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  1. Two days down and so far I'm doing okay. Today I made mac and cheese for dinner, but it was home-cooked so it still counted Also, I met with a new person on Monday (we watched Cloud Atlas - if anyone missed it I recommend it heartily) and I did my NF Fitness guide workout today. I don't think I should post the workout here, but I really enjoyed my new dumbbells during it. I used to only have a 5-litre water bottle as a weight so I was limited to 5 kg when I started out. It's gratifying to do the same exercise with 10 kg now. So results so far: Goal 1: 1/18 Goal 2: 2/56 Goal 3: Sunday is n
  2. Mwahaha, you're a writer too, you know the novel is never "done" I'm on the third rewrite now... Decided that it's going to be the last one, then it's off to the next project for me. I'm thinking military science fiction comedy... I'm actually going to be wrapping up this challenge Sunday and getting on a plane to London the next Monday, so y'all will have the exquisite pleasure of seeing me fall apart into gibbering nervous mess before the con As for fasting, when I started it I was stupid and did 2 times a week from the start. Obviously that was hard to get used to and it sort of dis
  3. I think it was modified, so only the nerdiest of the Browncoat nerds recognized the quote Besides, it's from a quiet scene and not from a big actiony moment; that might be why people don't remember as well as some others. That was sarcasm
  4. Being better is always its own reward. It's defining the 'better' that sometimes ends up tripping you up... It looks like you figured it out though. Inspiring others and Firefly references are a great life goal, man // Back now and wanted to say hi again I'll be plodding away in the dust while looking up to your shining perfection during this, as before.
  5. Wow I missed NF... Clearly defined goals and a definite timeline - I wish all aspects of my life worked like that I left one challenge ago (I think it was one) because being constantly online was doing a number on me, but I think I'm ready to be back. I learned three very important things during my time away: - I do better when I do have a challenge than when I don't, even if I don't do as well as I'd like on my goals. - I really like lifting weights. This and some body weight exercises are basically the only things that survived my no-challenge limbo. Everything else I tried as exercise
  6. Kishi, the main thing is that it helped you (hopefully), so no worries Okay, this is going to be the last check-in this challenge, guys. I'll be finishing it offline; I'm going on a month-or-two Internet cleanse. Only work stuff, no faffing about and no social sites. I do intend to return in the autumn, though, so it's not the last you're hearing of me So, as of Thursday week 6: 1. Strength training: 16/18. I have two more and I think I'll be able to pull through. 2. Yoga: 14/18. Yeah, yoga was sort of a bust. I was too scatterbrained to really get into it, even though I feel my body a
  7. So, that was the (now officially named) Misanthropy Week done. I think the last time during the challenge this was when the desire to burrow into the ground and never meet another person again hit. Missed one check-in this week. Bad Tabris, no Charisma points for you! In other news. 1. 9/12 strength workouts - did not go 'beast mode' here, but made up one workout. 2. 9/12 yoga workouts - made up 2 workouts by the force of self-shaming alone. Because seriously, if I can't even make myself do yoga then what kind of adventurer am I 3. 25/28 days of fruit-and-vegetable eating. Missed one mo
  8. Ack. End of week 3 and things are... well, things are. I am buried in work, and when I'm buried in work I tend to crumble under pressure... But, anyway. Shame is definitely a motivator, so for extra shaming, here are my easily quantifiable goal failing logs: 1. Strength training - 5/9 - 4 workouts missed >_< 2. Yoga - 4/9 - 5 workouts missed >_< I seriously thought it would be easier to do yoga than strength training, but for some reason yoga is actually harder 3. Fruit eating - 19/21 - 2 days missed, and here it's impossible to "make up" for it. 4. Have not missed a forum ch
  9. It is really cool that you're always striving for better; I'm a firm believer in that you're either getting better or getting worse, but not in-between. But! You really gotta stop and appreciate yourself once in a while, seriously. There is time for angst and there is time for patting yourself on the back. Methinks you have to do more of the latter. Or you can just listen to all the people fangirling about your challenge logs and get a boost that way But, you know. External and internal sources of self-worth and all that. Sorry. I have no comments on the fitness side so I dusted off
  10. I am still alive, but the only reason I'm showing up is probably Goal 4 of this challenge >_< Whenever anything goes wrong around me the first thing that shuts off is my social drive. Anyway, I've been skipping workouts like a pro, but I did finally get to 10 proper form push-ups! I'm trying to catch up to the plan now, and it's working out more or less. Lesson for other challenges: NO I CANNOT HAVE "JUST THESE TWO DAYS" OFF. That does not work. One day is manageable, but two days and I get thrown. Thanks everyone for support Kishi, public shaming works, yay! I'll get to the
  11. Yay for going to the gym on your own! I don't have quite enough confidence to go to a gym yet, but whenever I need to do something that will potentially embarrass me (or even surely embarrass me) I just tell myself no one cares about my flailing either way. Just breathe deep and convince yourself of that. Also go you, just eating a small slice of that cake. I figure stuff like that is bound to come up; life is life. Unless one piece becomes the whole cake or one 'cheat' meal becomes a week long fast food binge I think you're okay joining in on the fun.
  12. Hey guys, I'm back from my boring-old-man-vacation. Seriously, the only exciting thing that happened was me getting bloody blisters on my feet from all the leisurely walking I did. Other than that it was all consuming small quantities of quality alcohol and going to bed at a reasonable hour. But, well, I guess I'll take boring now; I'll have enough time for adventures when I'm in better physical shape. I was actually back Tuesday, but that was the day of sleeping off the train ride back home and feeling like a wreck. Have you ever been so hot you couldn't sleep but too tired to do ANYTHING,
  13. Oh wow. Getting on your way to your dream career is seriously the most amazing and inspiring thing ever. I cannot even express how amazing and inspiring this is. There should be gifs of nuclear rainbowsplosions, seriously... Wait... Well... Not exactly what I was going for, but that's all I can do at 3:24 AM Now my goal of "just something that pays the bills while I do the writing thing" seems very easy I'm not even going to comment on your fitness goals because they are not even in the same galaxy as my brain, so I cannot comprehend them enough to fully appreciate their awesome.
  14. I was supposed to have some sort of a deep meaningful comment to make up for wimping out on you the last challenge, but I read your last workout and now I just can't think of anything to say except I feel ridiculously happy whenever anything that's good for you is named Russian -something- Because the most famous things are Russian vodka and Russian roulette, and that's a bad rep for my country Anyway, whoo for flossing and core workouts! I love how those make me feel like my whole body is working. Speaking of wimping out, how're you feeling about another sketch-pact? Hopefully one that
  15. You are a superhero for doing those, seriously! See, this is why I love Nerd Fitness - there are people doing evil burpees from hell when you're just trying to fully graduate from knee push-ups! And using your own laziness to keep on track is the kind of ingenuity a superhero needs to come out on top When you feel empty and feel the temptation to turn the stuff on and lose your day in the internet I suggest studying, working out or reading instead. Or, you know, household chores! Your house will be spotless and organized by the end of the challenge! NOW GET OFF THE INTERNET AND GO STUDY
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