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  1. The yoga has been helping. My office mate got his second test Wednesday afternoon, and I got mine Thursday morning. Neither of us have results yet, but I'm cautiously optimistic. The headset on my road/towing/cross/whatever bike was been giving me fits, so I fixed that today. Carbon steertubes are ...interesting.... Not much else to report.
  2. Man, I know it's politically unpopular, but the US needs a lockdown. Bad. People are NOT being careful. We've had at least 6 secondary exposure events at my work this week. I'm home this week awaiting a second test result because my officemate's roommate is sick with COVID. One might ask why we're still sharing offices...... anywho. A nice little lockdown would be great. Otherwise us dumb Americans are gonna be like "but I really really want to visit my <insert relative here> for the holidays." I mean I really really really want a lot of things right now. Ugh. Sorry to hear y
  3. Oh man I step away from one minute and we're having a mayo debate. I had a minor moment to gloat a couple months ago. We went out for a post-climbing burger (there are maybe two restaurants in all of Boulder whose outdoor seating I was comfortable with this summer), and my small one CHOWED down on the garlic mayo that came with the fries. MFH is a mayo hater, so if the small one likes olives, I'm 2/2! lol.
  4. Aaaaand it continues. I forgot: I had originally mentally combined COVID and the election. Then the fourth item was that my husband's dog (who lived with his amicably-divorced first wife 1800 miles away) had to be put down. She was 12 and had cancer all over her body. She went rapidly downhill from being an old dog to be an old dog in a lot of pain. So there's that. Sunday my officemate texted me to tell me that his roommate has COVID. We wear masks in the office, but he ate lunch in there at least once in the Wed-Fri time I was there too. (Obviously that practice is over.) So I'm
  5. A buddy of mine is fixing up one of these that I wouldn't mind having: https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_xj550_sega.htm I don't even have a helmet right now though, and Arais and Shoeis are $$$. (This is one place where I'm not compromising though. Helmets and gloves matter too much.) I do have a good jacket - the only one I could find years ago that fits AND has armor pockets. Anyway: Continuing to feel very off kilter. I rode again this morning though, which was nice. Lab work is continuing to grind along. I'm hoping to do some ba
  6. Continuing regarding pie and American culture: Living in Colorado, there is a point where white American culture is necessarily geographically fragmented. I don’t think Western frontier culture and mining towns spend a lot of time thinking about Vermont, lol! Also: if you’re planning on attempting van life, stay west my friend. There is less federal land in the East, so it’s harder to find places to park. Forest Service and BLM land is more abundant out here, making van life more feasible. The fires are going out for now. Finally: Palisade peaches. The most wonderful pie ingredient ever.
  7. At least I rode to work today. I'm going to keep trying to ride, even though work just got way too busy, because it makes me happy. Except when it makes me feel rushed. I need to be nice to myself if I drive instead. But yeah: the motorcycle. Not likely to happen for the next 18 mo. Would be super nice for balancing that free breezy feeling and low gas consumption with saving me some time and metabolism on already too-full days. And yes, MFH and I have multiple friends who have trotted out the "moms shouldn't ride motorcycle" line. Ugh.
  8. Well I'm back. Aaaaaaand I want to go hide in the desert again with a dirt bike and a lot of beer. I came home to (1)my best work partner going through multiple personal nightmares all at once resulting in him being out for the next 2-3 months, (2) my neighbor threatening to sue us about a single fence post, (3) lots of COVID, and (4) the presidential election. I DID get to ride a dirt bike around in the dark. That was awesome. I DID get to climb a bunch (for someone who was sharing toddler duty). That was awesome. We had two days of very very very cold. Eh.
  9. The gyms reopened in the summer with very tight caps on people, reservation systems, and mask requirements. We just started going again. My newish home gym - near the house rather than work - has very high ceilings and great ventilation, so we feel the risk is pretty well mitigated. Also the Boulder area is taking the pandemic reasonably seriously. Colorado is a big state, with lots of cool things. Where your jumping off point is really depends on work and which sport you’re chasing
  10. I love Colorado, but both Boulder and the Springs have their quirks. Colorado Springs has a lot of city-traffic sprawl, where Boulder is much more manageable. The Air Force Academy makes my prior-service husband distinctly not a fan. It's also a very conservative area, which may or may not be your bent. Boulder is in some ways the opposite - good dirtbag culture, lots of safe places to park overnight, navigable by foot and bike, good coffee, some bastions of queer culture that are safe and welcoming. However, Boulder is also pretty silver-spoon and expensive. It's a great starting place, but y
  11. Reading y'alls challenges is perking me up a bit. I want a character for this challenge, but I think really that just makes me add: Goal 5: Drawing! Also, because @Rurik Harrgath includes stats, here's my attempt: Height: 5' 7" Weight: 135-140. Lol. Oh dear. I haven't weighed myself in 12 months. Still fit the same jeans. Sz 4. Abs: Visible (Along with a little extra skin and a 5" scar that I don't feel so great about) Longest ride in past 6 mo: 61 mi Gym grade, clean, top rope: 5.11a Gym grade, lead: 5.9-10a Desert grade: probabl
  12. So, spoilers: I'm going to be out of town and hiding in the backcountry of Utah next week, so I won't be posting for Week 1. However, there's a lot of OTHER stuff going on, so I thought it might be nice to drop back in. Let's start with the title. I live in Colorado. Everything is on fire. Like, I have friends and coworkers evacuated, ash falling out of the sky, on fire. Then, well, I'm having a hard time mentally, which makes me irritable, easily angered, and emotionally more on fire than I would like, and not in a good way. This is not my photo, but this wa
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