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  1. The brushing my teeth challenge is carried over to this week. Only did it twice. Mornings just aren't the best of times for me and I need to find a trigger to think about it before heading out of the door. A new small challenge for this week. Spend 15 - 30 minutes a day doing something to improve this house. We're planning to sell our house in the somewhat near future but there are some small repairs that still need to be done, and a few bigger ones. The bigger ones are for some other time, but this week is about the quick wins. Today I cleaned up the balcony a bit and got a few new plants. Other possible tasks for the coming week: - Remove the baseboards in the kitchen - Buy new baseboards - Install new baseboards - Deep cleanse the windowsills in the kitchen - Deep cleanse the windowsills in the living room - Deep cleanse the windowsills in the bed room - Deep cleanse the windowsills in our brewery* - Waterboard (ok, i have no idea what it's called) the balcony to clean it - Find a cheap lamp for the living room - Install the lamp - Remove one lane of wallpaper in the bedroom where we had leakage from the upstairs neighbours - Try out fixing the small damaged bits on the door sides with old paint (if it doesn't work they'll need to be repainted completely) And I'm sure there's another 100 small things to do, but this should get me through the week, maybe two * Ok, we don't have an actual brewery in our house, but we have an extra room that we name after it's function, and we do brew our own beer there. It also doubles as walk in closet, pantry, fitness, instrument storage, wine cellar and anything else we like. People who've never been to our apartment often think we live in a huge mansion as we seem to have a special room for everything Do you like it?
  2. Got to bed on time every day this week except for one. I got my new phone in (which isn't that exciting) but on it I can play Ingress (a pervasive augmented reality MMOG). The bf has been playing that obsessively for over a year and was very very very very very very very very (insert many more verys here) excited about me being able to play. So he spend hours explaining everything and going over everything again and sharing items, and explaining and adding me to various chat groups and fora and everything else possibly related to the game. He was being so happy that I didn't feel like telling him it was bedtime at 11 (or that really over the last year and a half I've heard all there is to know about the game already) Beside making my bf happy Ingress is actually a really good game to get some walking/biking in. Basically the idea is that you have two teams that fight over the ownership of portals. These portals are generally art, architecture or special things in the real world and to be able to catch a portal you need to be at the actual location of that portal. Basically this means a lot of exercise, I've walked 25km since Wednesday. If anyone else is interested, join the enlightened/green team (because they're smaller and need more players). Almost a new week, so time for a new challenge starting tomorrow morning. Brush my teeth in the morning. I've not been raised to brush my teeth regularly, and that's given me quite bad teeth. I've got the nights in my routine since a long time now, but it would be good to get this in my morning routine as well. But, as I'm doing small things, it's the challenge for the coming week. Not a lifetime commitment at this point. Small steps are good.
  3. Had fun doing the dotsies last week and will continue with them as I'm nowhere near fluent yet. I've tried to get my e-reader to use dotsies, but to no avail. Instead I've printed out a nerdfitness blog and have read that dotsy style. I doubt it'll be any faster for a long time, but it just looks cool to read something that to other people looks like gibberish. It gives a kinda secret language vibe, so for that I will continue reading this stuff @shukar it's no different from translating a written 'a' in your head to a sound, it just needs some getting used to. There's no need to do any converting after you've got the sound and character linked up. Most time goes into reading things letter by letter rather than words at a time, but that also would change after you've gotten used to it. It will take a long time before it goes faster if ever though. For this week my goal is to go to bed on time, before 11 on week nights, and 12 in the weekend. I've been having trouble sleeping again and a steady rhythm always helps.
  4. No big six weeks goals for me, life is too unstable for that. But instead I'll do some weekly things that feel like something I can achieve or improve in that time. Week 1: Learn dotsies. It's a font designed for fast reading, rather than writing. And it's a nerdy thing and I haven't done things that feel nerdy for some time. I'll start by installing the font in my browser and reading some news things and hopefully by the end of the week it'll be on my e-reader and i'll be reading books in it. Might be too short a time frame, but I read A LOT. We'll see. Thing is to have something to be exited about and to see some progress over a week. dotsies.org
  5. Yes, got through to him. Now I'm back on medication again and have an appointment with him for wednesday to talk about a long term plan. It's amazing what those pills do, I haven't had a mental breakdown since wednesday, started taking them again on tuesday. Last week it was like 4-5 a day. I actually went for a run today, which I haven't had the energy to do for quite some time
  6. Ok things to be proud of for today: 1. I called the psychiatrist to talk about maybe not stopping with my medication yet (ok he didn't pick up but I did call) 2. I walked out of my group therapy session this morning but I did go back in even if it took three tries.
  7. Not too good. I've started stopping with my medication (after talking it over with the psychiatrist) and having some bad side effects from it. Mind is a mess. So got 2 session a week with my therapist next to my regular three days of group therapy to keep check on how it's going. Should take a few weeks before the worst side effects are over and hopefully that'll be sooner rather than later. Challenge wise nothing is happening, just not possible at the moment. /:
  8. Played anno 2070 and Trine. Anno2070 isn't nearly as good as Anno1404 was, but Trine was surprisingly good, I can very much recommend it as a multiplayer game.
  9. Seems like May isn't going to work. I've tried over 20 different locations and everything is booked full for May. So we either need to make this a one day thing, which would be harder for those living further away, or move it across the summer to september perhaps?
  10. Friday - Overslept for therapy. But I did pick up the phone when the therapist called later where I was. Saturday & Sunday - We did a weekend long gaming session and had a lot of fun. Not anything specific to be proud of, but just having a good weekend is really nice as well Move that body - Get more than 7000 steps three times a week Mon: 13982 Tue: 7764 Wed: 8314 Thur: 6287 Fri: 4535 Sat: n/a Sun: n/a That's 3 times out of 3, Check. Muscle over matter - Go to body pump class Monday Nights Check, did my body pump class. Work that mind - Go to therapy three times a week I overslept for therapy on Friday, was really planning to go, but didn't. Happy thoughts - Write down something every day that I'm proud of Yeah, mostly, focus for this week is to write it at the day itself.
  11. Tuesday: Bad day again. Went to therapy, actually managed to say something. Wednesday: Visited bf at the surf club rather than stay indoors. Thursday: Did loads of cleaning after the handyman fixed the ceilings.
  12. After every high there's another low. It's just very discouraging /: Monday Therapy again. Different type, same talk, Don't push yourself too hard, the harder you push the harder you'll fall. But the good things was I did tell I just wasn't coping too well with the new therapy. Which means I'm not yet allowed to work yet, which is what I would like to do. So I'd rather not say that, but I did anyway. Ow, and I totally nailed the body pump class. I managed so much better than I expected. More later.
  13. Coursera is just finishing up a course on "Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights". If you can still sign up there's an interesting lecture of a sports nutritionist who has coached several Olympic medal winners on eating including marathoners if I remember correctly. Go to "video lectures " --> week 6 --> video K. Dr Bernadot optional extended version. He talks about drinking and eating during, before and after exercise without complicating it too much, and it's based in actual science rather than bro-science. www.coursera.org Amazing progress on your swimming/running and cycling btw since last year!
  14. Weekly round up Normally my weeks start on Monday, but this is an 8 day week Move that body - Get more than 7000 steps three times a week Sun: 24817 Mon: 8652 Tue: 11666 Wed: 3420 Thur: 7117 Fri: 5020 Sat: 14032 (fitbit counted 4k, but wasn't along for the mudmasters so it's a lot more) Sun: 4402 That's 4 times out of 3, Check. Muscle over matter - Go to body pump class Monday Nights Check, did my body pump class, had DOMS, so worked hard . Work that mind - Go to therapy three times a week I had a real problem going to therapy last Friday (and a bit on Thursday) but I did go in all three times. Happy thoughts - Write down something every day that I'm proud of Yes, thinking happy thoughts, or at least thinking about things that went well that day rather than focusing on things that sucked. Ha! Take that week 2! All goals met. That's a good start That's actually also my proud thing a bit already, I feel really good about the start of this challenge. The last few weeks had been a struggle and I've done much better than I expected. Especially writing that weekly round-up makes me feel good That and I've called the construction guy about the ceiling. Which is scary.
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