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    DaemonCorax incubates and searches for goals

    Thanks for this guys. I'm on day 10w +2d and I'm just not enjoying it. I'm angry about how not-myself I feel and how short-tempered I've gotten with MFH (which of course makes things worse). I've dealt with some mental dips before, but this seems like too much. And my body hates hormones. As for the food stuff: I had blood drawn for the first appointment, so we'll see if there are any red flags, but I would be shocked if gestational diabetes was even an option. I've been eating more bread than before, but I'm not really a sweets and sugar person, so it doesn't make sense to me. My doc and my roomie (former trauma nurse) have both suggested I pick up some compression socks, so we'll see how that goes. Shoulder spasms sitting on the couch after dinner are a thing. Apparently my brachial artery may be getting unhappy with low blood pressure? I was too tired last night to climb. Like practically in tears on the way to pick up MFH to carpool home. I tried some pull-ups in the basement. I got 6, but I had to rest between each one and the exertion (not the muscles) felt pretty rough. I rode in this morning pissed about being late to work, but too stubborn to drive.
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    Boundaries Gonna Ranger: The Ranger Border Guard Mini-Challenge Part 1

    Preggo Ranger rolls in hat pile for a nap.
  3. So I've been on an off here for a long time. I'm currently moving toward the end of my first trimester incubating a tiny human. I'm trying to find new goals to set my sights on in my constantly adjusting physical world. After climbing my first bigwall (1200', 2.5 days) in June, this is a BIG change. I used to ride 8.5 miles to work and climb at the gym several days a week afterwards and these days I'm way too tired - it's definitely an either/or situation. So each week I set goals - this week it was to ride in 4 days and carpool home. But I was too tired to climb yesterday so I drove in this morning to get my evening climbing in; my shoulders need it. Eh. Goals for the month: 1. Stay positive and patient. There's a reason I'm so tired: I'm not sleeping very well. I'm relearning how to eat. And I'm incubating a tiny human. So... yeah. If I'm tired it's not laziness. My usually self-motivation needs to be less negative. There's a huge mental mess happening here, and when it trickles over and makes me impatient and snarky at home, I feel like a jerk. 2. Do exercise 6 days a week. - this could be the 8.5 mi ride in, climbing, yoga, whatever. When I don't exercise my blood pressure gets out-of-whack low and I'm more dizzy and more tired than if I rode my bike ><. 3. Find a healthy way to eat at work. I work in a lab a lot and can't keep snack in my pockets. So then I go 4-5 hours without eating and feel SO sick. This is a major change from intermittent fasting. 4. Pick out incremental goals. We cancelled our wall trip for this week (no wonder!), but are going to Joshua Tree in November. I haven't dug through the guide book, but I know choosing routes to climb will give me motivation to move around when I'm tired and keep the vicious circle of tired-dizzy-couch-sore joints-bad sleep-tired.... at bay. I also just want to talk to some folks on here to get some perspective. The pregnancy is a happy thing, and I know the baby is healthy, but I'm really wiped out and having trouble adjusting.
  4. DaemonCorax

    How to tone

    Yeah. Third call for squats. Also look at what you eat - try to focus on whole foods, and don't skip the fats and proteins. "Abs are built in the kitchen" is actually more broadly applicable to all muscles.
  5. So I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have gained no weight. I could have sworn my boobs put on 3 lbs, but nope, apparently not. My husband says he's noticed my face is thinner too. Pre-pregnancy I only ate two big meals a day and sometimes a snack. I was in lean 138-lb rock-climbing shape. Now I'm exhausted. And hungry to the point of being dizzy if I don't eat something for ~4 hours. Can we agree the "no extra calories" thing is crap for people who already exercise a lot? I hate this idea that pregnancy should be a wake-up call to exercise and get healthy. I was a serious athlete prior to pregnancy. Now I'm definitely slowed down, but I have a hard time believing a don't need extra food to exercise, work full-time and grow a human. It just doesn't match my experience. FWIW my exercise looks like riding 8.5 mi to work several times a week and rock climbing for a weekend day or two and an evening or so during the week - less than pre-pregnancy because SO TIRED, but still not nothing. Thoughts? Any similar experiences?