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  1. Sophomore Slump. Goal 1: Ran only 4 miles. A step down from last week. Goal 2: Got 8 hours of sleep only once, averaged about 6.5 hours per night. Also a step down. Goal 3: Boozed only twice, so I met this goal, though both nights was more than I should have had, so I'm not sure I followed the spirit of the goal. Personal Goal: I'm up to $273.12. Fully confident that this will be accomplished. I started a new savings technique as of May 1st. Instead of the amount of money I save by biking, I'm putting away the mileage my bike GPS records each day. I bike 10.34 miles, I save $10.3
  2. Week 2 recap - Pretty darn happy with this week. I may not be so good about posting my progress here, but I've been tracking it very closely on my own and am happy to report that I am just a hair short of my goals for the week. Goal 1: run 7 miles a week - I ran 6 miles this week, 1 mile every day except Monday. It doesn't seem to be getting any easier at all, but I'm doing it. Goal 2: 8 hours of sleep, 5 days a week - Only managed to do this 2 days this week, both of which were weekend days. The lowest was 6 hours which I did twice, the highest was 10 hours on Friday night. My aver
  3. Not a great start, but not a total loss. To answer your question, WildColonialGirl, My plan was really just to go to bed on time. Really force myself to just go home instead of staying out later than I have to. And so far that has worked out pretty well. My lady is actually in town visiting this week, so my regular habits aren't really in play right now. To top it off, she is in town for a conference, so she has had to get up early as well, so we have kind of kept each other in check. Getting a full night's sleep has been a fairly easy goal thus far, but I anticipate that changing when
  4. Alright. Back story. My lady moved to Los Angeles about 8 months ago and I stopped taking care of myself. I haven't been in decent shape since college, and I certainly haven't done much (read: "anything") to stay in shape for several years, but for the past 8 months I've been particularly unkind to myself, so I'm kind of starting from less than scratch. I started running occasionally about 2 weeks ago when my roommate asked me to come with him and it made my lady incredibly happy. So am I doing this for me or am I doing it for her? I don't know, but at least I'm doing it. Let's rock.
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