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  1. Hey squad! Sorry for the radio silence - had to go undercover for a few days to finish those exams. All is well; longer updates to come soon.
  2. *sitting on the wrong side of the Atlantic trying to figure out what RRDW stands for*
  3. AWWW YEAH Any day we persuade someone else to go on crazy adventures is a good day.
  4. What books are you trying to read?
  5. I made the chili! It's not terribly glamorous as meals go, but that's because I literally made the thing in my room with a pocketknife, paper towels, a half-broken can opener, and miniature crockpot. A fully stocked kitchenette this is not. That being said, it's pretty dang tasty anyway. I'm dubbing it Fox Chili in your honor, @darkfoxx. Other news: I think part of the reason I've had allergen trouble is because the dining hall we have all our meals in is using some cheap soybean oil/olive oil mix to fry up all the fried foods, and I think they're not very ca
  6. Coconut almond coffee = yum. Have you tried blending it? I love the frothy latte effect. (Also, if you don't mind telling the backstory, how'd you end up in Qatar?)
  7. Oh, that is just excellent. Who needs medals when you can hang an axe on your wall?
  8. I'm happy to report that I managed to get out for my long run this afternoon! Blocking out time on the weekends is always the biggest hurdle, but it's key for the training... I'm zonked out now, but the run felt lovely throughout. High point: running through DC's National Mall and seeing the sunset behind the Washington Monument. Gorgeous. Deets for the interested: - I'm following Jeff Galloway's recommended method of building mileage and overall endurance by doing weekly long runs at a slow pace, with occasional walking breaks. I had a lot of success using this to build up to
  9. Oh hey! I just got back to the forums again as well. How long have you been doing the Wim Hof training? I love cold showers, but that's the closest thing I've tried so far.
  10. Pond! Here to suffer through finals with you. (I should really be writing a paper right now)
  11. Both my TMs I survived without a hydration pack, although the first year I was assigned a late wave that put us in 90-degree sunlight - I saw a lot of people drop out from dehydration/heat exhaustion after only a couple miles, and there were definitely points I'd wished I'd had at least a bottle on me. Second year I had an 8:30am wave and was totally fine. So, my recommendation is just assess the length and weather for the race in question.
  12. Update: I have chili ingredients! Hoping to make it tomorrow to prep for the week. I'll be really busy for a few days handling end-of-semester papers, etc., so that'll hopefully go a bit toward keeping me healthy. Today and yesterday have been my obligatory rest days off from running. I've been hesitant to do another core/upper body workout because Wednesday's back/arm exercises have left me with some significant elbow joint soreness that suggests I was probably overtraining a bit, especially since I hadn't been doing so much strength work for several months at least. I guess that'
  13. You're the best. I may actually go grab some ingredients now while I've got the time...
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