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    Hi all - This isn't really an outlined challenge, per se. I'm just checking in. Starfish is 8 weeks old on Saturday. I'm sort of ok and sort of not. Physically: Well, c sections do things to your core that I had studiously avoided while pregnant. I got back in the climbing gym at the 6 week mark and discovered that I can't push with my toes very well because my core between my belly button and my incision is a mess. I can edge and do a lot of other things, but some motions just don't work at all. It's very weird. I am also, oddly enough, super tired. I have 10-15 lbs to lose before I'll really consider myself in fighting shape, although I keep reminding myself that I put on back and lower body muscle while pregnant. I deadlifted 135 the other day, just to see how it felt. It was ok, but I'm not eager to lift heavy regularly right now. Things are still healing. The neurological stuff is weird - I had to THINK about how to front squat with the barbell. All in all, I'm not supposed to complain - I don't have any signs of pelvic floor dysfunction or diastasis recti. But I don't feel like myself in any realm. So far since the 6-week mark: 3 trips to the climbing gym, one of which felt good. 1 climbing trip outside - carrying a pack plus baby was fine, but I only climbed 2 routes and hung all over one of them. 3 hikes, and probably going again today. My right hip is confused about life - my hips have been agressively getting smaller again and that motion, plus the healing at the corner of my incision, has created some pulling feeling that I have to be careful with. Mentally - well. That's for another post. Long story short: I'm not showing signs of the anger and irritability I had while pregnant, but there's a lot to work through. I really appreciated all your support and care through my pregnancy. Y'all are wonderful.