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  1. The gyms reopened in the summer with very tight caps on people, reservation systems, and mask requirements. We just started going again. My newish home gym - near the house rather than work - has very high ceilings and great ventilation, so we feel the risk is pretty well mitigated. Also the Boulder area is taking the pandemic reasonably seriously. Colorado is a big state, with lots of cool things. Where your jumping off point is really depends on work and which sport you’re chasing
  2. I love Colorado, but both Boulder and the Springs have their quirks. Colorado Springs has a lot of city-traffic sprawl, where Boulder is much more manageable. The Air Force Academy makes my prior-service husband distinctly not a fan. It's also a very conservative area, which may or may not be your bent. Boulder is in some ways the opposite - good dirtbag culture, lots of safe places to park overnight, navigable by foot and bike, good coffee, some bastions of queer culture that are safe and welcoming. However, Boulder is also pretty silver-spoon and expensive. It's a great starting place, but you could easily end up in Golden, Lyons or FoCo. I will say I have a number of van-dwelling friends who don't have problems finding places to park. My favorite part of Colorado is the western slope. Yes, it is also a place not politically aligned with me, full of oil&gas. But it's diversifying. And the rocks are orange. And deserty. If you go full vanlife, message me. MFH is an auto-mechanic that ends up working on a lot of van builds. It can go horribly wrong, and I might be able to save you some time.
  3. Reading y'alls challenges is perking me up a bit. I want a character for this challenge, but I think really that just makes me add: Goal 5: Drawing! Also, because @Rurik Harrgath includes stats, here's my attempt: Height: 5' 7" Weight: 135-140. Lol. Oh dear. I haven't weighed myself in 12 months. Still fit the same jeans. Sz 4. Abs: Visible (Along with a little extra skin and a 5" scar that I don't feel so great about) Longest ride in past 6 mo: 61 mi Gym grade, clean, top rope: 5.11a Gym grade, lead: 5.9-10a Desert grade: probably following 5.10+. Get to find out next week. Eeeeeee! Eldo grade: Oh what the hell, Eldo hates me. Vedauwoo is much happier. 5.7 following. Last lifted: Around a month ago, BS 95 5x5, OHP 45 5x5, DL 155x5. About that Eldo thing: I consider Eldorado Canyon to be a good baseline for climbing grades relative to other places. Vedauwoo and JTree are graded harder. Red Rocks and Devil's Head are easier. That said, Eldo is exactly NOT my climbing style. I've back off two easy leads here in the last month, even though I then climbed a 5.9- on top rope just fine. My lead head is having a hard time, with me turning around the last three times I went to lead something.
  4. So, spoilers: I'm going to be out of town and hiding in the backcountry of Utah next week, so I won't be posting for Week 1. However, there's a lot of OTHER stuff going on, so I thought it might be nice to drop back in. Let's start with the title. I live in Colorado. Everything is on fire. Like, I have friends and coworkers evacuated, ash falling out of the sky, on fire. Then, well, I'm having a hard time mentally, which makes me irritable, easily angered, and emotionally more on fire than I would like, and not in a good way. This is not my photo, but this was approximately the view from my house on Saturday. So, we have two stable jobs, and healthy beautiful kiddo, a great roommate, etc, what's to have a hard time with? Welp, I'm still having birth trauma flashbacks, and they were especially bad for the last few weeks. Like bawl my eyes out bad. Interrupt life on rock-climbing date-day bad. I think my body remembers things I don't lucidly remember. Where did this come from, you ask? Well things are on fire. And there's a pandemic. And we're discussing having a second kid in a little while. That one. The second kid idea. It makes me feel like I'm about to intentionally drive off the end of a cliff, but at the end the story won't be over. I'll have to live with myself and hope that my relationship made it out intact and that there weren't any near death experiences. Why might you ask, am I still considering it? Well, honestly, my first kid is social and bubbly and joyful, and I want him to have a sibling. I want him to have the opportunity of a close peer to walk through his whole life together, especially when I'm not at my best, or later much later neither of us (parents) is around anymore. Compared to my gut feeling that a sibling is the right thing for him, the 2 years of pregnancy + working while feeding a tiny human, are a bump in the road. A big bump. What's the physical bit? Things still hurt. Something about muscle tone, many layers of scar tissue, something something something. I didn't ride much the past couple of weeks (see: everything is on fire), and if I stretch the wrong way I get stabbing pulling pain above my hip bone. I thought I had done okay with the whole PT/scar massage task, but I can't bring myself to try anymore. Athletically, I'm pretty good. I got stomped on a very steep bike ride the other day (by a buddy on a bike that weighed around 4 lbs less than mine, lol), but I've ridden to 14k with a trailer, ridden 61 mi, ridden 45 mi on a singlespeed, ridden all over the place this summer just fine. I've been climbing a little outside (my lead head seems to be a casualty of my mess of a mental state), and just recently started going back to the gym, and things are pretty good there too. But yeah, bumping into my abdomen (toddler head butts, I'm looking at you), stretching the wrong way, sometimes even lying on my stomach, all bring up uncomfortable feelings that both plop my brain in the past and make me dread what's to come. Goals: 1. Be nicer to myself 1b. mini goal: Go to PT/massage appt on 11/13. (This is scheduled, but I am expecting it to be a can of worms.) 2. Be more engaged with others 3. Unstructured work outs: Do core work/pull-ups and other creative bodyweight exercises. Aim for 4 days a week. 4. Structured work outs: Ride to work. Sometimes I feel like there isn't time, and sometimes everything is on fire. But when reasonable, riding makes me feel better. Climb at the gym at least once a week Lift heavy at least twice during this challenge - as we hit winter I'd like to dial this up, but we'll see. Yep, that's about it. EDIT: after reading @spezzy's challenge, I'm looking for an accountabilibuddy. But I'm not sure exactly what that looks like for this.
  5. Yes yes, I left the dragon OUTSIDE the tavern. No no, that couldn't be him dallying around on the roof. *clicks remote* *roof beeps* *dragon falls past the window, unconscious, and thuds into a convenient snowdrift.* Well, shoot.
  6. So reading @Rurik Harrgath's intro gave me a warm fuzzy, but I'm still going to ask this question: I have a trans buddy who is dipping back into lifting after years as a serious mountain trail runner. She's starting hormone treatments at the same time as looking at programming for re-incorporating lifting as an endurance athlete. (She's also, from what I've gathered, a monster skier.) This athletic combo is totally MY wheelhouse, but more input and support from a wider community might be nice too. I'm just one voice and only really know what works for me when balancing endurance training and strength work. With taking steps to change ones body, athletically or, in this case, otherwise, comes some risk for highly motivated people of over-scrutinizing in ways that aren't always healthy. She has already built a great community online and has supportive friends strewn around the state, but since she IS so engaged online I thought she might like coming here. How do people in this community specifically feel about welcoming her to our guild? I know this question totally puts you all on the spot, but I would rather that, than invite her and discover afterwards that there is a lack of support for the journey she's going through. Dragon inserted for visual appeal