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  1. Woah! Ruck time, huh?? That's awesome! And love the bacobrick.
  2. So allow me to preface this with: You guys are awesome. I know I haven't been updating much, but I appreciate that you are still checking in on me! THANKS! As for goals: Breakfast has definitely become a habit. I may not be eating anything remotely paleo, but I'm considering my fortified cereal just an added folic acid boost. (Right?) Exercise is still pretty hit or miss. I try to do yoga a couple of times a night, but week nights are brutal. We're trying to get some small home projects done in the evenings and I'm basically a zombie after doing that work + dinner. But every now and then I sneak in a quick yoga workout and I try to do a sun salutation or two in the morning to help me wake up. The List is a little behind, but making progress - here's the update: Choose and register for a day care (We've visited and narrowed it down. We just need to make the final decision and get on a wait list.) Put together a pregnancy announcement! (Partial strike thru - we have some ideas, just need to put them together...) Get a pretty solid registry list put together Research and compile a list of pediatricians in the area Pick a paint color and get started on the nursery Register for baby classes Infant CPR/First Aid (This is partially covered in our birth class, so I'm debating whether we want to pay for a separate class) Birthing Class Prenatal Exercise (partial strike thru because I found a class, but they don't open up registration again until Jan.) Research and start training our pups for baby (One is a spaz that currently hates toddlers. Need to get that behavior in check ASAP.) Transition to better cleaning supplies (About halfway there. I've been doing this as things run out. All purpose cleaner, dish soaps, and shower wash have been replaced. Laundry soap and dishwasher soap are almost gone.) Research lactation consultants and put together a short list (This service is provided as part of our birth class - yippee - and we get one complimentary post-delivery visit while in the hospital.)Supplemental walking has slacked lately. No good reason, just feeling really blah at work. So all things considered, things are going ok. Not great, but I'm not really feeling too bad about it since I had no idea what to expect going into this challenge. I'm at 13 weeks now, so hopefully I'm going to be getting into the phase with more energy and desire to do stuff any day now. And I can't wait to finish up the announcements. They'll almost certainly have some kind of nerdy theme - we just don't know what yet. I'll post the final here once we get it all done.
  3. I've got a few things checked off! Updated list to follow. And yeah... I'm finding that yoga seems to be the most tolerable and least frustrating, so I've been leaning on that for now. I just try to make sure I include strength poses in addition to flexibility ones... Yeah... I know in my head that it was not a bad showing all things considered. It was just a bit worse than I was anticipating. And I really think that's it. I've started keeping some trail mix next to my bed and if I wake up in the middle of the night I grab a handful to help with the morning blechs. It's definitely getting better - it's just the constant state of feeling sleepy that is starting to wear on me. Aww. Thanks!
  4. Glad to hear things are staying pretty well on track. Good luck continuing to battle the sugar demon!
  5. Those are pretty solid results! It seems like you are progressing pretty well toward your goals... Have fun on your workout tomorrow.
  6. I hope you're feeling better and had a good Thankgiving! Can't wait to hear how you kept things up.
  7. I'm a little relieved to come back and see that I am not alone in a complete lack of posts. Hope your semester is going well and you enjoyed Thanksgiving!
  8. Hey SMurray! Hope you survived Thanksgiving relatively in tact. I discovered that in addition to chicken, turkey is a touch-and-go food item as well, which I suppose cut down on my leftover indulgence a bit. Can't wait to hear how you're doing!
  9. Heya MLP! Hope you had a good mini-vacation! How's everything going with the goals? Still on track?
  10. Holy moses. It has been crazy. Sorry for the complete lack of updates. I've been fighting some serious exhaustion and just having a bit of a rough go the last few weeks in general. Week 2 Summary: Mission 1 Breakfast (6/7): Skipped a Saturday. Wound up going right back to bed after letting out the mutts (usually when I eat) and didn't wake up for a few hours. Wound up bleary and dizzy. Learned that lesson... Mission 2 Exercise (2/4): Totally slacked. Wound up with only a yoga session and a short run. :-/ Mission 3 Planning (1/6): Completely forgot about the classes. Need to sign up soon! Supplemental Walking (?/15): I did OK on this one, but I didn't do a good job of tracking and it was long enough ago that I really don't remember. D'oh! Week 3 Summary: Mission 1 Breakfast (7/7): Was really good about this one - even with the days off during the holiday. I just feel so much less nauseous when I eat. Mission 2 Exercise (2/4): Woof. Did the Turkey Day 5k. It was just ... bad. Honestly, given the circumstances, it really wasn't that bad, but it just hurt. And it was slow. I didn't wear a watch because I didn't want to risk pushing to hard... When I saw the clock at the end, I was crushed. Just need to remember it's not really indicative of where I'm at long term. :-/ Also went for a long walk with Mr. Rin and the pups on Saturday to stretch the legs a bit. Mission 3 Planning (1/6): Totally and completely slacking. But I think we have some good ideas now for how to break the news to family! Supplemental Walking (9/15): I was pretty much solo in the office all week, so plenty of opportunity to wander around. Only in the office for 3 days, though.
  11. Week 1 Summary: I finished the weekend ok. I was missed a workout and was a bit lazy on Sunday, but better! Mission 1 Breakfast (5/7): I've settled into cold cereal for breakfast. I know it's not eggs and bacon, but at least I'm getting something. Mission 2 Exercise (3/4): I ran on Friday and did yoga Saturday. Needed a rest day on Sunday, but I did rake leaves in the front. Huge yard + Huge maple tree = sore abs for Rin. I'll take it. Mission 3 Planning (1/6): Got one item done! Supplemental Walking (9/15): I'm not sure how to grade this one on the weekends. We tend to be up and about more than I am at my desk at work, so it's a lot less likely that I just sit for hours on end. I think I might scale this back to walking during work and make it out of 15 instead. Week 2 / Day 1 Status: Yesterday was OK. Mission 1 Breakfast (1/7): This one I almost missed. I wasn't feeling very well, but I did eat a banana with peanut butter right when I got to work. So I'm counting it. Mission 2 Exercise (0/4): We were supposed to pick up the finish items for the basement after work, but just wasn't feeling it. Wound up crashing on the couch and falling asleep to old episodes of X-files. Mission 3 Planning (1/6): Next up on the list is signing up for birthing classes. We got the list from the hospital that we'll be delivering at and they have a class that lines up with our time in town in February. I'll be registering us tonight. Supplemental Walking (2/21): I took two walks yesterday. Symptom of the week has been dizzy spells, so walking is rather unpleasant. :-/
  12. It wound up not too shabby. I've definitely been on the super lucky end as far as morning sickness goes. Every now and then a texture will push me to the brink, but aside from the orange juice mess and one bad bout with chicken I've been puke free. <knocking on every piece of wood in reach> Which is a good thing. Because I don't do well with puking. Cereal seems to save the day. I tried oatmeal for a while and it just didn't sit quite as well - and it takes longer to make, so I'm less inclined to throw it together first thing when I get up. Plus I get a small boost in folic acid. Worth the unhealthy aspects of cold cereal in my book - at least it's not fruit loops.
  13. I definitely feel you on the dinner time crunch. Some days it seems like no matter how much I plan, dinner is never quite ready when I intended. Glad you were able to find a suitable backup when the chicken plans fell through!
  14. Sounds like a pretty good week all things considered! Glad to hear you're already going to knock out that test. Hope this week got off to a good star. (oh - and p.s. the wine holder is awesome and I think it suits the clubhouse well.)
  15. Yay for clearing the air - but keep that feeling for future motivation! Keep up the awesome.
  16. Man - you are still making great progress. Glad to see you are making good progress on getting those crafts out of the way. How is the lifting going? Has it started to seem more challenging yet?
  17. Woot! Sounds like a great weekend. I hope the puppy is sleeping better! All three of ours have been sleeping lately and man - three dogs are fidgety. Good luck!
  18. Sounds like an all around not bad week, to be honest. I also suffer horribly from the procrastinators. I've tried 5 minute bursts, blocking bad sites, rewards, you name it. I'm still a slave to the impending deadline. :-/ Sadly, self imposed deadlines do not have the same effect. Keep up the good work and maybe give the lifting guy a shot. If he really starts to bug you, suggest he ask one of the aerobics group instructors if he can make a quick pitch for "test subjects" at a class. That might get him a wider audience and demonstrate that you aren't just blowing him off... (I'm terrible at telling people to buzz off when I want some solo time.) Good luck!
  19. Keep up the good work DLS! I love how hard you pushed yourself on those planks - it's funny how a little external motivation can push you past that little mental barrier.
  20. Yay! Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys! Ina May and the Baby Owner's Manual were on my list, but I'll add the others to the library cue. Week 1 / Day 4 Status: Mission 1 Breakfast (2/7): Cornflakes are a winner. As long as they don't get remotely soggy. Mission 2 Exercise (1/4): Totally and completely spaced doing my yoga when I got home. Was distracted dealing with day care stuff. Mission 3 Planning (1/6): Day care reserved! YAY! Supplemental Walking (6/21): Totally slacked on walking. I need to set myself some reminders on my work calendar.
  21. Good golly! Feel better soon. Hopefully you'll be able to salvage the week.
  22. Bummer about another schedule slip, but hopefully that just means you'll be more than ready. Great job getting in your steps and workouts this week!
  23. Those calorie quotes aren't super reliable. Especially if you've never done a VO2 test to try and calibrate it. This guy has a pretty good write-up on the Garmin devices, specifically, but you can get an idea of what impacts the measurements over time: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2010/11/how-calorie-measurement-works-on-garmin.html However, if you feel you aren't making progress you can try cutting back by 100 calories to see if it kick starts things. :-/ Sorry it's so frustrating!
  24. Oh man. Carrot cake sounds delicious. Icing is probably the killer on the calories. What I wind up doing is taking a super-duper small slice of cakes when we have them around. It helps satisfy the craving without going overboard. Luckily I have a husband who thinks that 1/6th of a cake barely qualifies for a slice so it doesn't sit around forever.
  25. Thanks for the advise! Right now we're planning on breast feeding, so I'll add it to the list. As far as type of birth, I am still relatively undecided. I selected my OB/Hospital based on the fact that they are pretty open to allowing a natural birth to keep my options open, but other than that, no real decisions made. Do you have any book recommendations? I've already cranked through the frequently suggested ones (Mayo Clinic Prengancy, What to Expect, and The Girlfriend's Guide), but I'm all for getting more suggestions! Week 1 / Day 3 Status Mission 1 Breakfast (1/7): I got through some cornflakes without incident. Gonna try to keep up with those for now. Mission 2 Exercise (1/4): I had an appointment that made for an extra long day at work. Took yesterday off. Mission 3 Planning (0/6): List is up and open for suggestions. I think we've picked our daycare - now we just need to get the registration stuff in. Supplemental Walking (5/21): I took two walks again. I was still scrambing a bit to get in my water quota, but made it.
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