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  1. The antibiotics were not the answer (long story). But resting for a few days is helping. I'm back at work today and not excited about it. I have Pilates tomorrow and I've scheduled a gym morning for Wednesday, so I will be gradually getting back on track.
  2. Well I'm back. I had a cold before I left that is now a full blown sinus infection. The trip was great, but the cold/infection definitely made everything harder and was kind of a bummer. I'm WFH for a bit. I resorted to antibiotics, so let's hope they work soon.
  3. I’m leaving town! I will have no cellphone reception! And if I can turn my brain off about my broken code that was probably accidentally broken by a coworker, then all will be well.
  4. Literally as I was walking out of the gym Friday I got a sore through. Cue sore joints, scars and throat all day Saturday and half of Sunday. MFH ended up toddlering a lot more than planned and I actually napped, something I never really make time for. The results: (1) I DID make time to cook a huge pot of chili Sunday morning. This will be coming with us on our road trip on Wednesday. Camping with kids is so much easier if you can bring precooked yummy food. Precooked food plus cold nighttime temperatures and a old two-burner Coleman stove means stuff doesn't go bad too fast (especially if its spicy), and dinner is simple. (2) This morning my throat is still deeply unhappy with me, but the rest of me doesn't hurt anymore (3) I need to seriously evaluate my work stress (4) I deleted instagram from my phone for a bit. The climbing/lifting/bike stuff was great, but then I get sucked into reels about moms and babies and emotional things and.....I need to reset the algorithm or something because that is just not good for me. This week there won't be much for workouts as we need to pack for our road trip. Packing is pretty simple (kitchen, clothes, gear), but squeezing it in around work and everything requires a very coordinated approach from me and MFH. I also need to write a little note for our house/cat sitter. He's our roommate's bf (she's OOT as well), and the cats love him, but I'm not always confident he knows some basic things about the house. We'll be back before the challenge is over though!
  5. Hiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee! how are you? Settled in to the new place? I need to go read your thread.
  6. finally after work and everything got the the gym. Which is to say work got away from me, I had planned on lunch w a coworker, and then MFH had a meeting w a lawyer, because estate planning (not that our is complicated, but guardianship papers matter to me). 5 auto belay pitches - all easy except for 2/3 of a 5.11 OHP 45 5x3 55 3x3 DL 135 x5 185 3x3 205 I think the work stress is messing with me though. My throat started to bother my a couple hours ago. Gonna take it easy this weekend.
  7. This morning (as I mentioned to @RES) I decided to try to not feel guilty about not riding my bike even thoguh the weather is good and it's going to slush next week. I'm going to go wrench on my lab equipment and go to the gym before lunch. I drove my 4Runner. (I was supposed to get a new windshield this week, but MFH's windshield guy kept getting delayed so instead I spent two days driving the project car. I love the project car, but it isn't relaxing in the same way. This is the downside of being married to your mechanic. Hopefully new windshield Monday. And it will be a nice Toyota windshield with all new seals ). The 4Runner has working heat and is a very reassuring place to sit. I've owned it for 6 years, so some of that is just familiarity. Anyway. My coworker offered me a donut. I only take donuts when there is a plain cake or cinnamon sugar cake available. There was. So today I guess my intermittent fasting failed a little lol. BUT, this prompted me to look up the best donut I've ever had. In 2009 or so I was racing in Charlottesville, VA. The race didn't go very well, in hindsight because I really really needed to get my tonsils out, and because I'm terrible at race starts. Anyway. There was a donut trailer being towed by an old Ford. The internet tells me he still exists and I'm so happy to hear he's been successful! https://carpedonut.org/carpe-catering/
  8. I feel this. The weather is good enough today that I should have ridden my bike. But my brain is exhausted. So I drove my nice warm, reliable, 4Runner (not the project car!), will go to the gym in a couple hours, and did not refuse the cinnamon sugar cake donut I was offered this morning.
  9. If I get done with work early enough today, I'm going to the gym. But I wouldn't bet on it. MFH and I switched schedules again today so that I was doing drop off. That's all well and good, but my brain does NOT like it. So so so tired all over again. It's so much easier for me to hit the ground running early in the morning, be it work or gym. Ugh. Coffee round 2 here we go.
  10. It truly is the case that the older I get the higher my jeans get, lol. I love my (not too) skinny jeans though. Anything else just seems to get in the way at work, on bicycles, etc. No jeggings though please. I recently dragged two pairs of jeans out of the back of my closet that are a size bigger than what I've been wearing. By the end of the day they're slouchier and more sloppy than I would like. BUT if I get stuck at my desk for a long time they don't tick off my belly. Win.
  11. Mantra for both me and my character: ”you are not a lizard. Drink more water, dummy.” in response to wishing my skin was better.
  12. so all bodies are different, but for me trading carbs (bread!) for fats leans me out fast when coupled with eating fewer meals that are also bigger. this is why there’s currently andouille, eggs, milk and coconut oil in my late breakfast oatmeal. Along with a bit of syrup and banana too. Yes andouille and banana sounds weirder than it tastes. I cook the sausage at the beginning of the week and spoon it on top.
  13. I don’t fully buy this…. Our metabolisms change based on what we do, whether we have kids, and as we age. Watching me and MFH age - his parents have had troubles with a lot of weight gain in different ways, and my folks less so. I like to point out that if you do the same sort, or even many of them, for a long time, you become more efficient. A adaption for hunger gathered scarcity then isn’t just the ability to gain some weight, but also the ability to function at a high level with less. Two sides of the same coin, but I like the efficiency side better. It also fits my story that as a endurance athlete (partly), I bonk way less now than I did in my 20s. This is also why amateur bike racers in their 40s are so fast. And why expedition mountaineers need to be able to add some weight before starting out on a new route.
  14. Following along. I love the spreadsheet stuff. The SAR work sounds awesome. SAR and vehicle recovery is something MFH and I talk about doing later when we're working less but not so old we can't hack it. edit: MFH is prior military and I'm a 4WD nerd, so we have SOME background to go off of. We're also fairly durable humans.
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