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  1. Challenge Wrap-Up [+1 Level] Supporting Goal #1: Run 5 miles each week. I achieved this goal 5/6 weeks of the challenge. I'm really pleased with my progress. This challenge brought be a few personal best times and I'm really proud of them. In the past year I've gone from hating running to enjoying running and even running to relax, which I never thought would happen. [+4 STA] Supporting Goal #2: Complete a full-body weightlifting workout every other day. I achieved this goal 5/6 weeks of the challenge. I'm really starting to see results from these workouts. I've gotten some definition in m
  2. Another good week for my goals! I just finished my 5 miles of running for the week. I like the system I have going where I run 4 laps of my block twice a week and 5 laps of my block once a week for a total of 5.2 miles. When I get comfortable with that schedule I'll try to push myself to running more than 2 miles at a time, but for now this is a good challenging but not discouraging pace. My best time for 2 miles is currently 18 minutes 19.4 seconds (I figured out my ipod has a stop watch so now I can stop estimating my times, haha!) I'm in the middle of week 5 of the hundred push ups challen
  3. Checking in! I'm happy with how this challenge is going. I attended a con AND moved back home after my summer internship ended on Wednesday and I still managed to keep up with all three of my main goals decently well. Usually such large disruptions to my daily schedule throw off my diet and exercise routines, but this time they didn't! - I ran 5.2 miles this week: two 1.6 mile runs and one 2 mile run. I wasn't keeping track of my time for the 1.6 mile runs, but I did time the 2 miles I just did: 18 minutes! A personal best for me! - This week might not have been so great for my weightlifting
  4. Who ran 3 miles in 36 minutes today? This Bull! Same path as I ran on Monday, but three minutes faster! Hell yes! I feel AMAZING!
  5. I finished week 3 of the hundred push ups challenge today. That means I did 88 push ups over the course of my 20ish minute workout. Not too shabby. I interspersed my push ups sets with abs and squats. I've kept up with my water drinking, too. It's kind of incredible how much more energy I have when I'm properly hydrated. The new water bottle my girlfriend brought me from San Diego Comic Con helps a lot. =D
  6. Three miles down for this week's running goal! I finally tried out the Appalachian Trail loop: one mile on the road, one mile on the trail, one mile on the road. My time was around 39 minutes. I think that's pretty damned good considering it was an extra mile more than I usually run and I don't usually trail run. There's definitely room for improvement, though. I hope to fit in another three of these runs (one more this week, two next week) before I move back to real life in two weeks. I have to say, though, it is terrifying when the Attack on Titan opening theme music comes up on your work
  7. A brief update on the end of Week 1: I'm 3 for 3 on achieving my goals this week. I ran 5 miles, completed all the workouts I intended to do, and I've even kept up with my water drinking (bathroom breaks be damned!) I'm feeling great! Bring on week 2!
  8. So far this challenge is off to a fantastic start. I met my water and weightlifting goals yesterday without a problem. The weird instant headaches I was getting last challenge (whenever I tried doing push ups) have yet to resurface, so I'm back to feeling like a total badass when I do my exercises. My workout consisted of push ups (following the Hundred Push Up Challenge Week 2), squats (4 sets of 20) and a variety of crunches/abs exercises. I went for a run this evening right before sunset. It was my first run in several weeks so I was a little worried I'd have to cut it short or walk for s
  9. I'm pretty excited for the new format of the six week challenges. I'm less excited by the new signup sheet for the six week challenges, though. Specifically, I'd like to suggest that "Gender" should either a) be optional, have more options to choose from, or c) be a text box to fill in however one wants to. (Option C is, in my opinion, the best way to go.) It will go a long way towards making NerdFitness more inclusive and welcoming towards those whose gender is more complicated than those two little clicky-bubbles.
  10. Let's Try This Again... Last go 'round didn't go so well for me. Long story short, I didn't claim any points or even a level for the previous 6wc. I learned a few things from my experiences this summer and now I'm ready to get back on the trail. Without further ado: My Main Quest: Hike the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine (and then the Pacific Crest Trail, and then the Continental Divide Trail. But one step at a time) Supporting Goal 1: Run 5 miles each week [+5 STA] It doesn't matter whether it's one mile five times a week or five miles all in one go, a few laps around the b
  11. I ended up bailing on this 6wc. Maybe I should have known better than to take on a challenge when I knew I was going to start a new job/move to a different state/deviate significantly from my usual life/etc. in the middle of it. Maybe I'm just making excuses for myself. Either way, I didn't finish this challenge and so I'm not going to claim any points for it. I'm not even going to level up. I do plan on rebooting this challenge for the next 6wc next week. I may tweak some goals for the next go 'round, we'll see. I know I'm capable of succeeding at these goals when the time is right.
  12. Weekly Update #4 I took this past week off from push ups to let myself rest a bit and maybe see if the weird headaches would go away. I rebooted my HPUC workout today and so far things are going well. I started over from week 1 doing knees-down push ups. I think my problem was I upgraded from inclines to knees-down too fast and pushed myself too hard. I had no problem (and no headache!) doing my workout today. Hopefully I'll be able to stay on track for the last two weeks! As for my other goals... I pretty much dropped the ball on them too. It rained pretty much all week, so I didn't get t
  13. Weekly Update #3 Week 3 was a little rough for me: my push ups have gone to shit. I made it through all three workouts, but I get a pretty bad headache when I do more than 30 or so. I'm concentrating on my breathing and form, so I'm pretty sure it's not related to either of those. I could probably stand to drink more water, so maybe that's the problem. I don't have headaches any other time or during any of my other workouts, so maybe it's just weightlifter's headache? I am going to skip the push ups this week and start again at a lower level next week. That should give my body some time to rec
  14. If hiking counts as running, then I get 6 more levels. If it doesn't... it should. Just sayin'.
  15. 4 for you, Sailor Pluto! You go, Sailor Pluto! (I ran another 30 mins today!)
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