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  1. DaemonCorax

    Rhovaniel: Healing

    So, for the uninitiated, WHAT is a Spinning monkey ? [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. DaemonCorax

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    Glad to hear the day is going well. You know "I'm broke" is the best excuse ever for not going out drinking if you don't want to share what you're going through with everyone. I get the conflict though - having people around you can definitely be warm and positive. It's great you're thinking all this through. Good job! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax chugs along

    I wanted to post a 6 sec video of me running in my snowshoes for comic relief, but there wasn't a super convenient link. I'm pretty sure "running in 25" snowshoes at 10k ft" is on someone's list of things not to do 17.5 weeks pregnant, but it was great. MFH had other ideas. He still doesn't like snowshoeing, so he bought some nordic ski boots immediately after. Yay! I grew up with a lot of time on crosscountry skiis and he alpine skiis. Now we have two complete nordic backcountry setups! He's going to teach me how to go downhill and I'm going to teach him about kickwax and it's off to the races. Today has been uneventful. Rode to work. Totally not on time because hanging out with the roomie. (Yep! 3 people serve the needs and desires of the cat!) Goal 1: Get to work before 9 am on non-climbing days. - Lol. 2/3 non-climbing days actually. Not on time Monday. On time Wednesday because we did a daycare tour. 8 minutes late Friday, but I'm counting it. B- Goal 2: Pull-ups in the basement. This continues to be elusive, but the support work and return to lifting seems to help. I did 10 push-ups today for the first time in a while. Totally different motion, but it means my upper body is happier. The bodyweight circuit I gave myself needs more tweaking - the yoga part isn't really as useful as I would hope. C Goal 3: Quiet the mind and talk to someone. This is going a little better. I talked to my dad briefly and that was nice. I've been mostly nicer to MFH, but I still get gripped with worry about upcoming relatively small things. B- Goal 4: Prioritize and tackle tasks. Got our first daycare visit under our belts and filled out paperwork. Filled out the forms to up the life insurance. Ripped teh Bandaid off today and told my incoming boss the pregnancy news - it went so well! (In spite of stressing me out.) He and my old boss need to talk about workloads and project planning for next year, so he needed the information. A
  4. DaemonCorax

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    The gigs and the people will be around days and weeks from now. Take your break now, when you need it, and you will be able to interact with them later while keeping your relationship with alcohol more on your own terms. You're doing great just recognizing you need the self-care time. And though you may feel like you're letting some folks down, your roommate is obviously getting an amazing roasted dinner benefit, so it must all come out in the wash right? *hugs*
  5. DaemonCorax

    Beyond Barbells: Tanktimus Bashes Barriers

    Let me know when you need to pull yourself back from that financial cliff - I have a friend who's had a terrible experience with it! Ended up in it 3x as long, then got put in braces, has a random front tooth misbehaving like crazy, hates the whole thing. Be super careful.
  6. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax chugs along

    Today was a win I needed. Yesterday was rough. Friday night we went to a little social gathering with friends and I totally ran out of extroversion. Was tired and super upset feeling all day yesterday. We didn't go to the gym, just ran errands. Blah. Today I went snowshoeing w MFH. We didn't put the snowshoes on until about .7 mi in where it got deeper. We did 8 miles roughly, going from about 9100 ft to 10200 ft. As usual the first 10 min my lungs noticed we were up! And my body would not let me push super super hard, but still not shabby. I even got to run a bit. Running in snowshoes is silly fun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. DaemonCorax

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    ^^ this! And all the internet hugs. Also I'm sitting on the floor with a cup of coffee and clean hair. I couldn't tell you the last day I washed my hair. I cheat: the air is dry in CO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. DaemonCorax

    Night Watch Gonna Ranger: The Build the Wall Ranger Mini-Challenge

    Welp I fell flat on my face with this this week. No BW squats for me. I picked up the barbell again though and I think it's done more for my mental health than anything else I've tried in the past 4 months. (Nm that it took me a month to do it between deciding and taking action.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. DaemonCorax

    tgp tries to quietly slip into (old) habits

    Welcome back! My screenname changed a while back, but I remember you I think!
  10. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax chugs along

    Thanks! Yesterday was more snow than today. The road I ride into town (on non-gym mornings) gets a lot of sun, so when I rode Monday and today there were only some places that were snowy. But in town, the bikes paths, while plowed(!), are covered in packed snow, dust of snow, a bit of ice, you name it. My studded tires are great for this. The snow that always gets me stuck, on this bike or my mtn bike with the 3" tires, is the "mashed potatoes" of snow pushed around by cars, and the refrozen chunks that hide in it. Packed down real snow (which doesn't happen uniformly here very often) it great to ride on - I used to so it a lot the year I live in central PA. Studded tires are slow and don't corner very well, but I love the peace of mind they bring. With so many sore spots in my body right now, I really don't want to wipe out and add bruises to the mix. I fall well, and I don't have a big belly yet, so I wouldn't hurt the baby. But it would still be hugely no fun.
  11. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax chugs along

    Things that made me happy today: Thing 1: I was only 8 minutes late to my morning meeting in spite of sitting down on the couch with the cat and then riding in. My ride with studded tires is a little slower, but really its the "getting stuck" on the couch wiht the cat part of the morning that is my kryptonite. Thing 2: Non-maternity maternity clothes. Thank you American Eagle Outfitters. These guys have been selling me inexpensive skinny jeans for years. I just got two of their men's crewneck sweaters for work - they're loose everywhere they need to be, but still look neat and adult in a way that an old hoodie never will. I also am retiring some super old leggings that I bike in under my pants in the cold - they're too faded and see through and blown out to wear alone in the gym, and the waist band has stitching that bites me when I'm riding. So AE leggings with soft fuzzy insides. I really hate consumerism, but clothes that make me comfortable at work and on my bike without being very expensive are a huge deal. I haven't told my work yet, and I've had a lot of days of feeling very uncomfortable and frumpy. So yeah, 2 $24 sweaters and some $20 leggings are just what the doctor ordered. Also, one day someone needs to explain to me why men's sweater are made of so much nicer knits than women's????? Thing 3: Today is the second day in a row I have the energy to use my standing desk. (A huge piece of plywood on Xerox boxes on my regular desk.) My posture and shoulders are thanking me for it. This is a nice contrast to the fact that last night EVERYTHING hurt. Not "workout sore muscles" hurt, just hurt. Swollen, rearranging, stiff, hurt. Ugh.
  12. DaemonCorax

    Radio Rowan: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Moar drawing pleez?
  13. DaemonCorax

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    Good job for going! Late buses when it's cold out are miserable. Don't forget to stay hydrated even thought it's cold. If you're dehydrated, dizziness and muscle cramps will be sooooo much worse. Warm apple cider in hydrating hint hint. (If tap water on a cold day isn't your thing.)
  14. DaemonCorax

    Shello's Intentional Challenge

    I can't figure out why Crossfit is so expensive either. I'm seriously considering joining a crossfit for part of the winter because of the support and community that I haven't been getting, but ouch! My climbing gym is $70/mo and has a small weight room upstairs with barbells, bumper plates, rings, everything. For now I'm doing that self-guided with a little advice here and there. *shrug*
  15. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax chugs along

    Things that made me happy today: Hit the climbing gym in the morning. Only had time for 4 routes plus a crack lap because I wanted to get upstairs to the weight room. Thing 1: Front squat 45x5 - just a little warm-up set to look at my "midline stability" as I hear it's called. BS 75 5x5 - this felt easy, but I really wanted to make sure my form was good and my knees weren't caving. Did some inverted rows on the TRX webbing things, some hangs, and excruciating negatives. Thing 2: Rode the 2.5 miles to work while it was still snowing. Studded 37mm very knobby tires on my singlespeed road bike crunch along in a friendly crackly way on the packed snow (and possible ice) on the paths. Getting back on the weights and meeting with Nicole has given me a real motivation boost. I'm standing at my makeshift plywood desk for the first time in weeks in an attempt to retrain my posture. She called me "trap-y." Lol. As in my traps are big for my size, and way too tight. I makes sense that I lost my lats first in first trimester exhaustion - they were the hardest to build, the last to arrive, and not a place my body usually keeps muscle. Abs and arms have generally been the non-road bike muscle mass that sticks as my base. MFH is the opposite - off the couch his back muscle is ridiculous, but he loses front-core and pecs first when we dial things down. Bodies are funky machines.