work, as well). My daughter has spent a LOT of time away with my family while we were unpacking and settling into our new home. I think the move has been the hardest on her. She's lost her routine and now I have to try to get her back into 8 pm bed times and noon ho
  13. Thanks for stopping by! It has been CRAZY. We lost a lot of storage space, this new place has very little nooks and crannies and my goodness, do I miss them! We are getting creative with our vertical space, but I got most of our things unpacked, last rooms left to finish are the bathroom and the rest of the kitchen (too much stuff, not enough space!) But it's coming along. Work out indeed! I am a stair master (old apt was on 2nd floor) and new place has 2 sets of stairs to deal with. My quads, calves, shoulders, and every part of my arms were worked out, feeling delicously sore for the last
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