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  1. Hey Corey - my gout just started flaring up (argh). What meds did you get, I've only ever taken Ibuprofen.
  2. I think my shorts may have also played a part. They are designed for running and have the inner 'built in underwear' that is a mesha material. It has a rougher texture that probably contributed. I'll be wearing different shorts from here out.
  3. That makes sense, cline. It'll be a challenge to avoid rocking given the volume of SU's in Annie & where I'm at right now, from a fitness perspective.
  4. Hi terosx, I'm a minor SW nerd (with the semi-standard exception of Ep.1 & Ewoks, of course)
  5. Thanks Burizado. Give Annie a shot, she'll make you well aware of your abs for a couple days
  6. Hi all, NF & Xfit newb here Yesterday, after recently making it thru a 3 week on-ramp, I did my first named WOD: Annie. It was great but I got a seriously raw patch at the top of my buttcrack from the situps. Have you guys experienced anything similar? It's making sitting in my office chair a tad bit uncomfortable. I'm terrible at skipping so we did the single-under version (100-80-60-40-20). I came in at 13:00. A little bit sad, I know, but my skipping is horrendous. It did improve over the WOD (went from stringing 2 in a row to a streak of 20). Clearly I need to get my skipping on point.
  7. Hi Nessa, Thanks! No, the ol' lady isn't on here. Good luck to you too!
  8. Hi all, New guy here. Stumbled onto this site via the Tapatalk app- kudos for supporting it! About me.... well, I'm old. 45. I saw Star Wars in its original theatrical run. I've done the ol' yo-yo diet song and dance many times. Last time I dropped some weight was in 2008 where I went from 212-195. So, what's different this time? Well... a few things: I have discovered Crossfit. This is the first time I've found a Cardio'ish activity that I actually enjoy. I truly like this stuff! The box is right by my house. I'm talkin' a 1 minute walk. There are NO excuses not to train. My wife is doing this with me, it just makes it so much easier when you're both going thru it together. We started a 3 week Xfit on-ramp mid-March, have completed that and have now moved to the normal adult stream. We're both really diggin' it. I've also been closely tracking calories via MyFitnessPal with a goal of just over 1800/d. My goals are mostly non-scale based, inches lost are much more important than weight lost, but weight loss would be nice too . We've taken our 'Before' pics - I'm excited to take them as goals are attained. Here are my goals, I'll add new ones as I attain current ones: START stats:Weight: 212Stomach: 41"Waist: 39" GOAL 1Weight: 199Stomach: 40"Waist: 38" GOAL nWeight: 185Stomach: 35"Waist: 34"100 Burpees: Sub-10:00
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