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  1. Ouch. That's no fun. Sorry to hear that. It was fine. Only two of us showed up (myself and elizabethindigo) as my spouse is out of town, so we played a game of Chrononauts, ate some food and talked for a bit, and then left. Haha. I would love to plan another one soon where more of us might be able to make it.
  2. Just letting y'all know that I am here. I'm inside at one of the larger tables with my case of board games. Looking forward to meeting you guys.
  3. Hey folks, Just checking in for tonight. We will be meeting at Thinking Man in Decatur around 6:30. We will be having drinks and probably food and playing board games. I will be bringing a selection of games, a couple of which can play up to 8, so we can play larger games, or smaller games, or however we want to do it. You are also more than welcome to bring your favorites. My wife is out of town, so she will not be joining us, unfortunately, but you are more than welcome to bring SO's or other guests and we'll have a grand old time. On the bright side, though, I got nothing going
  4. Hermione! I was wondering why we hadn't heard from you for this one. Haha. Excellent. Then we will plan on this Saturday at 6:30 pm at Thinking Man in Decatur. I will be bringing a selection of games, but others are also more than welcome to. And we will go until whenever we feel like stopping.
  5. Okay. Here is what I am thinking. Feel free to disagree, I'm just throwing something out there. If everyone is cool with it, let's do Decatur, since Thinking Man was brought up. I have never been to Thinking Man, but Decatur has some fun shops, food, ice cream, the works. Everything you need for a night out. Haha. And it is accessible both by car and MARTA. I will bring a good selection of games myself, but others can feel free to bring some and we'll decide what to play when we get there. And we can get dinner or ice cream, or just hang out on the Square. We'll leave it pretty open-ended and
  6. I was thinking either Decatur or Little 5, though I would be willing to go to My Parents' Basement, if anybody has any particular preference. Little 5 has some nice bars and restaurants, never been to thinking man, though. I've been to My Parents' Basement once and it was a pretty nice place. Food was good.
  7. Alright, meet up fizzled again, so I am going to pick a date and we can go from there. How does brews & boardgames sound for around 6:30 pm, on Saturday, July 30th sound?
  8. I was not aware there was a member map. Haha. Where is this map?
  9. Ironically, that organization is what brought us to South Atlanta. My wife was the manager there for about a year. She helped over see the opening of the grocery store. It's a great organization.
  10. That's hilarious. Now I really want to know who is actually older. ;-)
  11. True. Being OTP is a pain in the ass. I've lived here for 2.5 years now, and haven't had a car since I moved. Haha. Also, I live in South Atlanta, which is very close to Grant Park. It's a good area to live in. And it really depends on what people are feeling. Sometimes something active, sometimes not. Brews and boardgames has been brought up a few times, which could be fun.
  12. Should be fine. I will be out of town the weekend of the 17th, but the weekend of the 24th should work for me.
  13. Welcome to the ATL. I would be up for a meet up. I have not been able to make one yet, so I would love to change that. :-) Hopefully we can get the others on board. Do you live in Douglasville, then, or just joined a gym there?
  14. Dang. Hell of a thing to miss. I knew that I wasn't going to be able, but I really wish that I could have. Especially since it was apparently a really big gathering. Super disappointed.
  15. Welcome, Mathias. Looking forward to seeing you around. I wish I were going to be able to go see Steve tomorrow, but we should definitely do another meet up soon.
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