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  1. B is for Boxing. First class tonight >:)

    1. maeggieakamegan


      Hit it hard, sister!

    2. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      Give me my gloves and a pig and I'll see you both happy.

  2. When I was a freshman and I threw a senior jock into the bleachers (I'm short, he hit me with a point blank slapshot that bruised eggplant purple instantly on my thigh and the follow through nearly clipped my face) I kinda came to the realization that getting that angry is potentially dangerous for others. After that I went down the path of self directed anger (not advisable) and put my hand through walls (plaster and lathe, drywall...). Depression robbed me of a lot of my emotions in my early 20s, and after that I became more focused on being healthy mentally. Add in a cancer scare (Whee N
  3. And the man at the back said everyone attack And it turned into a ballroom blitz And the girl in the corner said boy, I wanna warn ya It'll turn into a ballroom blitz

  4. I'm planning on doing my legs Friday night and Saturday morning I recruited a friend on Saturday and apparently the route she wants involves lots of inclines!
  5. Apples and carrots don't need to be refrigerated. Beef jerky is good but as it is a conference I'd stick to protein bars to avoid breath issues. Also, who needs a mini fridge when you have an ice bucket and a recycle bin? Just change the ice when it melts and you'll be fine. Most fruits and veg can take a little bit of time at room temp with no problems. Throw some gallon ziploc bags in your suitcase and you'll be fine.
  6. I'm mildly claustrophobic so not being able to see light at the end or going down into rising water just was not happening. I think the one I did but liked the least was the artic enema. My legs cramped up and I needed to wait for the next group to come through to give me a leg up. Thankfully it only *felt* like forever.
  7. I don't know, my husband hates lifting. His one rep max probably has me beat, but when it comes to sustained exercises I'm lifting more than him consistently and recover faster than he does. It doesn't seem to bother him.
  8. If you want to read articles about genetic/epigenetic links and obesity here are abstracts of 157 of them.
  9. Tonight, we yoga!

    1. SodaPirate


      Awesome! I giggled so loud I got stares.

    2. marionette


      I'm glad you laughed :)

  10. Don't worry, I'm an equal opportunity lech. This is just suppose to be what women like about men, not other women Hmm...I like a guy that is good with his hands and can figure out how to make things. So of course this is completely not the man I married (though he has gotten much better).
  11. I enjoy Settlers, and Carcasonne as well - the two games are pretty much identical. You can get them both on xbox live if you don't have a group to play with and you have the itch.
  12. Except Christie just had bypass surgery. He'd have trouble eating a whole smurf in one sitting.
  13. Yoga poses that help with lower back are things like Locust pose and its variations. They are a lot like superman.
  14. lol, of those two though I would rather see Bruce in the leather pants
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