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  2. Come randori meeeee!!!!
  3. Hullo! *hugs* I really like that you give yourself progressions. Like being at work by 9:15 for a while then going to 9:00. That's really smart. I think of progressions for exercise, but little for everyday activities. I have to go rethink my life nao! p.s. female training camp sounds fun! I vote pro!
  4. A month long menu??? I'm impressed! You may be busy, but this is the way to keep your shit together! So much excitement coming your way! You had me at wine tasting. I think the sleep challenge you tacked on the end is super smart. If there is one way to keep your momentum during all you have going on, it's to get a healthy amount of sleep. But yes! Only 4 weeks! You got this!
  5. Heck yes small goals create momentum! Sounds like a good challenge! The boring stuff will go away with the small goals. You'll get to doing the fun stuff soon!
  6. Damn. That song in mah head nao. Jasmine grows on trees..../snicker you! *hugs*
  7. Hulllo!!! *hugs* When is your nidan test?
  8. Oh, Hey There. Sorry this is so short! I usually fill my thread up with crazy gifs and extravagant challenges. This time I have 1 focus: My testing. I test for 5th Dan the second weekend of April! EEEEPPPP!!! Things I need to do to get myself ready: 1. For the love of all that is holy, Eat right. Loosing some poundage always helps my kicks be faster and look better. I literally need to get light on my feet. Eat at slight deficit. Need to maintain caloric intake for exertion, but also loose some poundage. Eating slightly below maintenance and upping exertionTRACK calories on
  9. Dude! You are KILLING it!!! I just caught up. *Whew* Your BJJ discriptions sound so FUN! It sucks having a poor partner, though. Don't feel bad, there are plenty of people that are awesome as a person but bad as a partner. They don't even have to be bad at the art....just different work ethic or body sizes can make for terrible training combination. Sometimes you just don't have a choice and that sucks. But yay for reminding them about the Intermediate! Also that run-fall was AWESOME!...Break-falls for the win. IMO, you were trying hard enough if you kept you balance the ENTIRE way
  10. ^This. Something Something the journey is the best part something something. Also, dropping to 3-4 classes instead of 5-7 isn't too bad: as long as what you replace them with makes you equally happy. If learning photography and/or blacksmithing is something that is going to have you walk away feeling more enlightened and accomplished, I'd say that's worth missing a class or 2 a week. I think you worry about cutting classes more for your frame of mind than for your fitness/blackbelt goals. Training 3-4 days a week is still good for ambitions of black belt. Maybe it will take a teensy we
  11. *drools at chocolate cake with french buttercream frosting* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................................ I'm so glad the steroid shots have helped with the pain so far! I hope it lasts a long while! And I must say, Elf sounds like an awesome house mate! I wouldn't mind getting myself an Elf! Also, it's weird for me to see shoveling as a daily/weekly chore. That's something I never even think of. And something I've only done ONCE ever in my life and it was to make a labyrinth in the BF's backyard. Ahhhhhh....that was a fun day
  12. Also, 7Foot, I DO want to hold a bag for you! I want to hold a bag for you somewhere where there is padding on the walls behind me! Then I can see how far you can launch me!!!!!
  13. Not going to lie. It's hard on vacation, but I'm determined to NOT owe myself $15 in my cheat jar like last week. >.<
  14. Dorkface. I wasn't saying NO power in lead leg. Just like in boxing, you can knock someone out with a lead jab. But I don't LEAD with the rear. When fighting side or half facing, you have a rear leg and unless I'm doing a switch or a kick transfer, I'm not going to lead with the back leg. Unless I KNOW I have time.
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