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  1. Oh man I got lucky. The twinge on the right corner of my sacrum quieted down very nicely. I got two rounds of heat on it - I went home early and worked sitting cross legged on the couch with some heat, and then again after putting the small one to bed. MFH's autoimmune thing that destroys the inside of his mouth has flared so badly he hasn't been able to talk much (new meds, drs, yes, all being done to try to make things better, but still terrible and painful) or eat much, so I've been carrying more of the small one's evening routine. This is tiring, but it's just where we are right now. I woke up this morning with the usual mess of hip pain and a little generalized lower back stiffness but nothing that a shower and walking around didn't fix. Today is a rest day. Tomorrow I hope to get to the gym.
  2. So I managed a very rare multiple days in a row of workouts. Monday I rode my bike trainer in the basement for ~35 minutes. With my hips feeling really off, I focused more on riding in a little harder gear and keeping my knees aligned in the correct plane. Yesterday I went to the gym. I was super late getting out the door (because kiddo), so I curtailed the climbing and allowed myself to take my first meeting from my car on my way in. Climbed 4 routes: 5.8 and 5.10 that I've done before and a new 5.8 and 5.10. Back squat 45x5, 95 5x3, 105 5x2 Bent over dumbbell flys - ROM felt a bit funky - 10 lb ea hand 7x, 15 7x3 Seated curls full ROM (moved a leg out of the way to allow my arms to straighten all the way down) 20 lbs ea 7x3 Today MFH was home sick (unfortunately) so I got to head to the gym earlier (fortunately) Climbed 6 routes - one 5.7, and the rest all 10s, although I fell off both the 5.10+ routes about 3/4 the way up. Incline press 15 lbs ea 10x, 20 lb ea 7x3 Bulgarian split squat - tried holding 20 lb dumbbells for a few reps right side, but too wobbly. Unweighted 7x3. Deadlift 135 7x, 155 5x2, 175 3x The incline press felt like a better challenge than OHP. The OHP felt a little weird the other day and the incline press with dumbbells can be bailed from. Also it's a pretty targeted exercise, which is cool. I did something super dumb unloading the barbell at the end of today and woke up an old injury on the right top corner of my sacrum. I swung the plate off the barbell too far away from myself. I'm putting heat on it. The initial injury was almost 20 years ago, but I had ticked it off in 2015. It hasn't done anything since then and I'm sure it will settle down.
  3. Monday update. Hey guess what, hips still hurt. It's intermittent. Exercise helps SO much. But, MFH has a cold coupled with this funky and terrible autoimmune thing that attacks his mouth periodically, so we're not firing on all cylinders. I didn't make it to the gym Saturday because I adopted a piece of furniture on Friday and we moved it into the house Saturday and it needed a little work. We ended up spending an unexpected amount of time on the floor in the living room shimming and gluing the draw support in a wood buffet cabinet that will be starting a new life as blanket and toy storage. On the other hand it turned out awesome. Thank you Marketplace muses! We can't figure out if its SUPER old and someone repainted the red part and the inside of the doors at some point - I found painters tape on a door latch. Or if it's not that old, but made partly out of old barnwood. It's a strange mismatch of nicely crafted drawers but some totaly janky-but-works nailing and gluing inside for the rails the drawers slide on. The shelf in the back looks like a pressure treated something that you could park a truck on, and the back is mismatch pine board and plywood. Totally weird. But it's really pretty, and I was able to adjust the door latches so that a three-year-old can easily open and close the doors, but they still stay closed. It won't tip over and it doesn't have any glass in the front either. So after a little TLC, it looks like it will do us very nicely for many years to come. Just because I have a ton of toys in my living room, doesn't mean I don't also want it to look nice without much effort. Anyway, that saga meant no workout Saturday. Sunday was a family cross country skiing day with a friend riding along to learn to ski and help us kid-wrangle (she's the best!). The small one got wiped out very easily because his skis don't have edges and there was enough crust that he was sliding a lot. But we brought the truck, with a crash pad and blanket and camp stove in the back. So I took him back and set him up with hot chocolate, soup, people watching, and some cartoons on the tablet. He was a very happy camper, and giving him this safe space to chill out and enjoy being outside meant the adults got to rotate skiing and hanging out duties for a couple more hours. I probably only skied a mile, but it was better than nothing. And we got super lucky with NO wind. So I'll take the win.
  4. We did in fact get a new mattress right before this whole saga started, and it DOES help. Also, I'm assuming that this is temporary, but depressingly sleep-depriving.
  5. Ok actual workout update. My hips hurt. They've moved out a bit. The hormones are making them complain. SO, yesterday evening I rode the trainer for only about 35 minutes or so, but I focused a lot on keeping my hips and knees inline throughout the pedalstroke. That was worth doing. They still woke me up in the morning, but it was a bit better. I finished my ride feeling really down on myself for how much harder this pregnancy feels and how much more everything hurts and how much I feel like I'm coming up short. Yeah, I need a better perspective. This morning I had a late morning gym session. The route setters were out so I repeated some routes that weren't blocked off. 5.8 repeat 2x, 5.10 repeat 2x, 5.11- attempted 2x (got 1/2way), 5.7, new 5.10- fell off last move due to doing something dumb. Then: Bulgarian split squats 7x3 with no additional weight. Talk about a way to highlight how much I need to stabilize my joints! This was a great one. I think I had my back a bit vertical for the true move with weight, but otherwise it went pretty well OHP 45 5x5, man I felt weak today. Not in the force to get the bar up, but something just felt off, so I didn't move up to 55 lbs. Tomorrow I have to go take the truck to pick up a piece of furniture a ways north of us, so I may not get a workout in. We'll see. The drive will be relaxing though. It's a good truck. It will be some nice quiet time.
  6. I SAID I was going to post more. Holy cats, this pregnancy I am SO much more tired. I say that knowing full well my 3.5-yo woke us up at 11:25 and then we got up at 5. So.....yeah no mystery there. I'm sure I was tired the first time around. Just not THIS tired. And the core damage from the first kiddo seems to be making managing keeping my abs healthy a lot harder. Again... no mystery there but ugh. There is ONE thing better about this pregnancy: I discovered maternity jeans with FRONT POCKETS and BELT LOOPS (looking at you, car keys on a carbiner). I like the snuggly full belly panel style, but the ones I had from Target last year lacked these features. I came across such full featured jeans at Walmart but they had a bunch of detroyed holes in them, so I bought them but then treated myself to two more work-appropriate pairs from Gap. Wheeee. Much better. Yes, that is totally irrelevant to my quest, but it does help me hate getting dressed a little less.
  7. Well I had a very tired week and didn't post much. Things in the sleep department continued to deteriorate to the point where Wednesday I just felt sick, super nauseous all morning, compounded it by not eating enough breakfast, and spent the day half asleep on the couch. Not great. MFH's shop was moving across town this week, so this meant a little extra kid time for me, which was fine, but meant some slightly fewer workouts. I did manage to ride my bike on the trainer for a while Friday. Saturday morning we hit the climbing gym but I only climbed a few routes because we were in family mode. All fine. Yesterday was the big ultrasound for our new addition and everything looked great Yay. After a rather dysfunctional phone call with my mom, I was feeling pretty low, but managed to drag myself to the gym. BUT it was a holiday, in January (gym noobs), around lunch time. I didn't climb at all and had to wait a bit for a barbell. I WILL say, I walked into the gym in a terrible mood, picked up some heavy stuff, and walked out in a great mood. Workout was: Started doing goblet squats with a 35 lb dumbbell, one set of 7, next set interrupted because a barbell came available Dumbbell curl to press, 15 lb ea hand 5x5 Back squat 85 5x2, 95 5x3 Gorilla rows again, adjusting to a more sumo stance, 44 ea hand 5x3 This was nice. I felt better. Interestingly turning the core engagement on in the gym had me not hurting my belly bending down to feed the cats later in the evening, which was really nice. Taking a week off was BAD. I have more to write, but just wanted to get the update in for now.
  8. And another night of bad sleep. This time I woke up in the wee hours of the morning because my hips hurt. I thought this hit later in pregnancy last time? I also remember after the first small one was born, about six weeks later, my hips reverted back to their previous shape (a circumference difference of 4" !!! human bodies are crazy) so fast that that hurt too. Urgh. I'm working on site today and hope that extra walking around will help. I'm going to go home early and either rest or ride my trainer depending on where my mood is and how sleepy I am. This morning I weighed myself again in honor f the start of Week 20. Last weigh in was at 2 pm in workout clothes. This time was similar clothes in the morning. I weighed 151.2 lbs. (Which is 11-12 lbs or so above my base weight) That confuses me a bit. I guess Flipper ate all the extra that was sitting around from 9 days of traveling? And of course I'm probably a little dehydrated in the morning. It's been 6 days. I SHOULD be up a lb? I do feel like I'm eating a lot better since I got back, and the loss in weight makes me feel pretty validated about adding protein powder back into my diet. I'm adding in a little meal tracking to this challenge. Not so much focused on dinner, but the other stuff throughout the day. Dinner at our house is usually some sort of stew+carb situation. Last night was a mexican chicken stew with apples, chiles, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes in it over rice and a slice of warm bread. This will be roughly repeated through the week because in my house "home-cooked" and "from scratch every night" don't happen in the same sentence during the work week. Breakfast this morning was: 2 eggs w cheese A small bowl of cereal with whole milk 1/2 a banana coffee I'm having lunch with a friend today that will probably involve eggs and potatoes or something similar. When my doc asked if I was eating "home cooked food" more on our trip I sort of didn't know how to answer. I cook as well, but differently. It's easy to avoid junk sweets at my house because they aren't everywhere. Even though I try to avoid them on family trips, when there are cookies in three rooms of the house, I end up eating some. Not a ton, but definitely more than my usual habits. At our house right now all I have are some snickerdoodles from making cookies with the small one when school was closed. Being back in my usual rhythms (and at my usual elevation I think) just makes me self-regulate a lot more easily without thinking about it much.
  9. The room redo is so sweet! What a nice thing to do for your person
  10. Just catching up with you now. TWO Rangers doing S&S. I'm curious. I use KBs here and there, but not very often. I'm curious about them, but a little leary of screwing up the grip and irritating my already irritable right thumb tendon. Anyone have a favorite resource (YouTube?) for getting that form right? Also the Turkish getup will definitely be on my "when not pregnant" to do list. But I've always wanted to try it with a barbell...... one day. I'm impressed by the wake up time as well. My small one wakes up between 5 and 5:30 and it feels like I'm a burned egg getting attacked with a spatula just to get up and make sure he washes his hands!
  11. I slept terribly last night. Flipper had a growth spurt or something and spent the whole night informing me that my belly isn't roomy enough. I dunno. But it hurt and was very hard to stay comfortable. I met one of my climbing friends at the gym today anyway and while I was planning on taking it a little easy, I ended up taking it even easier becuase her pace in the morning is just slower. I'm turning into MFH I guess, but the fact that she takes her shoes off and then has to put them back on and retie them every route was quietly bugging me as I watched the clock. Still, she's a really nice person to climb with in the morning, from her puzzle solving on climbs to the fact that my preggo self trusts her as a belayer. Climbed 4 routes, all 10s. Fell off a really confusing one repeatedly at the end. Upstairs she and I were talking about power lifting between my sets Gorilla rows, 44 lb KBs, 7x3 And that was it for today. Wednesday will be squats and flys or curls. I'm trying to get over my "the squat is king" mentality from 5x5 as I want to focus on upper body and not over stress my abdominal wall as I get bigger. Lol. So far total fail. I am switching it up though so it doesn't just become about increasing weight. I'm playing with unweighted split squats on my couch. My right knee makes an amazing noise when I straighten it out. Tomorrow is the day. The weather is clear. It's the day to meet the ridgeline. The halfway point in her journey, our protagonist will spend a week traversing the rocky spine before the technical descent down into more arable terrain toward the river delta. Her stop on the lower slopes at the tavern was lovely, but it tipped her hand a bit. Her pack contains live cargo. And its a race against the clock to get to the lowlands before it hatches. She misses her horse, but the horses wanted nothing to do with this load and its strange smell and the magic is carries. The pack has felt heavier, but maybe it just wriggles more. Her game of carrying JUST enough provisions to move the the weight is tenuous. If she gets stuck in bad weather or doesn't move fast enough , she'll be in dire straits. Passing through the ridgeline, she's giving her live cargo a tour of what will be its home later in life, but the river delta, with its plentiful food and people to support her efforts, must be her first roost. After all, baby griffins like fish. I've been trying to find a way to characterize our protagonist's quest that fits with where my life is right now. Traveling across inhospitable lands to hatch the egg of a rare, thought to be extinct by some, magical beast with a long non-draconic mythology behind it seems about right. So here we are. This is why the pack wriggled in the tavern. Tomorrow is "Week 20." In a week I have the all-important anatomy ultrasound to make sure the incubating small one is a-ok beyond the blood tests we've already had.
  12. And dug around in my cabinet and found the protein powder. It’s old and I need to buy more, but hey: 4 oz chai 8 oz milk 1 scoop powder meet my little friend, the immersion blender. It’s pretty delicious! protein: 28 g
  13. Had a little chat with myself today about why I’m feeling rough in the afternoon. A cookie or a glass of juice kinda helps but not really. The thing is, even before the pregnancy I wasn’t really eating my favorite way because work was so overwhelming. When I start training without a second human living off me, I would like to lean out a bit an bulk up my upper back and shoulders. The thing is, training shoulders is also something I can do safely now. But. I’m not eating right. I’m in a rush. I grab what’s handy. And that’s always more carbs than my body prefers. Time to set things right. for lunch today, Flipper and I were craving an old simple dish that I love: rice with fried eggs and kimchi. My egg flipping mojo was a bit off and a broke a yolk, but still. This HIT the spot. Especially with the end of this morning’s coffee reheated with some chai.
  14. In some areas this would be a wonderful comparison. I wouldn't want to be his hairdresser though.
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