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  1. I'm in SW Calgary and am looking to build up my hiking fitness with hikes in and around Calgary. Would be awesome to have a meet-up and get a few group hikes in this summer if anyone's interested.
  2. Hey all, March's challenge kind of fell apart halfway through but I'm back for April (although a bit late). Here's what I have planned for this month. Health & Fitness Goals Exercise for 10-15 minutes per day, no excuses. Maintain Level 7 recommended in the Academy. Meal prep, grocery shop playing Supermarket Sweep, and have all my veggies chopped and ready to dump into the pot on Sunday mornings so everything is ready for the week. Level Up Your Life Goal Pay off my first credit card (currently at $550). I'm working on becoming debt-f
  3. Hey everyone, Thanks for all your comments. The first week has been a bit rocky. I got a couple good workouts in earlier in the week, then came down with a fever on Thursday/Friday that put me out of action for a couple days. I tried climbing the outdoor stairs yesterday. My goal was to climb them three times, but I only made it once before calling it quits (and having a 20-minute coughing fit afterwards). My mini-goal this week will be to not miss a workout and to climb the outdoor steps at least three times in a row by next Sunday, as well as remembering to include my 15 minutes of ac
  4. Hey everyone! I've decided to try for another challenge. Mine will run from Feb. 29 to March 31st. Quests are what I'd like to have accomplished by the end of March. My boss battle for the end of the month will be climbing a large set of outdoor stairs that are fairly close to my home. Right now I'm trying to improve my overall health and fitness level to prepare for spring/summer 2016. My plan is to get a lot of hiking done this year so I'm starting with stair climbing for my main workouts. Quests Complete 30 days of eating a paleo diet. I will allow two days this month where I can
  5. Hey everyone, I found this challenge just in time! Health & Fitness Goals Continue Whole 30 Challenge. I'm on Day 3 and so far so good. In fact, I think I'll do Whole 30 for the entire 6 Week Challenge and will end it on August 16th in stead of the 3rd.Go for a half-hour walk at least three times per week. On my off days I will get in a short walk and workout Complete the Mindset Quests in the AcademyComplete 6 Adventurer Quests in the Academy - ideally one per weekCreate workout playlistsMeditate every day Personal Goals Write creatively 3 days a week for at least half an hourCr
  6. Okay, I've basically stolen this off of Steve's webpage, though I have made my own additions to it. Travel North America (Starting Level) Hike up a mountainHike the West Coast TrailVisit Wild Horse Island in MontanaHike/bike around live volcanoes in HawaiiVisit AlcatrazFind a geocacheJoin a CSAVisit Stevie Ray Vaughan's grave in Texas. Master Quest: Meet his bandmates Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon and Reese Wynans.Go ice diving in the ArcticAttend Camp Nerd FitnessComplete a Mud Hero/Tough Mudder runMaster Quests Compete at the Spruce Meadows Masters TournamentCentral/South America (Jungle
  7. 4.20.2015 Still struggling to get back on paleo but I'll keep trying
  8. 4.17.2015 Dinner was a special non-paleo meal. Ordered in Vietnamese. My family and I have decided that if we try hard and do well during the week we can have one meal that is anything we want.Prepping some meals for next few days to get back on track.4.18.2015 Watched my nieces' swimming lesson.A bit off track paleo-wise. I need to get back on track so I made some homemade Lara Bars. That way I can have a treat when I'm craving something sweet without going off track.4.19.2015 Haven't been much better diet-wise yet. This evening I'm planning some basic meals for the week ahead to get my
  9. 4.16.2015 Ate paleo-ish. I've been half-assing it the last couple of days so I need to get back on track.Walked around the block with my nieces5 minute meditation before bed
  10. 4.13.2015 Added some OoT tracks to my ipod for fun and motivation.Completed a 2 minute guided meditation session on calm.comAte paleo4.14.2015 Completed 5 minute meditation sessionCompleted 10 minute beginner pilates workoutHave eaten mostly paleo. Today was a bit of a cheat day.5 minute calm.com session before bed
  11. April 13 - May 25 6 Week Challenge -Continue with Whole30 Challenge, complete by May 10th -Lose 15 lbs -Complete at least 1 Academy Quest per week -Do a home yoga session twice a week -Build Batcave -Update workout music on ipod shuffle. Going to add a ton of OoT songs! -Walk 2-3 times per week and gradually add weight to prepare for longer hikes -Complete the Forest and Fire Temples in LoZ Workout. -Complete two minute guided meditation sessions 2-3 times per week (aiming for everyday) Goal Complete the Eau Claire Trail hike (weather permitting)
  12. There are also paleo beef jerky options available. Welcome!
  13. Sorry I'm so late to this thread. Been trying to get more active on the boards. I live in central SW Calgary and would be happy to meet up with people for a light walk or hike. I have some health issues so I can't do any heavy cardio. Would meet up a Princes Island or Fish Creek. Edworthy also works for me.
  14. I'd love to join. Been a long time reader and occasional poster but I haven't been able to stick to a challenge yet or really get into the Paleo diet. I'll be 26 next month, 5'6" and am looking to lose about 40 pounds. I've also got some health issues that I'm trying to get under control so I'll feel better and have more energy. Looking for motivation and camaraderie. I'd like to start weight lifting and do yoga regularly, then try out some basic parkour moves. I'm based in Canada at the moment but am happy to email/text, etc.
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