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  1. I'd be curious to learn how the edamame pasta was - got some black bean spaghetti at Costco once and thought that stuff was nasty, despite several attempts at preparing it...
  2. I would echo oddspongeout's comments, that 1. Plant-based protein is going to generally come with more carbs, and 2. It really depends on the kind of vegetarian you are. Since you don't claim to be vegan in your first post, I'm assuming you do eat some animal products (but not the meat itself), so that would be a clear source of protein: eggs, milk, greek yogurt, some cheese, etc. Fish, if you make that exception as some do. Otherwise, it sounds like you know what your veg options are, and yes, it makes it difficult (if it's even possible) to hit the macros that some people recommend, but I've heard of plenty of vegetarian/vegan athletes, so it's clearly possible to make your diet work for you!
  3. I bought a mid-level blender, and it still wasn't strong enough for ice-crushing and smooth blending. For the power I got out of a $100 model, I can equal and diversify with a $30 immersion stick/food processor combo, so I gave my blender away. I may get one again someday, but only if I can afford a top level. The cheaper, less powerful ones just didn't cut it for me. That being said, if you're fine with a lower-power model to test your devotion - I did the same thing with food dehydrators - then by all means, test it out! You might consider checking with friends, though, and seeing if anyone has a blender they don't use that you can borrow for a month. So many people have unused blenders, especially in the winter. Gives you a chance to try before you huy, and a better sense of whether or not you'll need the higher-powered model to be satisfied.
  4. Brunch on Saturday, January 23, with a monumental walk in there somewhere? Brunch opens could then stretch from Capitol Hill, past SW and Gallery, to Foggy Bottom, lots of options depending on the monuments of choice!
  5. Heck, we'll take people from California if they want to make the trek. Of course you're welcome! We're friendly nerds.
  6. Emma, I've never met you on NF before, but just from this thread I'm thinking you're pretty fantastic. Reading books and living a quiet life are fantastic things, as are strength-training and road trips. Continue learning about yourself, pushing your boundaries in safe ways, and reassessing what you want from life, because it all sounds like it's working for you. Sincerely, Emma
  7. Off to a good start! And I would note, on the topic of "trying a challenge one more time"... even if you completely fail this challenge, don't let that stop you from a future one! I've "failed" so many challenges, sometimes because of things within my control, and sometimes from things outside of my control, but I keep coming back for new ones because I'm not going to give up on myself. One that I have learned, however, is to really make things as easy as possible to win so I can incrementally increase from there. You look like you're doing pretty well with your food goal, for having such an extensive list of expectations! How are you building the exercise plans into your schedule?
  8. Looks like a good start to the challenge! I love all the pictures too. With the yoga stuff, are you pulling it from anything in particular, e.g. NF yoga? Are most of those songs on your set list from recent years? I stopped listening to new music after my school days for the most part, so I only recognized #6. I should put guitaring into a future challenge, I never do it anymore...
  9. In the last challenge, I planned to workout with a focus on weightlifting, and to do an online course about marketing to learn some new skillz. Instead, I fractured my ankle and lost at-home internet access for several weeks. *sigh* Health Goal (because workout goal ain't happening) I'm out of the boot after about 35 days, finally, and have been re-adapting to walking. While I'm pretty happy with my basic movements, I need to keep up with what my physical therapist is telling me to do. I never really did the exercises he gave me after my first session, so I just had session two yesterday, and I really want/need to better - gotta get those ankle/calf/hip muscles back in order! Life Goal Keep up with language learning - I'm working off of a couple weeks of going hard and heavy (perhaps excessively so) on trying to brush my French back up, so I want to maintain the daily minimums that I've set up one these apps. Am currently using Duolingo and Memrise, which do slightly different things for me. Great thing is that while I prefer to do Duolingo on the computer, it works just fine on my phone, so if my internet access is lost again, I'm not up a creek on this goal. I would like to get back into that marketing course, but that's an extra credit deal. Both of these goals will be a particular challenge over the next week, as I'll be in Florida next week for a work conference. Eep. Other things that would be wonderful include: eating better (now that I can stand and cook again), clean my apartment (which got wrecked during my injury), get rid of stuff (because packrats-R-US), read (because previous reading time has been usurped by language apps), and save money (because holidays). No goals around these, just extra credit, because I do want to focus on the two listed up top. I usually hang out with the Warriors, but since I can't participate in the barbell love during this challenge, I figured I'd hang out with a different group of nerds. It may be twelve days into the challenge, but whatevs, these goals need to happen. So hi, lovely adventurers.
  10. October 17 and 18? Anything for those days? I'm in a boot (fractured ankle) so no hiking or sports for me, but thought I'd throw a couple dates out there. Would love to Renn Faire if people don't mind a slow pace! (Didn't put in Doodle because of hiking option)
  11. So every once in a while, the DC wifi from my local library is strong enough to catch in my apartment... apartment wifi is still messed up, but I can get on for a little bit today! :-D Thanks, vibrantnotions, AAB and albeus51! Good news is that thanks to my friend, I got in to the ortho a couple days ago, instead of my original appointment which was until next Friday, so 10 days earlier! That means I've got a boot (yay mobility!) and more information. Turns out that my fracture is on a similar level to a sprain, but instead of tearing the muscle I chipped off a tiny piece of bone. So, I'm in a boot for the next month, and ortho suggested that at my follow-up on Oct 30 I can probably take the boot off and start PT, and that I could be playing ultimate frisbee again another month after that! Yay! (Although I'll probably wait until spring on the frisbee, just to be safe... I've never actually done kettlebell swings before At first I was all insistent that I was going to get back into the gym and at least do bench presses, maybe some seated OHP or something, but I underestimated how tired I would get while healing, so that hasn't happened yet. Gym is also a little further than I want to walk right now, but maybe in another few days or a week I'll be up to some home stuff. I'm definitely open to ideas - I figure pushups and planks, sure, but anything that requires stability is hard because the boot rocks on the bottom (makes riding the metro really "fun" if I can't get to a seat in time...). I'll have to look into kettlebell swings, although it'll be more like 8 lb dumbbell swings! And no, I may not be able to squat right now, but I appreciate the feedback as I'll be right back in there once the ortho clears me! Turkish background? I wish! General European mishmash, don't really know beyond a German immigrant for a great-grandfather. We don't really talk about family history or do anything around our own heritage. I did, however, grow up with a mum who has ~1700 (really - not exaggerating) cookbooks, and loved cooking food from all over the world. Any time we went out to eat, the question was what cuisine we wanted - we were never an Outback/Applebee's family. So, I've grown up eating all sorts of stuff, and currently have not just sumac and za'atar, but also garam masala, coriander and whole cardamom pods, lavendar and grains of paradise, methi and amchur, galangal and kaffir lime leaves, etc. I love going to ethnic groceries and just browsing... don't know what it is? Let's buy it and figure it out! Keeps life interesting...
  12. Well. Looks like I need some new goals! Fractured my ankle at Frisbee, so no workouts, and Internet at home isn't working - not an excuse when I can get to a coffeeshop, but a little more challenging on crutches! Goals will probably be monitoring food (because past ankle injuries are the reason I have an extra 20 pounds), and following up with medical advice (currently: need to call orthopedic on Monday for appt.). Will add learning back in if Internet starts working. *sigh*
  13. I'm assuming you're trying to avoid morning cooking? Make on the weekend: frittata with meat, veggies of choice. Slice up, and reheat each morning. Over-night oats: prepare dry ingredients in individual servings (I use oats, Chia and dried currants), then night before take one, pour milk over, and put in fridge. (Don't know what you don't like about oats, but overnight have a different texture, so thought I'd mention them. Morning of, only: yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit. Hard boiled eggs. Pre-cooked sausage, reheated or cold. I've made my own granola bars before, but it was difficult to get the macro balance I wanted. Still, nothing easier to grab and eat, with a stockpile in the freezer! Of course, breakfast could be anything, not just typical breakfast foods, so dinner leftovers work too!
  14. Screen-at-night stuff: I use Twilight on my Android (free). I've also heard a lot of people refer to f.lux (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad). Books: I just don't find books that are not can't-put-them-down books! Then again, I've also always said that I'm not much of a critic. I can only remember ditching one or two books in the last several years, it goes against my nature!
  15. That looks DELICIOUS! You should have called me to come over! Your mouth must have been particularly happy that night. High five, EE!
  16. Thanks for trying, both of you... and yes, AAB, if you think you're seeing my name (Emma) you probably are! I'm not worried about it in this context, but I'll keep that in mind if I ever need to post something more broadly across the internet. Okay, that sent me into a Google-rabbit-hole of locked knees, which apparently has both yay-and nay-sayers, but I can see how that could be dangerous... I also know that I have a propensity for locking out joints and hyperextending even when just standing around, and otherwise engaging in bad habits, but hadn't ever thought of that for my squats. I'll be back in the gym tomorrow, so I'll try to pay more attention then to exactly what I'm doing and how Anything with the squats themselves? Or was the locking out so bad that you didn't even get that far?! Some random guy whose credentials I never got told me I had good form once, and that's about all the critique I've ever had since I first learned!
  17. Yes, I have, although it's been years since I read that, or really any of his other books. I read that series several times over when I still lived near my parents (and had access to their books), and I keep meaning to get them from the library and re-read his collection! This is turning into the year of Neil Gaiman, though, so that's almost as good!
  18. No pressure because you've got a lot on your plate but I'd love to hear how you're progressing with your goals when you have a chance! Cheering for you!
  19. :blush: Y'all are welcome! Glad to be of use!
  20. Look at all those yes-es yeses yes's yesses items that have "yes" next to them!!! Looks like you're doing great so far! #whatsthepluralofyes #noreally Total adulting win. You didn't stop and go home because oh-noez-there's-a-hole-waahhh (I've totally done this before, though), you didn't waste money on buying a new pair at the closest location just to make do, you were practical, sucked it up, did what you needed to do at the gym and kept it moving. Now, if you went home, put them in the laundry basket, washed them without mending them, put them back in your clean-clothes-depository, and wore them again, tthhheeeennnn you might be #antiadult (but I've done that before, too). redtomato501 ≠adult, apparently. So take my word with a grain of salt.
  21. Thanks elvenengineer! And yeah, I didn't want to... way too little sleep! But I did it, and I'm sure the jumping jacks for a warm-up helped, and it's done! For video... Google Drive? I did that (see below) while typing this post - seemed a little easier that YouTube, especially as I don't care for public viewing or longevity. Everyone had been talking about how it was going to be so hard to get to work today, that it was gonna be a pope-acolpyse, that it was going to reach inauguration-style crowds... pppffffttt. Admittedly, I went in a little later - Pope was meeting Prez at 9:15, and I got to the office at 10:00, but trains were empty and there weren't really many tourists out. Plus it was super easy to get to the office since the road closures meant no cars. Then I proceeded to sit in a dark and empty office since everyone in DC decided to take a pope-cation (usually has 50-60 people on our floor, we peaked at 6 people). Pope should come more often if it means a work day like this! Went to some friends' house for dinner (zomg, I forgot how wild - but fun - little kids can be), and decided to detour on my way home, ended up taking twice as long to get home as I walked along the riverfront. Took a couple phone pictures, in the spoiler below. Haven't done any more learning yet for the week, but I finished my night on Wednesday with a post in discussion forum of the MOOC that suggested adding a term to the glossary, and within 24 hours I had 3 - yes, three! - different responses from 3 different people. One with a definition of the term, one from the head honcho behind the course to say, "thanks and yes, we'll add it," and one to say that it had been added. Holy cow. I figured someone might maybe get back within the week, but I definitely didn't expect that strong of a response... I kinda feel like I should really actually finish this course now [emoji14] And.... was typing all that while waiting for the video to upload to my Google Drive, which it did. You can view it here. In addition to any form critiques (looks like my knees might be a tiny bit too far over the toes?), I'd be curious to know if anyone can figure out my email address from that link - I didn't see it shared in any way, just the file name, when I clicked through in my incognito browser, but I also didn't try too hard. Okay, bedtime. After I read one or two 5 10 some probably-too-many more threads! I'm tired.
  22. Nope, Washington, DC here, and the moment it hit 80 I was all, "Oh, it's so cold, where's my sweatshirt!" I was taking off my sweatshirt on the Metro today and someone commented, "yeah, you don't really need that right now," and I just laughed because the only reason I was taking it off was because I was about to start running (I was late). 75 degrees? Totally sweatshirt weather. If I could wear a sweatshirt everyday I'd be so happy... Sorry to hear that, but I really hope this presents him with the reality that some of the things he wants in life are just not compatible with pot. I used to work in a construction training program, but some of our clients just could not give up their week habit, even though they were crushed every time they failed the drug test and couldn't get an internship or a job. Sorry, hon, but you can't have them both. However, remember that self sabotage is a behavior and it can be trained into submission with the right resources and intrinsic motivation. You've already been working on yourself - and doing great at it! - so if he actually wants it, he can get there too. It may always be an uphill battle, but he's totally capable. <3
  23. But... isn't that every book?! I can't imagine a world in which I can put a book down and simply fall asleep as if it's not there #confused #thisiswhyIdontsleep
  24. I came for the food picture, and there was none. I leave disappointed.
  25. I mean, it may not be a gym, but it sure sounds like a workout! Moving my one tiny apartment (with admittedly 20+ boxes of books) is rough enough, so I'm impressed! Sounds like everything is coming together... feel like home yet?
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