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  1. House

    Loopus Rebuilds.

    I needs updates!
  2. Having had to do a bit of that on my own; I can definitely agree that it is a painful process. However, once you get past that part; and really get past it - you'll be a much more amazing version of yourself. (And, in my experience, people will envy that quality, but it's awesome to have!) Keep up the great work bro!
  3. Meryl <3 One of my favorites
  4. Been eating better; at least more cleaner than what I have been. I think I made an important realization today: I need to stop comparing myself to others; and instead compare myself to the person I was before and strive to make me better. Kinda empowering, that. Today was my first workout in a long time, did the following: Alternating Curls - 4x10 @ 25lbs Overhead Dumbbell Press - 4x15 @ 50lbs (2x25 dumbbells) Feels so good! So nice!
  5. House

    Loopus Rebuilds.

    I wanna see part 2
  6. House

    Loopus Rebuilds.

    Yes! Definitely this!
  7. Time for a status update! Took my test today and gloriously failed; but the good news is I've got a second chance to pass! Haven't gotten to workout yet; TL;DR - being sick sucks; but the other goals are working themselves out just swimmingly. Cheers! -J
  8. Flex: you have no idea how happy I am for your right now! So glad to see that you're alive, and doing the things you need to do that'll make yourself a better you! in reply to your worthiness: you're one of the coolest people I know, certainly someone that I consider to be a closer friend here on NF than a lot of other peoplem. You have been there for me on more than a few occasions - I only hope that some day I can return the favor in some meaningful way. I'm in your corner bro; if you need anything from me in your fight, just let me know! -Jon
  9. House

    Loopus Rebuilds.

    Just re read your challenge; and I'm gonna steal the bit about writing I think. Cause that sounds fun
  10. I'm taking note; and can't wait to see where this challenge goes!
  11. What the heck; I am starting my challenge now until the end of the time period. Why? Well, why not? (And it is -my- challenge after all, if you don't like it, go create your own challenge with your own rules!) So far, day one is going fairly well. Still studying for my exam; and still feeling quite sick, so I may or may not workout today. We shall see.
  12. Yay! Now we have a reason to struggle thru this together
  13. Yay Flex is back! Cant wait to see the rest of the thread
  14. Yay! You're back! (maybe we'll see each other in IRC more; cause it's my goal to be more active there) Also, a Suggestion: start a challenge thread .:)
  15. @RedStone I am totally going to call you out right now: where is you're challenge thread?! ;D
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