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  1. Seriously it looks like you've got really good form. It is hard to tell but it looks as though the further you go down the further you look up. I've been coached to heed my head in a neutral position from start to finish in order to maintain a strong bracing of my upper back as you descend.
  2. Oh hey. The Challenge is over! I didn't even notice! I guess I'll sum up and divvy the points: Programing overall grade: Programing: 97.5% STE+3, DEX+ 3, STA+2 Sugar: 86.7% CON+1.75 Read: 100% WIS+3 Paint: 100% WIS+2
  3. Okay. Update time: Programming: 95%, I missed one WOD to take my wife out on a date. Sugar: 100% It works well to have a friend doing it with you. This is only the 2nd week I've ever had where I actually avoided sugar the whole week. Read: 100% my fiction book is the type that breaks down in the end. I'm disciplining myself to finish it while attempting to control my impulses to read my newly acquired The Books of Blood Vols1-3 by Clive Barker and Live Free or Die by John Ringo. Paint: 100% - Still working on the underdrawing for amy & Rory but I'm probably going to have to aband
  4. I forgot about that episode! I might have to watch it closer to see if they get in costume for it.
  5. Thanks Mr. S'meat, I was pretty stoked to hit 100% across the board. I've not done that yet! As for the painting I would love to do a 20s pic but since no scenes were filmed I don't have a reference photo and it is extremely difficult to mix pictures so even if I found a good 20s picture I don't think I have the skill to meld the photos.
  6. ALright. Boy o boy it has been a crazy week. Both jobs were swamped did a ton of yard work and got a decent sunburn. Here is how I'm doing on my goals: Programming: 100% I even had to move a ton of stones in the back yard this week (about 40 stones @70# each) still I was able to make every one of my WODs and I'm sticking with it! Sugar: 100% I actually did it! It really helped to have a friend that is doing it with me. Even with the holiday I managed to have 0grams of sugar this week! Read: 100% I missed one day's worth of non-fiction but made up for it on the next. Also I've upped my page
  7. Update: Doing .... alright. Programming: 90% I had to take a couple of days off after doing 20 min AMRAP of 6 burpees and 6 toes to bar. My abs and lats were so freaking sore that I couldn't get out of bed without a grimace. Sugar: 90% doing a little better. We had a big event yesterday and a strategic indulgence kept me from just freakin' raiding the desert table (as I'm wont to do). Read: 100% looks like this is the only one that I've been perfectly consistent with. Feeling convicted about wasting my time this afternoon though. I need to get productive. Paint: 100% Finished my Matt Smi
  8. So I need to be better about updating. It has been a crazy busy week. Here is how it breaks down: Following LBEB: 100% Sugar: 80% Read: 100% Paint 100% I finished my Matt Smith Painting. I choose to do it in a semi Van Gogh style since Vincent is probably my favorite episode of all time! Also I added 10 lbs to my squat. I'm up to 425! Here is the caveat: I'm not in a place to join a gym so I just workout at home in my garage BUT I got a groupon for a month at a Crossfit here in Denton. I am going to take advantage of that just because it is too good of a deal. I can still do some of the L
  9. Not sure where you're located but at the Sprouts near me they have unflavored whey in the bulk bins for fairly inexpensive. Otherwise online you've got Now Sports which is usually pretty decent stuff. I've not looked at the label in person though just head about it from a few different places.
  10. Seriously eat anything but cliff bars. They are a pseudo-food. Not a step more healthy than a snickers. If you check the ingredients you'll see soy protein isolate, corn syrup solids, other sugars and tons of junk. If you've got an hour before your workout I agree with some whole milk or hardboiled eggs. I say an hour because If I have a ton of activity after drinking milk I wind up renacting that scene from Anchorman. If you're not a milk or egg fan I'll have some greek yogurt. You get some good carbs and a shot of protein. For a while I was following the lean gains program and while I
  11. Avast Mates! I should have hopped on here earlier but here it is so far. For last week my grades are: 1. Following LBEB: 100%. Thankfully it was a deload week. I missed one workout due to illness so I'm not deducting points for that. 2.Sugar: 70%: I didn't do to great. Cookies during a lunch meeting and an evening meeting did me in. However I'm hoping for a bit of classical conditioning since I spilled a cup of hot coffee on my crotch while taking a bite. Maybe I can mentally link sugar and pain? 3.Read: 100% Boom! I didn't miss a day. 4. Paint: 100% I finished my TARDIS door. The le
  12. Alrighty mates, I'm gong to make my grading on this challenge more consistent. Here is how I'm going to grade myself: Workouts- on a scale of 1-5 Sugar- on grams of sugar per week. 0-10 (100%), 10-20g (90%), 20-30g (80%) 40-50g (fail 0%) Reading- on a scale of 1-21 (3 points for each day) Paint- pass/fail- as long as I'm working on something I pass. BUT, 20 minutes on a Sunday night doesn't count. I have to actually work on it. In the end I'll calculate my points by the average of my weekly percentages and round them to the nearest quarter point. Here is how we're doing so far: 1. So far I
  13. Bwahahahahaha! No seriously. I'm fair and freckled. When don't tan, I tomato. I do mow without a shirt though and after one good burn, I'll turn a less violent shade of red so maybe I can catch some rays.
  14. You gon' wrap this up sweets? Join the next challenge!
  15. So here we are again. Summer is not here but it is currently in the process of invading North Texas. We've hit the 90s so far but this challenge ends in July when the invasion will be here in full force. Here are my goals: 1. Stick to the Lift Big Eat Big programming only missing workout once every two weeks. LBEB is 5x per week. Due to my work schedule realistically, I will miss one every once and a while but I can't just skive off! Especially with the heat creeping in, I'll have to be extra diligent since I work out in my garage (no AC). STE+3, DEX+ 3, STA+2 2. Stop eating freaking pr
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