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  1. I am failing miserably. :/ I've pretty much just been completely ignoring all of my goals for a week or so. I quit logging my meals in MFP and I've opted for staying in and watching the entire first 2 seasons of 'Girls' instead of going on hikes. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself and I have planned on going on a hike everyday this week. I just don't. My husband hasn't been up for it either so we aren't encouraging each other. I think I've decided that I might have to dial it way down for the next challenge. Go back to basics. I need to find a way to get myself interested again. @al
  2. Not offended by the way! I find it exciting too. I think I am under the impression that most Europeans have an interest in Native American culture since it doesn't exist over there. I find it exciting too. It's thrilling to think about how the land we stood on or the mountains we looked at during the sunset, were the same exact places that my ancestors from thousands of years ago lived and survived. Though, this goes back to the stuff I was saying on your challenge thread about how here in America/Utah an 'old' building is only about 50-100 years old. There's a constant state of change here, a
  3. I had the same problem with strength training once the weather started getting nice! I hated making time for working out indoors. We have one week left yes?!
  4. Agreed! I can't wait to go back with my husband. I'll get much more outdoor exploring done with him.
  5. Does that mean you don't know what a Native American is?
  6. I can not figure out how to post pictures directly to the page, do I have to upload to an image hosting site first so that I have a URL? Could somebody pm me the instructions? I feel like a doofus.
  7. I realized that I can count my hike on memorial day! I'm 3 hikes to 6. Also I played with Ellie for half an hour last night at least!
  8. Let's see if this works Pictures here
  9. I've been slumping on all of my goals too. I think it's great that you're sticking with a positive attitude! Let's pull it together for the last two weeks!
  10. I was thinking of you last night when I was about to post some! I got distracted by trying to edit the photos but I will definitely post some tonight. I remembered you saying that you thought Utah looked exotic. I was also thinking that since you're from another country(!) you might find some of the other photos I took in NM fascinating. We went down to visit my grandmother's family. My grandmother was full pueblo native american from the Ohkay Owingeh tribe. The village has been pretty well preserved over the years and I took some pictures of the adobe huts where people (my family even) still
  11. Hey Gutshot! You're doing great! I was wondering do you actually enjoy running now? I've never been a runner either and I've always assumed it was because I hate running.
  12. I'm back from vacation officially as of Monday. I have mostly bad news. 1. We went on a nice little waterfall hike on our camping trip, not to mention tons of nature walks and little adventures looking for firewood. That's 2 hikes toward 6 I knew I wasn't going to be hiking on the trip to New Mexico. I'll just have to double up in an upcoming week. Which I'll love. I just hope I don't fall too far behind. 2. I mostly executed my meal plans the first week and a half and then went on vacation. The meal plan followed through the camping trip but stopped abruptly through my trip to New Mexico
  13. I'm back from my long vacation. It looks like you guys were busy posting some good pics and videos. I'll have to watch the videos this evening when I get home from work. I did go on a very nice hike to a gorgeous waterfall on our camping trip. I don't have any pictures of the hike since the hike down into the waterfall was very steep I opted to leave my camera in the car. I went to New Mexico this week as well. I went with some older, out of shape family members so we didn't do any hiking but, I'll tell you what, As soon as my husband and I have some extra money we are going back to southern
  14. I'm only doing okay :/ I haven't gone hiking yet this week and my awesome hiking trip that was planned for Sunday was cancelled due to heat and beer.
  15. Thanks Fonzico. I'm a little down today, we went on a day trip to hang out with some friends at their campsite Sunday. I snacked A LOT instead of eating actual meals and I weighed in 4lbs heavier yesterday morning. I thought maybe it was just water weight because of all of the salty snacks. I tried to drink as much water as possible to flush things out (not sure if that's the right course of action, can't hurt though) today I weighed exactly the same. I also found out I lost one of my house plants today. It was fine 2 days ago but when I went to water it today it was crispified. What a bumme
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