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  1. B is for Boxing. First class tonight >:)

    1. maeggieakamegan


      Hit it hard, sister!

    2. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      Give me my gloves and a pig and I'll see you both happy.

  2. And the man at the back said everyone attack And it turned into a ballroom blitz And the girl in the corner said boy, I wanna warn ya It'll turn into a ballroom blitz

  3. I'm planning on doing my legs Friday night and Saturday morning I recruited a friend on Saturday and apparently the route she wants involves lots of inclines!
  4. Apples and carrots don't need to be refrigerated. Beef jerky is good but as it is a conference I'd stick to protein bars to avoid breath issues. Also, who needs a mini fridge when you have an ice bucket and a recycle bin? Just change the ice when it melts and you'll be fine. Most fruits and veg can take a little bit of time at room temp with no problems. Throw some gallon ziploc bags in your suitcase and you'll be fine.
  5. Tonight, we yoga!

    1. SodaPirate


      Awesome! I giggled so loud I got stares.

    2. marionette


      I'm glad you laughed :)

  6. Yoga poses that help with lower back are things like Locust pose and its variations. They are a lot like superman.
  7. Breakfast - 2 hard boiled eggs - 155 calories, 10.5g fat, 1g carbs, 12.5g protien Look ma! No fruit!
  8. Signed up for a 5 mile stretch and a 10k Those were on my agenda next week anyways!
  9. I work with weights 3-4 times a week, run 3-5 times a week and do yoga (full 90 minute bikram) only once a week. I do tend to do 15 minutes of yoga after every strength session though. I find that for me if I lose the yoga then I start to see a serious decrease in my ability to run and to lift anything. It really gets those hard to reach places
  10. Just want this day to be over so I can get to the gym.

  11. Thursday already? Where did the week go!?

    1. Duality


      same things, it went by so damn fast!

  12. Breakfast 2 Turkey Figs - 95 calories, .5g fat, 25g carbs, 1g protien, 4g fiber 1/2 cup blueberries - 42 calories, 11g carbs, 2g fiber Totals - 137 calories, 36g carbs, 1g protien, 6g fiber Not my best breakfast, but I just am having trouble getting the motivation to eat this morning. As of writing this I haven't even eaten any of it... Lunch Lamb Jalfrezi - 505 calories, 35g fat, 4g carbs, 30g protein Sauteed Zucchini - 19 calories, 4g carbs, 1.5g protein, 1g fiber Cardamom Lassi - 218 calories, 2g fat, 40g carbs, 10g protein Totals 742 calories, 37g fat, 48g carbs, 41.5g protein, 1g fiber Lamb Jalfrezi comes with zucchini in it where I get it for lunch. It is quite tasty. The Lassi was also good, but so sweet I could only drink half of it. Dinner Grilled Beef Shortribs - 770 calories, 70g fat, 28g protein Beets - 56 calories, 13g carbs, 2g protein, 2.5g fiber Butter - 51 calories, 6g fat Roasted Asparagus - 52 calories, 3g carbs, 4g fat, 2g fiber Red wine - 127 calories, 5.5g carbs Totals - 1056 calories, 21.5g carbs, 80g fat, 30g protein, 4.5g fiber Oof what a calorie bomb short ribs are! So delicious though. Definitely glad this was a workout day. Overall totals - 1935 calories, 105.5g carbs, 117g fat, 72.5g protein, 11.5g fiber Wow that feels like a lot of fat for the day, though the daily calories aren't as out of control as I was afraid they were going to be. I'm really happy that I'm consistently getting fiber in my diet. I think as I start phasing out having so much fruit and start having more veg that number is going to keep increasing. Today's workout...well I did it. Was a cross training class. I did pullups! Single armed dips! Single leg lunges with the TRX! Single armed rows! The coach was in a single arm/leg mood apparently. Probably burned around 700-800 calories between the cardio and strength. I'm about due to take a week where I measure with a heart rate monitor constantly to get myself a new baseline for calorie expenditure.
  13. The weirdest anti dairy thing I ever heard was that milk gives you infections and you know its true because puss is white and milk is white. I've heard it repeatedly and just can't believe the logic process involved...
  14. THIS! Seriously, anything less than $65 is a steal.
  15. The Pittsburgh one was the one I ran. It was a great way to celebrate turning 30
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