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  1. I wish I could check in on my phone as I certainly spend more online time on that during waiting moments. Waiting while picking kids up, waiting in line at the bank, etc. Thanks guys for the encouragement! Feels great to be back here!! This week's meal plan is simple. SOUP! As we have all come down with a nasty cold!! Realistically we also had pancakes, and leftovers because we need the fridge to be cleaned out so we can go away for 5 days this weekend into next week! While we are away I'm taking a small cooler and stopping at the grocery store so we don't need to eat out on the drives. Once we are at our destination we will be staying with family so again we just head to the grocery store and pitch in on groceries. Once we arrive home again I'm excited to meal plan I'm planning on adding some meals we haven't eaten often but I'm not sure which ones. Drinking water is easy - especially with a sore scratchy throat. My body has just demanded the extra fluids. I found the fitbit! It's charging and getting ready for our weekend away! Working out hasn't worked with this nasty cold. I hope to make up for it on our trip we have plans to hike in mountains (which I've never seen the mountains before) and take the kids to a huge zoo! Meditating is going awesome. I've been feeling really low and I know it's helping.
  2. Hey everyone! Missed you all! I've let "life" take control in some good ways and not so good ways so I'm back and ready to kick my own butt back into shape because I need it and my health needs it. In the past year I've gained back 15 pounds after having lost 10 last year. I know this isn't a lot but I'm not in a dangerous category I just need to lose weight to bring health issues back into control. I find myself now being more out of shape and feeling like my body is less capable than it was last year. I'm very grateful to have been able to eat foods I wasn't able to in a long time, to not be sick and be able to take my kids camping and go do different activities with the family but I slacked in the self care areas and definitely need to kick it back up. Anyway enough with what's gone wrong - and sorry if it's just babble as I'm really just accepting where I'm at, and jumping in and starting again. So my goals are Diet ~ Meal plan and stick to it! - no more last minute deciding or throwing together stuff. We've already elimited eating out from a financial stand point so meal planning is the next step. ~ Water, water, water. - migraines are back, I know I'm not drinking enough. It's basic, I always seem to have it on this list but I really need to make this a habit. Fitness: ~ FInd the fitbit, wear it use it, join some challenges, I loved it but have slacked off. ~ 15min or more workout 3x a week. - I have enough workout videos, programs, knowledge and supplies that this should not be an issue but of course because I'm human it is. Level Up My Life: ~ 10 minutes of meditation daily - this can be colouring, guided, or just plain breathing quietly while hiding in the bathroom but 10 minutes to myself to help manage my stress levels daily For the sake of keeping things simple I'm not assigning rewards these are pass and fail goals. If you've read this leave a comment with your challenge I'll take a look. Do my best to send you some encouraging messages and check in!
  3. It's hard to get back on track! I'm doing good on the water (for now) I know I always start strong with this and then taper off. I'm not doing so good with the eating healthy. Feels like all the fast to make foods are unhealthy. I like cheese and salad dressing and bread. I like cream of soups and other "unhealthy" things. It's saddens me.
  4. Perfect I will see if I can get that bar at the bottom! I'm in Sask! So not far at all! The new fitbit the Charge HR has a heart rate monitor. I just have the fitbit one and it doesn't but thats okay for me.
  5. First, how did you all get the tracker bars at the bottom? Second, Nikki your Canadian we need to be connect! And I agree eating healthy is harder than working out but without a car for possibly weeks working out has now become harder as I don't like to do it at home. (I did get half an hour in today!) I love the fitbit challenges. they really do push me but gently. Which is partially what I need. They remind to get up from the computer and go for a short walk, occassionally I'll run the stairs just because I can and I wasn't doing that before the challenges. I'm never #1 but one day I will be. pyrite_philter, can't wait to hear from you again!
  6. Looking forward to hearing how your challenge is going!
  7. I relate to you. Can't wait to see how your do in this challenge!
  8. you can do it! Medical issues suck but glad to hear your first day was mostly good.
  9. This week my brave was a few things. I asked for the amount I actually charge for my services without any discounts. I sold $2,500! Way more than the $500 I would have usually taken with a bunch of excuses to myself on why I wasn't worth what I charged. Then, I'm finding courage to stand up for myself and research when I feel backed into a corner with no options. But I have options and I deserve more information and respect than I'm being given and I'm fighting for that. Lastly, I'm having the courage to start again and keep trying. Every time I start I get knocked down and reset, I am one who easily gives up when this happens and then becomes severely depressed. I'm back, I'm trying I'm starting again and giving my best and sometimes that's all that bravery is.
  10. Hey all! Life has been kicking my butt again and causing me to give up on lots of my goals. I've had enough hospitals and illnesses and it's time to battle myself and get back on track. I will not be scoring myself this round as I beat myself up too much about the ratings and that's not my goal. Instead I will be keeping track with a spreadsheet. I will share it here weekly and will write down my successes and failure daily. I also track on myfitnesspal and fitbit so those are huge helps. Goal 1: Take vitamins and supplements daily. I've been so relaxed on this and I now feel sluggish and tired all the time again. Goal 2: Drink more water. Seriously, I can't seem to make this a routine to get enough water. A minimum of 6 cups of water a day and one cup of tea. Goal 3: Eat healthy. I'm not going to make it harder than it needs to be but the take out ends, the junk food leaves, it's all over. Summer is long over birthdays are over I have no excuses. I need to eat healthy foods all day long. Goal 4: I am adding a fourth goal because It's busy season around here. My business is busy, my husband is busy at work and kids are loaded with activities. I just didn't schedule any activities for myself so I have to move my body 3x a week. Doesn't have to be fancy, doesn't have to cost money but it does have to get my heart rate up, make me sweat or relieve the cramps of sitting. If anyone wants to join, we have been doing challenges on the fitbit recently that have been a good way to get moving a bit more than may have happened otherwise. Feel free to message me your username, I'll friend you and add you to the challenges. Also looking for friends on myfitnesspal who will help keep me accountable with my food and water intake.
  11. Thanks Teros, I want to simplify how I play the game of life this round, I always over complicate it. Sugar I was figuring out still. I think no (added) sugar 5 days a week will be the way I go this round just to keep it simple yet flexible since its summer. i did check out the accountabilibuddies groups and I don't really fit in with any of them. Today was good, the only thing I didn't accomplish was sugar but this will have to count for 1 of my 2 days.
  12. I've been making great strides at developing new habits, make great changes and evolving into a better me. After a short break from the forums and challenges I'm so ready to jump back in I previously sucked at updating these so I'd love to be held accountable to checking in often, as I love the community. My end of year summer goal is to lose 20lbs. I would like to achieve this at the very latest of September 15. I want to do this on my own, no relying on other people to help me. In case the scale doesn't move, my ultimate goal is to lose my belly fat which exists due to pregnancy and surgery. I want to erase the physical evidence of my illnesses and regain my confidence. I have a wonderful fitbit that is helping me track my efforts, I've been doing much better than the beginning of the year at being more active, and I've tried a ton of new foods or ways of eating foods that I never would have before. So I guess the How! 1 - Limit my sugar intake. I can have sugar but not often and preferably in healthier forms such as honey or stevia. This should allow me enough flexibility that I could take my kids for iced cream or have s'mores but not have sugar control my cravings and eating habits. Ultimately I would love to keep sugar out of my regular day to day routine. 2 - Be consistently active. Right now I do yoga once I week but I want to get moving and be more active on a more regular basis. There is a running group starting that I'm hoping to join, but even just hoping to walk more, run up and down the stairs, play with the kids in the yard, anything. As a starting point it would be great to have a minimum 15 minutes of activity each day. 3 - Get dressed daily. Even if it's into yoga pants or sweats but get out of my pajamas and be ready to go or be active at all times. Create more yes opportunities and less no's for the kids by being dressed in something we could at least go to the park in each day. 4 - Spending fast. No spending on unnecessary things. No toys, no extras, no material things. We can spend on experiences though so a trip to the zoo, maybe go to the drive in, those types of things are good. This should help us clear out the house of excess items, use up what we already have and encourage us to be more active and present this summer. This does not include the previous habits I have already been doing like tracking what I eat in myfitnesspal, drinking more water, meal prepping and eating at home as much as possible. I still need to keep these up. Would love some buddies and some help so please feel free to connect! Looking very forward to this challenge!
  13. I will not let perfection control me or hinder any progress.

  14. Looking at it like a journal is an amazing idea. I shall change my mindset about this forum especially for the next challenge. I do love it here I just need a bit more in real life support too. I also wish that this site was available on my cell phone. Everytime I try to use it on my phone it crashes. I can read the blogs but I can't access the forums. If I could I could guarantee a daily check in and not falling off the wagon as much. I'm always on my phone, I don't always get to the computer. I sadly live in a condo and the people who live below me are almost always home so there are a few odd and unpredictable times I can get in a home workout but not often and then its usually just cardio which is great but doesn't fully support my goals. It's nice to have some place to vent. These past weeks have been hell and I've been bottling it to which now I've exploded and my poor husband has taken the brunt of it. I am really failing at this challenge. I stopped logging, not because I didn't mean to but because I simply ate nothing but toast or soup for the past week so I really had nothing to log. I haven't juiced at all and I will do it tomorrow because I have some stuff that needs to be used before it goes bad but I just don't have the oomph for it. I feel better when I do juice daily but it's so hard to get back into it if you make a recipe you didn't really like. I haven't been making my workouts because of the illnesses and also because it takes so much work to get myself and three kids there almost first thing in the morning that it's easier to just not and evenings are only an option on wednesdays. I also have to make some decisions but how I'm going to get in my workouts over the next bit but I need to moving daily for at least a half hour. Ugh I'm just overwhelmed. Today I got the laundry done which was 15 loads total and I made eggs benedict which is a new thing to me. I'll be happy with that.
  15. In many ways I feel like the nerd fitness world and my real world are separated and easy to forget about. I feel the need for more support and accountability in real life. My husband couldn't care less what my goals are he wants x,y and z and doesn't care that it's not something I don't want to be eating or doing. It's so frustrating. I don't have friends that are able to be supportive and my family isn't understanding on such goals so I need him but he's not there for me. The computer and the online world is so easy to distance yourself from. I have a wonderful trainer who sadly I cannot work with more than 1x per week. She was the perfect push I just can't afford her as often as I want her. Unfortunately I shouldn't be working with her at all from a financial standpoint but if I'm not with her I don't get anywhere. I'm in way over my head right now.
  16. Wonder what the mantra was back in Marilyn Monroe's time. Maybe we could learn from it.... Personally, I don't do this to be skinny or sexy or whatever. Yes, of course I'd love to look stellar in a bikini, yes of course I'm currently working on dropping by body fat percentage, yes or course I'm doing those things. But I'm not doing those things to look sexy for anyone but me. I'm not doing them for other people's approval. I'm here to make ME feel better. My body fat is getting in the way of things I'd like to do, and honestly I don't have a lot of it. My current health situation isn't even 1/4 as bad as others anymore but I still need to get healthy and be here for my kids in the long run. I've spent enough time in hospitals and missing life that I'm not going to anymore. Strong can be the new sexy, curvy girls can be better than skinny girls, thigh gap can be a turn on, I don't bloody care and neither should any other female. Sorry for my rant.
  17. I really enjoyed that thread and minus my partner needing to go for surgery it's basically the same story around here. Very very glad it's temporary and I've been saying to myself everyday since Tuesday - this soon will be over and you won't even remember it! We are getting closer. The two sickies seem to be better. Still not eating much at all and no energy but they can hold down tiny amounts of food and decent amounts of liquids. However now it's hit me HARD. I'm missing dance tonight but that's not a big deal. Hubby is home now and I can tag team so we can both rest. All plans were cancelled for the weekend due to other circumstances so it's almost the perfect chance to rest and get better I do have a portfolio. I am working on getting it back online. My wonderful tech guy says he should have everything done by the wend of next weekend so I'm very excited to have that back
  18. Well I was doing amazingly good and then last weekend happened. I didn't track most of last week I was so busy I'm not sure I ate or drank anything to even track. Then the weekend was even more chaotic with stress and business. Then this week the flu has hit my house. For most people that isn't a big deal but in this house it is due to other health issues within the kids. Hubby refuses to stay home and help when the kids are sick so I'm up all night and day with the kids and now it's wiping me out. Juicing happened for 1/2 of last week then I just grew tired of it and made smoothies for the last half of the week for a slight change. Exercise last week was great! Made my monday wednesday and friday work outs, ballroom dancing on Friday and made 1 yoga class out of 2. Didn't get in my Saturday makeup workout though This week thanks to the flu the only thing that has happened was I ran to the gym last night and got in a workout. Was tired and weaker than normal but better than nothing. Aiming for Saturday again and Ballroom dancing tomorrow (crossing fingers for it). Being flu ridden has given me a chance to get quite a bit done on my photography though. I've printed off a bunch of stuff, am doing the write ups for the client guide and other marketing materials or contracts. I've had some time for photoshop and designing so I'm happy with the progress. I'm not out just knocked down.
  19. We do food prep every Sunday but then I find by the end of the week I'm bored with what I made and I'm questioning how good i is so I'm going to throw in a Thursday as a food prep day too.
  20. No I havent seen the bloodwork yet cant get in for an appointment for another two - three weeks.
  21. I've sorta lost a bit of ground the first half of this week. I was doing good but now I'm just so tired it's getting hard to keep up. I didn't do yoga tuesday so I missed 1 workout so far and I haven't been drinking my juices the last 2 days, mostly because this batch was made with all the leftover stuff and it came out really strong and greeny and not very appetizing so it's much much harder to drink. Hoping to catch up on my juices and make-up the missed workout on saturday. Hubby won't be happy I'm dragging him to the gym again. I've been getting in lots of photography time but that wasn't so hard as I'm still in the planning phase of one project so thats the easy part to do.
  22. I do have an iron deficiency but I take an iron supplement and I make sure I'm consuming lots of iron so I wouldn't think that is the only problem. Seriously ladywildross don't beat yourself up, breathe and keep going!
  23. I'm keeping up today. Had one tired spell but snapped out of it alright. Wishing this last child would go to bed though so that I could too.
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