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  1. Working in an office where people feel placing the free soda in the fridge is more important than people's lunch is just bonkers!!! I am upset 'cos I was "talked to about my "over-sized container."

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    2. LadyInRed


      Thank you! I'm trying not to respond in a passive-aggressive way, and I got really close to it. I was actually surprised when I moved here to see that all folks used the fridge for was soda & other drinks. I just got tired of taking my lunch cooler to my desk one day, and then they came up with this email. I complained about it, and discussed the health choices we were enforcing by choosing soda over lunch, and now more people are bringing lunch to work. Ha!

  2. Yeah... Stress eating does NOT do me good. :( This may become a gym day.

    1. El Exorcisto

      El Exorcisto

      Stress lifting is ALWAYS better than stress eating. Crank the angry music and deadlift til the floor breaks.

  3. Who knew that vitamins could have so many paleo no-no's? Ugh... :(

    1. maeggieakamegan


      Had the same feeling, wanted to try some but......love paleo too much to cheat :)

  4. Ugh... Just realized that I haven't even been paleo for 90 days. Feels much longer. :( And I still have so much to learn about my body.

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Hand in there Lady!

  5. Bad Ass for the win! I wish I could summon mine from somewhere deep inside. Apparently she stepped back after the last fight. Anyways, keep being your inspirational self. I'm cheering for you.
  6. Weekly report (Belated) Goal 1: I worked out just once last week, and it was on Saturday. I may need to take things slower because it feels like my brain and body are rejecting the good habits. What to do to reset? Goal 2: This continued, but having leftover ice cream and food that I did not prepare has not helped. I slipped back into the habit of eating right before bed, and eating waay past when I was full. Not good. I'm working to remedy this now. Goal 3: I did not do the angry birds workout at all. I think it's too much for me now esp. as I'm trying to use brain power to force mysel
  7. Thanks terosx. I don't know if I'm actually tired or lazy. The truth is that it's been difficult to even try and study for this test, and now having the workouts is just making me into a grumpy old bear. I kind of stopped working out - only worked out on Saturday. So, yes, you may be right. I'll reduce the work outs - maybe do the beginners body weight workout instead of the angry birds workout during this challenge.
  8. I gained 4 pounds... :( And this is not muscle. Time for a reset.

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    2. Ba'sini'on


      The scale is a lie, don't ya know?

    3. LadyInRed


      I'll look into that. I wasn't cooking with salt for a while before I went paleo, so I'll try cooking without it to check. I do know that I slipped back into bad habits though.

    4. LadyInRed


      @LostOne1775 In this case I don't think it is. :(

  9. I just realized how easy it is to get my "5" on paleo. I got my 5 at breakfast. With an extra 2 at lunch I'm probably going to end up with 10 today. :D #Winning

  10. Soo... Week 1 was interesting. Here's the breakdown: 1. Work out at the gym 3x a week - I worked out twice... So a B. 2. Eat paleo - I've continued eating paleo, even in the face of lots of cake and all. Today is my birthday and I still haven't had the ice cream I was planning on gorging myself on. I'm kinda happy, but I know that I really struggled with not picking up a box of buttery wafers at the grocery store yesterday. The fam came to visit and they didn't take all the non-paleo food with them, so I guess the office is going to be sharing in my birthday tomorrow. 3. Modified Angr
  11. I hope so. It hasn't proven to be easier though. Old habits are really kicking my shins for attention.
  12. Are you doing the Tough Mudder training once a week?
  13. This is why I love paleo - Lunch becomes breakfast, breakfast becomes dinner. Especially when I don't feel like cooking! :)

  14. Heh heh... I like this gif! *Stealing it for my phoenix collection* It just about hit you in the face right? Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn!
  15. Hello fellow members of the Rebellion... So I'm back at it again. Cycle 1 was a pretty good challenge (and many members of the Rebellion helped that happen), and now I'm aiming to dig deeper. The theme for this challenge is "BURN ". Why "Burn"? Well I consider myself a phoenix - a mythical creature who burns itself up and rises re-born from the ashes while flying into the sun...; yada yada yada.. No really. In more ways than one in my lifetime I've been re-born and have come to see/experience life in a new way. So I've come to see myself as a phoenix. In spite of things that I experienced
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