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  1. DaemonCorax

    Cheetah Attempts to Salvage the Remains of This Week

    Oof. That's a lot to navigate. I know the feeling of getting home exhausted and still having things to do. Deep breaths.
  2. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    Logging as I go: Did some yoga to see how things were feeling Monkey taps 3x10, push-ups 3x10, side planks 20s per side made up the first circuit Did some front squats w the bar then: Front squat 65 3x5 and hammer curls 20 per hand 3x8 were the second circuit OHP 45 3x5 Barbell row 75 3x5 - this went well. And then I watch a big dude due them with THE WORST form. Inverted rows 3x5 - I dropped the rings lower for more difficulty. For some reason. 3 dead hangs with scap engagement for 20 sec each My push ups were demoralizing with my hands a few inches up on a platform to clear my belly. I could do 2-4 before caving and using my knees. This position is much lower than the benches I've been using for my hands. I didn't do dumbbell press because the pushing motion didn't feel as stable as I wanted. OHP was subbed in because I know I can do it and needed a morale boost. Ugh. Found my weak spots. Disclaimer: My abs look nothing like this now. Like stitch a soccer ball under some abs and you might be close. My obliques are killin' it though. They have to be. Now I am very tired. Like workout tired. But very. But the data acquisition hasn't crashed yet at work. So I'm checking in with my project and going home. And see my cat. And drink water.
  3. DaemonCorax

    Cry Havoc '19: The Scoundrel Who Spat In Fate's Good Eye

    So I finally went back and actually read your very long post from 1/27. Or 1/28. Or something. Very long post. Whoever it was that said you should pursue teaching rather than law enforcement advancement with your degree sounds spot on to me. I have a few friends who have meandered through paths like yours, including a very close friend who could have written this post himself practically if you just change English to something science-y. Even if Princess Kate doesn't feature strongly in your life for forever, she has given you something wonderful and wonderfully important - honest insight and a healthy dose of give-a-damn. That's a very happy thing. So yeah, all caught up now. (And really I was checking in to see how your crossfit workout were going...derailed by big life things!) The post-military life is such a conundrum. The couple of people close to me who have gone through versions of this have seized unstructured free-wheeling wholeheartedly only to feel driven to impose their own goals and structures a few months later. It can seem discordant to try to cram yourself back into something with structure and goals, but the fact of the matter is that most of us seek out structure to keep ourselves on track. Not all motivated people are genius artist types, some of us are just really damn stubborn and outlining a goal - like teaching - can be the magic bullet to keep us on the right track. Having a vote of confidence from someone you care about is always a magical feeling though.
  4. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    Mad could mean so many things right now. Lol. Non-climbers in my life think I'm crazy. Climbers get it that it's not such a big deal by and large. I'm basically climbing half a grade easier than I was pre-pregnancy for shorter periods of time. I'm hoping to crush out harder stuff once my body recovers from the end process of all this. Even if birth goes badly, I'm clinging to the idea that exercise makes me happy and will never make me worse prepared for whatever is to come.
  5. DaemonCorax

    Rinna.....I’m a @#&*% unicorn!

    Hey! I just caught up, but since you've been chiming in on my challenge I thought I'd say "hi!" You're doing great! There are some cheaper options out there to the airpods (unless they fit your ears nicely), so maybe you can spread your resources over to the lamp too. I know several people who get a lot out of winter lamp use.
  6. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    Spitballing ideas for a non-climbing gym workout for tomorrow: Circuits where I don't get time to breathe aren't necessarily my friend right now, but I don't want to waste limited time and they always seem like an easy way to organize things. Upper abs and diaphragm need some love. I want to walk back into doing strict pull-ups again in a few months. Possible exercises: 1. front squats - maybe 65-75 3x8 2. barbell rows - maybe 75-85 3x5 3. overhead press - maybe 45-55 3x5 being careful here Did this today. Will save for deadlift day. 4. monkey taps 5. push-ups on a box for belly clearance 6. hammer curls - probably 20-25 3x8 each side ...wait. That's not what I meant... 7. inverted rows or assisted pull-ups I do these most deadlift days too 8. Some sort of core-ish planky birddog thing to stretch me gently 9. Dumbbell bench press - maybe 30-40 in each hand 3x8 I think I'll try: Either start with 10 min on the rowing machine or a series of yoga-y things to warm up. Circuit of monkey taps, push-ups, and core thing 3x10 Circuit of front squats, hammer curls, and dumbell press at 3x8 Do barbell rows last and go heavy. I haven't done a dumbbell or barbell bench press in a while, but the dumbbells are good for form and easier to bail from if I need to. And yes, pregnant women need to be careful on their backs, so I'll see how this feels.
  7. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    Yeah the mind demons and the belly demon totally ganged up on me yesterday. I got a little too hungry before grabbing a bite pre-class and that really sunk me. I was teary and dead by the time I met up with MFH for food. I didn't want to go to birth class and be extroverted at all. Fortunately class was calm and quiet and i got to make a pillow nest. In spite of drinking water, I still had a headache at the end and went to bed pretty promptly after we got home. Woke up with said headache this morning, but things went better. Getting me out of bed in the morning has been a lasting challenge. I touched on this a bit a couple of posts ago. I'm tired. I've asked MFH to help me with it, but what form that help needs to take is pretty nebulous. Unlike other things where he has no problem helping me, he doesn't like that I seem to be making him responsible for me getting up on time. And then when we grump at eachother about 15 minuted wasted, I feel trapped and he feels berated (I hope not to much) and resented (yes, in the moment, for sure). But the answer is crushingly simple. If he goes downstairs or into the bathroom for 15 minutes to read the news or whatever, the quiet in the bedroom lets me go back to sleep. If he comes back up from the kitchen with the coffee almost immediately and reads the news in the bedroom, the activity nudges me into sitting up and not falling asleep again. That's all it takes. Once I'm sitting up I'm ok. But before that I sleep through half our alarms. Anyway. Because operation "get the sleepy preggo lady out of bed on time" was a success this morning, we were 15 minutes earlier getting out the door. The gym felt less rushed. We didn't bicker at eachother in the car, and I wasn't grouchy. I was still tired. My blood pressure felt low through the whole workout, so again I found myself pausing in the middle of my deadlifts to check in. But it was a solid day. Climbed 5-ish routes + the crack. The 5th route I came off on a move I just couldn't do. There was a big volume hold the size of a large backpack and I just couldn't get around it. My belly put my weight in the wrong place to get to the next hold and it was just weird. The previous route had a lot of changing corners kinds of motion and getting my feet under my weight was challenging there too, but I did it. It usually involved just pinching the heck out of a handhold to lock my torso in above my feet. Pulling with my toes to transfer weight side to side is harder. I heel-hooked twice in this morning to suck my hips toward something that wouldn't have been a challenge 22-22 lbs ago. Anyway. I felt tired between routes but the routes themselves were fine. Everything was 5.9+ to 5.10+. Squat 120 3x5 Deadlift 180 x5 OHP 45 3x5 - this is new. I've been cautious about lifting weight above my head, but there's this spot below my shoulder blades that hurts in the evenings, so I'm going to try to help them out. Tried an assisted pull-up. Hah. The jerk at the beginning of the motion made my upper abs/diaphragm area very unhappy so I killed that idea. Need to try this more gently at home with one foot on a chair I think. I've been slacking on this particular motion. Rode to work 2.5 mi. Warm and windy in a favorable direction. I drank almost 32 ox of water at the gym, and made myself some miso soup when I got to work. So THAT's going ok. Tomorrow I might hit the gym again solo. I SHOULD come up with a workout that doesn't involve deadlifts. Will post things here.
  8. DaemonCorax

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    I haz a breakfast recommendation for you. It's not quite a burrito, but it's protein-y and delicious: Scramble 2 eggs in butter with cheese. Set aside on plate. Throw a medium sized tortilla in the skillet with the browned butter and let it start to fry up a bit. Put the eggs in one half of it's face and fold it shut. When the skillet-side down half is toasty and golden, flip it over. Breakfast "quesadilla" almost. Really cheap to make. So so yummy. You'll find just the right amount of butter and heat give you a golden burbly crust. And breakfast with protein in it is rarely a bad thing.
  9. DaemonCorax

    Cheetah Attempts to Salvage the Remains of This Week

    So carrying on about the not sleeping thing. When you can't sleep, how DO you feel? (obviously not like sleeping) When I can't sleep, the restless is usually mental that carries over into physical. Drinking water, walking around, stretching a bit, can make me get back in bed and feel more ready to rest. The eating when tired thing is something I used to do ALL the time when I was taking computer science classes (>15 years ago. wow.) But frequently it was the hydration problem that made me feel twitchy and restless. This has revisited preggo me as I fight to balance drinking water in the evening to make up for not getting enough during the day with not drinking so much that it wakes me up in the middle of the night (space is limited ATM lol.)
  10. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    No workout. I put on my good headphones and got cranking on another project for work though. Music videos and Matlab make the world a little better sometimes. Or at least less frustrating.
  11. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    Oh man. Super grouchy this morning. Yesterday I was in work debugging broken code and lost track of time. Bolted out of the lab because I finally looked at my phone and MFH had been outside with the car for 15-20 minutes. Rude. That kind of off-kilterness totally comes from me feeling over-scheduled though. If I could just get out of bed 15 min earlier! (this is a sticking point with MFH. I ask for help scooching me out of bed, he's not crazy about it being his responsibility, especially when I'm a grouchy jerk to be around and act resentful about being tired and rushed.) My Tuesday morning workout felt too short though good. I was reasonably on top of drinking water, except in the evening. We went to a friends house for dinner. Then this morning I had to report to the hospital for a shot (I'm 0 negative...*eyeroll*). What should have been quick took over and hour. And we have birth class after work. Between that and managing hydration and demon kicks all day, I really miss sitting down to work on something and focusing only on it. Sigh. No workout today. Not an intentional rest day either. So yeah. Grouchy. Things on the project I'm on right now are a little stuck, so maybe if I sneak a workout this afternoon I'll be in a good mood for evening/food/birth class. *grumble grumble*
  12. So I need to sit with Cheetah about acquiring pie. And maybe the place where he gets his hats will have cloaks for me. Pie........
  13. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    So to give people a break from the Crossfit and lifting videos of pregnant women. Here are a couple references I read. These article highlight that just like everything with pregnancy, climbing pregnant is totally different for everyone. Beth Rodden is a monster in climbing, but she had a very hard time coming back from having a baby. Aimee Roseborrough is shown climbing 9 months pregnant, and honestly at that point I think I'll skip it because it seems so awkward. And I don't want my belayer to give me an assist. Most of these articles talk about the full body harness that I haven't switched to yet, but another article(#3) the mom mentioned she just loosened her normal harness. She also said she never got pumped. Hah. Yep. Everyone is different. It really really depends. Because I'm climbing inside where my belayer can see me from below (and therefore judge if the rope is getting tight for real rather than being caught on something), and where I can choose vertical and overhanging routes, I get to get my workout in, limber things up, without the uncertainty of long multi-pitch routes with poor visibility. I stopped leading around week 15 and stopped bouldering, even indoors, around week 20. My worst days have been days where work and sleep have interfered more than anything else. When I read about the pros, I have to remind myself I don't get 20 hours a week to train. https://rockandice.com/chicks-corner/what-to-expect-when-expecting-rock-climbing-while-pregnant/ http://cragmama.com/2013/12/rock-climbing-and-pregnancy-what-changes-to-expect/ http://www.magneticnorth.us/journal/2015/12/20/pregnant-athlete-rock-climbing Just today I found this blog: https://www.patchworkandpebbles.com/tag/climbing/ (I'm also posting it here so I can't lose it. lol.)
  14. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    Ok. This is for @Cheetah, @TGP (because he climbs), and @Rurik Harrgath(because Momoa climbs harder). Fuzzy photo from today. 5.10-ish gym route. Top rope, but gently, which is to say: MFH can't give me a cheat because the yanking around isn't great. Sitting back in the harness at the top of the route is fine though.