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  1. I just saw the scout mini challenge. It's a bit of a story as well. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/27589-mini-challenge-lions-and-tigers-and-trolls-oh-my/ Maybe you should have a chat with our guild leader?
  2. You're doing well on goal one and two
  3. Would doing your yoga practice just beofre bed help you calm down from being productive?
  4. Thanks for the link to habit tracker. I'm checking it out now As for the number of goals, I agree with you on keeping to what's achieveable. I'm a bit worried I have overcommitted on mine.
  5. Ah, I see why I've been having issues. I was using my tablet to visit the site and it doesn't have any handy toolbar. I log in from work and there it is Thanks Rebel.
  6. Jas

    Jas - Snake creeps down

    I still need to do the attributes and grading * Control the motion - Do Tai Chi practice 3 times a week - this doesn't include the class and does include going through as much of the form as I've learnt that week. Focus on the motion and the sequence Copy PMA's grading for this if they are ok with it +2 Wis + 2 Dex * Control the mind - Meditate for 15 mins before bed. I heard a saying that you should meditate 20mins a day. If you don't have time to do that, you should meditate for one hour a day. Copy Brian's grading for this if they are ok with it +2 Wis + 1 Chr * Condition the body - Run 5kms after work before I pick up the youngest from childcare This is a total km run grade I think. 110 - 120 kms = A 80 - 109 = B 50 - 79 = C 20 - 49 = D 0 - 20 = E + 3 Sta + 2 Con * Open the hips, strengthen the thighs - Walking lunges after running. Need to figure out an amount and / or an increase that won't take too much time after the run... an increase would be nice, but not sure... Copy Brian's grading here too + 2 Str + 1 Sta
  7. Hey Brian, I have a meditation goal similar to yours May I borrow your grading system?
  8. Jas

    Jas - Snake creeps down

    Checking in - On Monday when I set the challenge, I did: meditate 15 mins before bed (I'm ok with this, cause by the time I finished writing everything up, it was 11pm, so no time for anything else On Tuesday, I did: Tai Chi class, which meant I only ran 3kms. Toddler didn't go to bed for ages and I was exhausted from staying up late the night before, so didn't do meditate before bed. Am thinking i will need to put more thinking into my goals next time. These are turning out to be real stratech goals for me.
  9. Jas

    Jas - Snake creeps down

    Hey guys, Thanks for those ideas. I think I might change the goal around a bit to be general hips and thigh strenghtening and use some of these as ieas.
  10. Jas

    Jas - Snake creeps down

    Hi Rebel, the pics are on a website - http://www.chipellis.com/index2.htm, but I wasn't sure how to link to them (the pics, not the site)
  11. Jas

    Mind, Body & Soul

    I like the way you have graded your yoga goal. I have a tai chi goal similar to yours. You ok if I borrow your grading system?
  12. Hey, Just ducked in to say Druid / Scout combo FTW! That's the combo I'm thinking of too
  13. Hey, I used to bellydance as well. I love it and would like to get back to you, but with three kids, I'm having to pick and choose... Hope your Saturday class goes well!
  14. You know, I'm content with the strength I have. So this is a a bit of a challenge for me. But I'll see what I can find
  15. Hey guys, We druids have been set a mini challenge of " Learn from the Warrior Guild and be Strong like a Warrior! ", so I've wandered over here to say hello Was a bit worried I would have nothing to say to you guys, but on seeing you're all about the pics and the beer, I would offer you - this http://www.thekitchn.com/trapdoor-in-the-kitchen-floor-74465 . It's a spiral wine cellar trapdoor. And the thing I'd like to learn from the warriors is - how the heck do you add a pic into your posts? Jas
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