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  1. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax reconciles

    I'm better. Interesting development is that I've lost so much weight from working/feeding baby/being sick that I'm back under 140 now. My fighting weight was around 137-138, so I'm basically there. I feel skinny and weak though. This week we made a concerted effort to spend 10 minutes working out in the basement every evening. Yesterday we went to the gym. I still basically climb the same grade, but my 5 rep back squat went from 160 lbs at 39 weeks pregnant to 95 or so lbs now. Skinny. Oof. The 10 min nightly in the basement is mostly focused on core and shoulders for me. My core stability is a lot better, but certain things like high stepping on one foot while climbing are pretty weak. My body isn't great at retaining shoulder strength it seems, so my goal there is to be doing strict pull-ups again by December. More oof.
  2. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax reconciles

    So I dropped off the radar. Oops. Little on got better, then I had a mad week before our vacation to Utah. We left Colorado, stopped at a friend's house last Saturday, and got to Joe's Valley and a little Airbnb in Orangeville last Sunday. And that night I had a fever over 102. Utah doctor, strep diagnosis, more fever, home to Colorado, another doctor, double ear infection. I'm on my second antibiotic, back at work, and getting better. Couldn't stand up for more than about 5-10 minutes yesterday still. People in their 30s shouldn't have 4 night of fever. Ugh. And today I was getting emotional about possibility or not of having a second kid. Wtf hormones. Working out? Hah. I hiked and climbed one boulder Monday afternoon. That's it. I'm makng a stew tonight though. Chorizo, peppers, sweet potatoes, chicken thighs.
  3. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax reconciles

    Well. There's been a lot going on. I'm back on here to try to track some progress. This challenge is going to be one part basic workout logging and what not and one part psychologically excruciating. You have been warned. As I mentioned during a brief check-in earlier in the summer, my tiny human had a very rough entrance into the world and we ended up with a c section. In the US c section rates are almost 1/3, but that doesn't make them easy. While the medical community is content to pat women on the head at 6 weeks postpartum (the point at which the stitches are 90% healed) and send them on their way to take care of their kids and get on with life, the reality is that scar tissue will continue to form and remodel for up to two years. Added to that is the fact that anyone that has any type of surgery may remember that nerves really don't like being cut, so relearning core activation and things like that are real challenges that are very poorly addressed for women with c sections. I cannot begin to explain how weird and foreign my body is right now: on one hand I'm still very strong. I can carry heavy packs, ride my bike and climb. On the other, my scar hurts when I'm tired, my right foot misses its target after a long day, and I still have weird nerve spasms and soreness and all sorts of signals that things are very very much NOT healed yet. Of course they aren't. A therapist once told me there is no "back". You go through gates, you move forward. I will recover strength and abilities, but there is no going "back." And that is ok. My goals right now: Well. Jessie Graff is not only physically amazing but also a phenomenally positive person. I want to find a little bit of her creativity in how I exercise my body and find positive and relaxing moments in my day. I went back to work fulltime last week after a month at halftime. I'm working a early schedule and MFH is working a later schedule so that we can have the littlest ranger (LR from here on) in daycare for a shorter day. Goal 1: Find something positive every day. This might be cuddle and a nap. It might be getting to ride to work once a week. Anything. Goal 2: Eat. I've had zero appetite. None. But I need healthy food. Goal 3: Do 5 minutes of core 6 days a week. This can be as simple as planks in the office. The muscles are still there, but the nerves are silent. Goal 4: TBD. Wow. After writing all this. Man. The mental stuff just keeps stalking me. Jessie Graff being a superhero. Pretty awesome.